Say What?


There is a strong chance that siblings who turn out well were hassled by the same parents.  ~Robert Brault

While pulling up to the pharmacy drive thru, Linds says to me:

“Oh, please ask them if I can have a lollypop!”

I laughed and then looked at her strangely:

“This is not a bank…you don’t get a lollypop at every drive thru!”

As I was trying to speak with the pharmacist, all I could hear next to me was the whispering of: lollypoplollypoplollypop.

I couldn’t stop laughing….and I just wanted to POP her in the lolly pop pie hole.  I resisted.


Lo asked me out of the blue:

Mama, do you you remember when Tupac died?

Me: I think he died in the 90’s.

Lo: Did you cry?

Me: No, I don’t remember crying.

{What ‘hood does she think she grew up in?}



Normal would never be a good description of anyone I am related to.


24 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. glad you had some things to smile about! or be puzzled by! your girls crack me up 🙂 must be cuz they have a funny mama! (no, i did NOT mean funny lookin'!)xoxoxomiss you… we need to schedule lunch soon. but not at toast. we are boycotting…


  2. Good Morning, Suz,Trust me…they sound normal…actually…way ahead of normal. (I see 130 high school students a day…oh, how I wish I had started a book about 33 years ago!!)Been thinking about you and the decision….Have a happy Monday. ~Natalie


  3. Too cute! Harriet thinks every drive thru window has chicken nuggets!Beautiful photo of the girls. I guess prom time is coming up soon??Hope you have a great Monday. How is Ozzie?


  4. We get cookies at our bank but we have to go inside. I prefer the drive-thru so I don't get many cookies. But hubs prefers to go inside so he brings me a cookie every now and then..Otis Spunkmeyer. YUMMMMMM! : ) I did not cry either, so you aren't alone in your non-crying. LOL


  5. Lollipops and Tupac. I'm sure most suburban teens are as concerned with those topics. So funny! Your nuts did not far fall from your tree. Or fall far…But, that's why we dig 'em so! They are absolutely gorgeous to boot.


  6. And that's the fun of girls – – – they like silly sometimes! Never heard of the rapper and don't feel deprived for missing his songs. Guess I never had time for that genre of music.Thanks for the fun drive to the bank. Question – – – does your bank give out biscuits to dogs who might accompany you? Some of our banks do – – biscuits for dogs, lollipops for children – – and if you go into the lobby, you can have free coffee, hot chocolate, and filtered water!


  7. you HAVE raised great kids, suz n coach!! i can SO tell just from what you blog about here. tupac? it took me by surprize, i didnt think he'd be their type. lol


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