Sunrise Owl


For the first time in a bajillion years:

I was ON the East coast~

AT the beach~

AND awake at sunrise. IMG_7687

{I am more of a ‘sunset’ type of girl…you know, a sunset night  owl}

And wouldn’t you know, there were clouds covering THE sunrise.


Oh, snap.

It was still moving & beautiful. Magical.

And it was all mine. 

(well, it was ALL mine, and those random beach walkers and those crazy peeps swimming in the cold water and that bird that kept coming near me thinking I might have some Cheetos….which I did not)

27 thoughts on “Sunrise Owl

  1. i'm green with envy!!! but i have been watching the sun rise in the rear view mirror on my way to work 🙂 were you all on your own? really? it sounds divine. and Divine 🙂 i'm not sure cheetos coulda made it any better xoxo


  2. Sometimes the clouds make the sunris (or sunset) more beautiful and dramatic – more shapes to reflect the light, etc. And we would KNOW about clouds here! =) So glad that you are having a beautiful spring break. xoxox


  3. Those aren't clouds, in CA it's called a \”marine layer\”. Either way I'm proud as peaches that you gotup early to see the sun coming instead of going.Thank you for supporting St. Baldricks…such a great and fun event.


  4. Yay for spring break time!!! I'm with Karen, clouds sometimes make for a scrumptious sunrise/sunset. Swimming in the ocean is such a crisp, brisk experience. Better than 10 shots of espresso. Try it, Suz!LMAO! Captain Morgan would sell his mama for a Cheeto!!!


  5. Suz, every single day I come here to check in, and every single day I leave with a BIG smile on my face! I just love you!!!!(ok, I guess I don't check in EVERY single day, cuz I just took 3 days off, but you know what I mean!)


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