Sunshine and growing green goodness.

The girls have spring break vacation from school this week!

::insert::  a yoo, a hoo, and a yee and a haw  ::here::

We are going to tilt our heads up ever so slightly…that way we will see the beautiful blue skies of Florida and we won’t see the mess of a house we are inhabiting right now.

My posting/commenting will be sporadic or nil.  Don’t fret, call the po’po’, put my face on a milk carton or hold a fundraiser for me…I am having fun in the sun with my favorite peeps.

Speaking of blue skies and green stuff…(well I was THINKING about green stuff) I harvested my very first zucchini yesterday. I was giddy. Ecstatic. Joyful. I wasn’t even miffed when the biggest black racer crossed my path in the garden. I assume he was just giddy at the sight of that green beauty! (Best keep your slithery self from my goodies snakie!)

au’ natural.


I may be the only person who gets excited when I see stuff like this! (I grew it from a seed dangit!)

Probably not enough to make a loaf of zucchini bread….yet. Soon though. There are many little siblings clamoring to burst into the world (and my kitchen) as well.IMG_7614

Have a fabulous day.

And as my friend Tigger would say: TTFN (ta ta for now)



28 thoughts on “Sunshine and growing green goodness.

  1. Suz: No, you are NOT the only person who gets excited about green things growing. When my ferns begin to grow I call my \”boys\” telling them to LOOK! They say, We know, they look like swirlie green beans! Guess, I've told them a few times, eh? Nature just amazes me and I love watching it. If I could sit outside at night with a flashlight, I think I would, but I do need SOME sleep!Enjoy the weather, Suz! It's FINALLY getting nice here, and I'm HOPING it will STAY that way! WELCOME SPRING!


  2. Sunshine is the KEY word here Suz…thanks for sending me some:)And have fun with them sweet lil gals, make sure you tell all your adventures, and put the crockpot on a milk carton! Mwahahahaaa


  3. Spring break! We had that last week. And now we are back to the grind. Bleh.I hope you have fun and all the little squashy brothers and sisters grow up big and tasty just like that one. : ) TTFN! : )


  4. Congrats on the big zucchini, Suz… That looks so healthy and I'm sure it will be delicious…. Have fun with your young 'peeps' this week… Enjoy the sunshine and the beach –or whatever you do.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Anonymous

    oh you're not alone. my husband gets giddy too about his garden. he just planted some blueberries, strawberries, cabbage, broccoli, and i forget what else. he's constantly asking me \”did you see my _____ plant yet? aaah….yeah….it still looks the same from when I looked at it 5 mins. ago.


  6. Jealous. We don't even plant until early May for fear of frost. And then nothing starts popping up until late May, early June. Lettuce. Radishes. The tomatoes don't get picked until August. Ugh. The wait is delicious, though. Watching it all grow…


  7. YUM! and remember that the French eat the blossoms, too – I think there are wonderful recipes for courgettes.Have a wonderful time with your precious young peeps! xoxox


  8. Seriously? My garden will be DIRT for another 6 weeks before it even sees seeds….We get snow into May here sometimes feet of it! our growing season is short (unless you are a master and can really coddle those plants – which I am not)Happy Spring Break!


  9. I remember the first time I saw a Black Racer. I almost had a heart attack! I had two preschoolers with me walking in the woods and the snake was \”racing\” down the mountainside near our pathway. We took off running and it was, too. Someone told us it was probably more afraid of us than we were of it. I don't know if that was possible since I wasn't aware it was non-poisonous. The thing was 6 to 8 feet long!!!!!


  10. eww i hate snakies!!!!!!That little guy will soon grow into a lovely zucchini bread, i'm sure of it!The yellow flower is lovely as well.I've got a rosemary plant and also a lavender one on my balcony!! :)Have fun with your peeps, i hope you guys go SHOPPING!!!!


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