This, That and The Other Thing

This: The cats are feeling like hostages in our bedroom because of The White dog.
Harley whispered a little story to me the other day; It began with “I hate that flippin’ dog” and ended with “I wish I had the claws to take her eyes out.”

Krispy and Maisy were in agreement with this little ditty.

That: It takes a very special individual who can hang out all day at a street corner, holding an advertising sign all WHILE DANCING. 
I always wave and smile; they deserve my respect and If I could safely slow down, I would put a dollar bill in their costume/belt/sombrero.

The other thing: Speaking of dollar bills. Every couple of months or so I go to the bank and withdraw cash for the girls’ lunch money. 

I say to the teller:  I need to withdraw TWO hundred dollars and I would like it all in ONES please.
The teller eyes me strangely and asks: Two hundred dollars in ONES?
I dryly respond that I need a little ‘me’ time; I’m heading to a strip club.
I need to make up a new story for next time. Any ideas?

26 thoughts on “This, That and The Other Thing”

  1. bwahahahahaha!!! You, my friend, are a freakin' riot!!!!I can't think of anything funnier than saying you're going to a strip club. But, then again, I just woke up, and my brain isn't fully engaged. I'll get back to you on this one…


  2. Your poor kitties. Maybe they will adjust. Or maybe not. They're cats. I can't think of a good snark for the money. I like the paper mache idea. : )


  3. Poor you and poor kitties! For today, my kitties are hostage with me in my bedroom. They want so badly to see what the painter is up to in the garage. If they were hostage in the garage, they would want in my bedroom!I have the same burden to wave to the street/banner dancers. Around here there's one guy with a Liberace' type jacket that dances while holding a \”We buy gold\” sign!


  4. Good Morning, Suz,Oh dear…poor kitties…I know it must be bad when even you are feeling sorry for them!The stripper story is by far the best…the only other thing I can think of is video lottery?Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie


  5. When I give the little kids next door gift money for Christmas and their birthday, they get 5 singles. They think it is more exciting than a 5 dollar bill. Maybe something like that could be your singles story? And I can see why we are not getting much of an update on white dog: you are too nice to speak unkindly of others 🙂


  6. Love your sense of humor. Can I bottle it and spray it on my co-workers??Phil refuses to get the lunch money because he doesn't want people to think that's where he's heading!I would just say you miss your days on the stage and occassionally like to keep wads of dollars in your pocket…


  7. what if u got them ceiling level walk-about condo kitty rests? im sorry, i dont know…i feel bad for the one dollar bills, tell her that your papering your downstairs bathroom, the next time, tell her your lining your kitty litter box, then using it for roughage(sp?) in tonights dinner. ok, im out of ideas. someone elses turn. have a good tuesday suz…hope it gets better for you. xxxxx


  8. How about, \”I refuse to use a rolled up bill more than once for snortin' my good stuff. One and done. That's how this princess \”rolls\” baby!\” Or, \”I'm addicted to the $1 section at Target. I allow myself $1 per day. No more, no less.\”I can think of more. Let me know! LOL!I sure do hope things work out for the best for White Heat, AND for YOU! XOXO


  9. lmao @ Jo… i like the strip club liner, and jo's suggestions! use them alternatively!yeah, whats goin on with ms. whitefur?


  10. Maybe you could tell them that they act as \”filler\” underneath the big bills so that it looks like you are meeting the blackmail. Or that you stole the money out of your stripper husband's dresser drawer and you want to put it back before he notices.


  11. Well, last week my teller asked me how I wanted my $17 dollars back…I thought about saying in pennies…Maybe you and I should think of a list of witty \”what to say to your banker\” responses…it might be fun


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