Safe S*x Kitchen.

On Monday the ‘prep’ guys ripped out the laminate flooring in the back of the house and continued to move the few things that we did not.

The ceramic tile at the front of the house will take some heavy duty machinery….


The most terrifying  moment? They wanted my fridge OUT.  Oh my lordy….how I love my fridge. I was quickly trying to figure our how to say: BUBBLE WRAP. VERY CAREFUL. PRICELESS. MY BABY all in spanish…but I could not. Darn high school Spanish teachers. I was having a bit of an ‘inside my head’ panic attack…they had no idea I was busy making ulcers

I held my breath.

It makes me sad seeing it out there all alone. Oh, not alone…it is with all our other stuff. Do you see it…peeking over the plastic protectors?  Soon, you will be back home with us sweet shiny baby.IMG_7584

Nope…no cooking going on in here today. (I had a plan though~crock pot!)


My first thought seeing this: Our kitchen is a safe sex kitchen.

love glove.

If you don’t get this….well, we have nothing in common.

All my hanging lights are also safe. I kept awaking last night worried that someone would turn them on and melt all the plastic!

From my crazy tore up happy house to yours…. Happy Tuesday ya’ll!!!!

28 thoughts on “Safe S*x Kitchen.”

  1. I have a feeling that you are going to experience the same grit and dust that we have just suffered through. My advice, keep yourself, and the pets far away from the work. John and I have had the worst reaction to the gunk in the air. It will be gorgeous eventually! Hang in there.


  2. Good grief, I really feel for you… All of that going on all over your house would drive me bananas…Love your \”gloved\” kitchen… 😉


  3. only YOU!xoxoglad that your beautiful fridge is still beautiful! but really, i cna't believe you left it out there without BUBBLE wrap 🙂


  4. Oh goodness. What am I in for? We're (yes I have a mouse in my pocket) putting up a wall between our kitchen & den (which is really the living room but use it as a den) but it will have an arched doorway in the middle for access (better for re-sale). I do all the design work, Hubby does all the \”other\” work. He's handy to have around! Then we're (there's that mouse again) going to replace the carpet in our entry ways & steps with hardwood & tile. I hate carpet on steps! Even new, doesn't take long to look–yuk.


  5. I am excited for you.Am I a bad friend because I didn't even know this was happening?That kitchen is totally a safe sex kitchen. Laughing my head off!


  6. Ha, ha! See, this is why I keep coming back to read your posts daily…I never know what's going on with you and what kind of spin you're going to have on it! I would've put tape over the switches to make sure nobody turned on the lights!


  7. Your poor frig out there all by its lonesome. I so get that freak out inside my head thing. I get that every time work is done on my house and I have to move stuff. As a matter of fact, I'll be getting that tomorrow. (yay) Getting a few repairs done here. I'm not excited..its just messy boring stuff. What are YOU getting done though? Yours looks more fun than mine. 🙂


  8. Oh my! Just imagine all of the things that you could be doing in that kitchen without the worry and hassle of wiping down the countertops.Your Friend in the gutter, m.


  9. I'm not sure I would have stayed around to see what is being done to my house, but I guess someone has to supervise. I'm glad your fridge survived the move out of the kitchen, and I'm sure it will get moved back in without any problems.


  10. Safe Sex Kitchen.??… Well—maybe SAFE… Not sure where one would want to have sex, safe or otherwise…. ha ha haYour new floors will be beautiful… Sounds like you need to go to KFC or somewhere for some take-out tonight…. It's a hassle to go through renovations –but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.Hugs,Betsy


  11. Looks like a big project! And yes -you should protect your shiny fridge at all costs! Next time you need help w/ spanish, let me know – I'll put my hubby on the line w/ them. 🙂


  12. why you dirty little girl you, ; ) hee hee. you always make me smile.hope the renovations go smoothly. i know all to well the stress involved.happy day!


  13. Your kitchen rocks…love the cupboards and counter tops. Go ahead…make me jealous…dark wood? What kind of flooring? Do tell!Love glove. Hee hee. Totally your people.


  14. Well well, now that you know how safe the kitchen is, when it's done you'll have to try it out… You know, on the counter top, the island, against the frige…No wait…ON THE NEW FLOOR! Ya, break it in right! I'm talking about taking pictures…you knew that, right? MwahahahaaaaKeep us posted.


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