Good news; a happy HAPPY ending

I was going to post a photo and some words today about how we have our good furniture outside….and ironically we have some lawn/pool stuff inside. But, you get the gist.  Tis a mess…


I told you guys last week that I lucked into a happy home for the white dog via my vet. Well, the new baby daddy and I just clicked. He was so sweet….he instantly LOVED the white dog.

He’d just had to put down his female boxer a few weeks prior; cancer. He was devastated. His partner was devastated. His male boxer was MORE devastated. His boxer boy was home alone all day…and lonely. Sad. Mopey. Heartbroken. 

He could not wait to get her home.

He sent me an email the next day stating that the dogs were getting along just fine, white dog was a great girl…even if she snores like a mac truck.

Here is a photo of white dog and her new brother.

Jaz and clyde2

I know…her new brother looks just like Cocoa, but with an extra long tongue. All the better for kissing I am sure.

Anyhoo…Ozzie and I went back to the vet yesterday to have his staples removed.

The vet was SO happy to see me. She was just gushing about how the “new family” loved the white dog. (they are naming her Jasmine. ‘Jazz’)

She said they made a trip in to say hi to her and were just beaming…Jazz is the new ‘princess’ of the house. They are all in love.

Jaz and Clyde

This all made me so darn happy…I knew I did the right thing…and this just compounded my thoughts before, that this dog was meant to come to us, but not to BE ours.

Doing another happy doggie dance.

As I was leaving the office, they stopped me again and said that the ‘new family’ wanted to ‘credit’ me back for all the shots and meds that I already purchased for the White dog.


I explained to them, that I was glad to do it….that I was so appreciative of them TAKING her, and giving her a good and safe home…I would never want any re-payment for that.

But it was insisted upon.

White dog has hit the family lottery. thrice. And this one will be forever.

Surely that does not make up for her being abandoned; discarded.

We’ll be passing on that credit {karma} to the rescue group in honor of her and her new family. What choice do I have?

IF this made you happy…go hug your pup. or your cat. or your hamster. or snake. or heck, to make it easier, hug whatever living/breathing creature you happen upon next.

They can thank me later.

{I sure hope you are not walking the alley ways of NYC right now!}



33 thoughts on “Good news; a happy HAPPY ending

  1. It's so good to read a happy story, especially after all of the harsh news this week! Thank you for sharing this with us…and thank you for keeping your mind and heart open. Because you did that, Jasmine wins, her new family wins, their boy boxer wins, and YOUR family wins! It's a win-win-win-win situation, and that's a first, in my blogging book! xoxoxo


  2. Anonymous

    I am very very happy!!! This is the best possible solution for everybody – way to go Suz – and how grand that your donation will help another pet.


  3. That's a wonderful idea–or you could also ask the vet to keep it on credit and give it to somebody who is in need in their office–can you imagine fretting over your bill if you were out of work or some such and having that burden lifted? Maybe start a little \”pay it forward.\”


  4. That is so amazing! What a sweet story. Yes, white dog has finally found a forever home even if it felt like a detour for a little bit. I love it. I love it. So happy for you and for them and for Jazz and the other dog and the rescue group. Happy happy happy! : )


  5. hooray for the princess 🙂 and you!!! and they credited the $$ for the shots? WOW that is really nice. (too bad you couldn't have told them the kidney-stone was hers, too!) ok. just kidding 🙂


  6. This is the second of your posts that has brought me to tears. I haven't been able to stop for over 10 minutes. I've kissed all the pups over and over, but not Cap'n Morgan, cuz he'll bite me, so I blew him a kiss in instead. A more perfect ending would not have been written, not by any poet of the ages. You may have boxers, but your soul is pure Golden.The other post was the one about your brother. Your compassion, altruism, and graciousness are a wonder. An inspiration for me…


  7. aw suz, you have such a big heart, and it shows in all you do. i am so glad it all worked out all around. thanks for the lovely thoughts and prayers for my surgery. i'm still sore but doing better. you always have such heartfelt good loving thoughts for others. i appreciate it. xxxxxooooo


  8. this just warms my heart, suz! i knew she went to you for a reason too, and when the time was right, it all worked itself out. i shudder to think of what may have happened to her had coach NOT brought her home… bless her lil white cotton socks.and god bless you, suz, for being who you are cuz you have a heart of gold, and are a blessing… you make such a difference in this world right from your own back yard!thank you for being a tree hugger and animal lover. nature knows who the good ones are. and god bless that man of yours for bringing her home to be saved.and i love jenns idea of paying it forward!


  9. This is my third attempt to comment on this post. The power keeps going out at my house and I have to start all over. Do you see how committed I am to you? Anyhow, I'm so glad to see that Jazz has found the absolute perfect home for her. And your kindness is what brought those credits back to you in turn. You are a sweet soul.


  10. Thanks for the update on the white dog and for your part in making this a story with a very happy ending.Now I hope you get your inside furniture inside and your outside furniture outside. But most of all I hope you have a great weekend.


  11. Ah, your angelic self shines through once more! You know what an animal rescue activist I am…and, may I say, \”You walk water in my book, Missy\”. What? What do you mean your name isn't Missy?I hope they don't keep Jazz outside in the FL sun…..all that white and sun don't mix well.


  12. I was never a dog person until we got Socks a few years ago. Now, he pretty much runs our house with a velvet paw. I can't even imagine our home without him.


  13. Oh, I love this story. I love how some pets and families were just meant to be together. I totally believe it!! So happy to hear things worked out so well for you and Jazz and her brother and new parents. Yay! Have a lovely spring break with your lovely family in the lovely sun!


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