*Slow* Children Playing

Every time I see one of those signs I always think: Gosh, that is not nice. We are all slow at times.

AND….I laugh when I find out I am slower than I SHOULD be. 

{Don’t you think it is a gift to laugh at ones self? if you answered yes, then I’m GIFTED!!!!} 

I have blogged about my issues with smells. Especially food smells in the house. As soon as a meal is done, I am ready for the smell to VACATE.

{Bacon is my nemesis and sadly it’s the Coach’s bestie}

Since I have been using the slowcooker more often, it has gotten even worse. You know…it is sitting there cooking ALL day long, making smelly smells all.day.long.

And it takes almost another whole day to rid the smell..and by then I am working on my next smelly meal. Oy, I can’t win.

Finally this week I took my slowness to a new level at this revelation. With the kitchen incapacitated, I turned our laundry room into a lil’ kitchen.


{It’s quite convenient to fold your delicates and inch away from toasting a bagel!}

I had the crackpot  slow cooker going all day way back there…..but I could still smell the food all through the house.

Then it hit me like a shank to the groin: if I am using the crock pot…and it is on ALL day, then why the heck don’t I just put it outside ALL DAY???

Duh. PROBLEM SOLVED.  Had someone helped a sister out, I could have avoided the shank to the groin….

Now if I could just figure out world peace, global warming and how to program our VCR.

What? you don’t own a VCR?

Boy, you are even slower than me….

23 thoughts on “*Slow* Children Playing

  1. HA, never heard of someone NOT liking the smell of food! Really? Even homemade bread? Whoa…Hey, remember them nose plugs you wore when you went swimming way back when? Glom onto a pair, then you can go all day not smellin all the yummy scents:) Or breathing very good…Oh wait, maybe you don't remember them. You're not as aged as I. You know… like good wine, or cheese or foodie stuff sitting in a crackpot alllll day! Mwahahahahaa


  2. Love the sign story – have thought similar things meself. One of our friends invented the simple signs that say \”YIKES\” with a pic of a child running, and \”WOOF\” with a pic of a dog – those are super-effective. I hope they made million$.The crockpot thing: we have done this ourselves (put the pot outside on the deck). My only worry is those crafty raccoons, whose paws are like hands. I always imagine them taking the lid off and having dinner before we get to it. But so far, it hasn't happened!Your laundry room looks exactly like a kitchen, the way you have it fixed up.


  3. I've always felt bad that the signs advised that there were slow children around. Perhaps without the sign they would be accepted as normal.Anyway … now that you've solved the slow-cooker problem, how long will it take you to get world peace?


  4. I hardly ever use my slow cooker for the same reason. Now that the weather is warmer, and since we have outlets on the porch I just might try your idea! I solved the constant Thanksgiving-turkey cooking smell by having my husband grill the bird. Now I can really enjoy the day.


  5. I love food/cooking smells in the house. We went to the grocery store this morning and when we got home, I could still smell the homemade bread we cooked last night… YUM….. BUT–since you don't like smells, putting the 'crackpot' outside is a good idea…. Now–go and work on that VCR….. ha ha haHugs,Betsy


  6. I had to look closely at your laundry room pics..because your laundry looks bigger than my kitchen! Wow. I was reading along wondering why you didn't put your crock pot on the patio and then read that you did. : ) I don't mind the smells, but sometimes by the end of the day I am so over whatever I've smelled all day. : p And as you said, it smells the next day too. Hopefully your regular kitchen will be up and running again soon and you won't need a stand-in one. : )


  7. i am oppositte, i LERVE me a good simmering somethin somethin all day on the stove or crock!i dont like those signs, either, but i guess they help people remember to be extra careful. cant wait to see your new renno's!!! take lots of before/after pics.


  8. Suz: My gosh, we have yet another thing in common! I don’t like food smells either! I thought I was the ONLY one! I can’t even stand “food” smelling candles! Not even vanilla! (OH the horror!)And yes, it’s a gift to laugh at one’s self (sounds good, considering I crack myself up when talking to Moi).I still have a VCR, it’s IN my bedroom TV. I love that thing. And yep, still got some VHS’s to watch, too!


  9. I'm with C, I LOVE smelling those smells ALL DAY!!! That's one of the reasons I USE my crockpot so much!Your laundry room is 10 times nicer and bigger than my kitchen! I think I'LL shank ya in the groin!Stud laughs every time he sees those signs and asks where the signs that say \”Average kids playing\” are. He's just as weird as you are! 🙂


  10. I'm so glad your blog doesn't have a camera. There ya go postin' laundry porn again. You've gotta warn me about these things. Gets me all hot and bothered…my real kitchen doesn't look that bad a$$!!!! LOL!


  11. First I am in love with your laundry room. Second, I dearly love smelling a crockpot cooking all day. But there are some foods I don't like to linger in the house – – – like grease from bacon, fish, and cabbage – – – even if I enjoyed eating it. Third — I feel the same way about the slow children. Fourth – – Good solution with the crockpot on the patio but will it not attract animals when they smell the delightful aromas?


  12. Suz., Fred starts the crockpot the night before and I have to try to sleep through the smells. By the morning, I'm popping migraine pills. I feel your pain.Your Friend, m.


  13. I agree, laughing at oneself is a sure sign of being highly gifted! Good idea to put the crock pot outside. Assuming the pets don't have a gift for sniffing it out and turning it over, that is.


  14. For years there was a sign nearby that read: \”Dumb child nearby.\” Seriously. I never took a picture because my own child was non-verbal then and I was offended. Now, sadly, the sign is gone.


  15. If that's your laundry room, my family and I are moving into one of your closets. NOT FAIR. ;-)You crack me up! There's nothing I love more than food simmering in a pot and making everything smell \”homey.\” A-HA! I figured it out! You're a homophobe! Hahaha Just teasin', of course. You are so much fun, Suz!


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