Beach ball and a new distraction


For the beginning of our spring break we headed to the East coast; Cape Canaveral/Cocoa/Titusville. This was a two fold trip….softball games and breaking for spring.IMG_7633

The Coach booked rooms for the team (and chaperones) at condo units ON.THE.BEACH. Yep, he rolls like that. And the girls fundraised enough to warrant this.

It was a great time for all; a light schedule & good camaraderie. The Coach cooked omelets each morning with all the fixins and then the girls had two games per day, (only 1 game on the last day) and headed to the beach each afternoon. Then the pool. Then the hot tub. Then the shower.

They won 4 out of 5 games.


I could not convince that cruise ship to slow down and pick me up!

We enjoyed ourselves. I got my shins and my forehead sunburned (I am not the one to ask for sunscreen application.  OK?)


Lindsay is still working on this whole flying thing…

Hey, that sand there is so hard, I could have broke a hip if I fell….not.even.kidding.

And……I am wondering WHY if we live 7 miles from the beach…that it took me 4 and a half hours to drive and get excited about being at.the.beach? Weirdo.


On to my new obsession. Words With Friends. I blame this solely on my blog friend Juggling Jenn…she innocently asked me if I wanted to play. (It is scrabble between two folks, played on your ‘Droid or Iphone or Itouch.) 

I explained to Jenn that I am really only good with THREE letter words….even though you would think FOUR letter words would be my specialty.

Really, I stink at it. BUT I love it and I am trying to expand my vocabulary. And In the process I am making up words left and right. Qi, shad, boor, heft, hent, huns, jib….yep those are all words. I don’t know what they mean….but they get me points dangit.  

So far, out of a dozen or so games, I have only won ONE game. (I am currently winning against my ex step-sister though…yes, we both went to the same public school and I pity the fool!)

The one person I did beat was a ‘random’ player… meaning, I don’t know WHO that person is. I told the Coach:  “Must be a FOUR year old….cause that might be the only way I could win!”

But I’ll continue to play and lose. And make up new words in the process. One day, I might get out the dictionary to help me along….but then again, making up words and then finding out IT IS A REAL word is kinda fun and rewarding.


Yeah, that’s how I roll.

You download the app off your ‘marketplace’…’tis a free game peeps. If you want to play with me, shoot me an email with your user name.  That way, I can share my three letter words with you too.

Have a beautiful weekend doing something uncomplicated and easy.

You are uncomplicated and easy, aren’t you? 

We still have our flooring guys here….we will add in a drywall guy, and my plumber guy too. Looks like a ‘guys’ weekend with ME!!!

I’d better let them know I am not FUN or EASY. Ok, I might be fun.

But never.ever.easy.



24 thoughts on “Beach ball and a new distraction

  1. Anonymous

    The weather at the beach looks absolutely delightful! Great picture of Lindsay too! The only time I fly is when I miss a step due to my bifocals AND it is not pretty, like Lindsay!Hope you and the fellas' have a great weekend. Can they cook??


  2. Ah, the F.U.N. you always have….Sunshine, warm sandy beaches, (in all the hardness) two toned skin and flying daughters. I'm just soooo jealous!Ok, I'm not. I'm really happier 'n a fly on stink for ya. Or a bird with a beak fulla cheetos! Or the floor guys with the crock pot dinner cooking…mwahahahaaaHave fun Suz!


  3. Your spring break sounds and looks wonderful. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and to say that I sure miss you and the smiles I get when I visit you here. After getting another foot of snow this week we are still buried in snow so seeing the pic's the beach was a refreshing escape…thanks!I hope you and yours have a lovely weekend. Love and hugs sent your way. XX


  4. I love words with friends! And my granddaughter lives in Cocoa Beach! I think I've been on that cruise ship too…Kudos on winning my humble contest! Good luck on the softball games!


  5. It sounds as if Coach did a great job booking this trip, and then he made omelets each morning. What a guy!Your beach pictures are wonderful.It sounds as if you're going to have an interesting weekend.


  6. Sounds like a wonderful 'work trip' plus vacation —well, at least work for the team!!!!! It is strange that you would drive to the East Coast in order to go to the beach… I always liked the gulf shore… When we lived in Venice, we'd go to Sarasota and find sharks teeth. LOVED it. Don't have time for your game (or any game) right now–even though if you and I played one, YOU would win!!!!! haWe just have too much going on in our yard right now –plus all of these blogs I need to visit…. AND–then there's a vacation… Gosh–wuz up with that????? haHave a wonderful weekend, Suz.Hugs,BetsyP.S. I love that picture of your dancing daughter… Awesome!!!


  7. cracking up at your four letter word bit 🙂 thanks for the laughter!! so glad you enjoyed the beach. there is nothing like walking out the door and being at the beach!! i am dreaming of a little bungalow on the beach. we should go in on one of those big houses on gulfshore, then we can knock it down and build 2 little beach cottages 🙂 well, we might have room for 6. or 8. you couldn't catch that cruise ship? it looks \”beached!\”


  8. scrabble!scrabble!scrabble!scrabble!you know i all kinds of love it :-)i'd love to take my horse for a gallop on that beach, omg – it looks perfect.*dreams*(no pun about the long-legged filly in your foto, LOL!) OK she's gorgeous.and you take great pics :)have a great weekend, the mess is almost over!


  9. LOVE the picture with the waves going back out. It's worthy of framing and hanging.And I'd say those girls showed their appreciation for the accommodations by their wins.How high off the ground was Lindsay? She has great form. My thought was not the hips when I landed but how much it would hurt my knees!


  10. Wait, you went to Cocoa Beach?! Did you see Jeannie and her Master?I LOVE Words with Friends! Stud and I play it all the time. We're such losers. We'll either sit right next to each other, or he'll be down in the basement while I sit in my room and play. I'll email you my username as soon as I figure out what the hell it is!


  11. There is something about looking at that photo of her flying that makes my heart soar. For those of us who don't have the freedom of unrestricted movement, it's AWESOME to watch those that do.I have a great idea for you. I think you should shoot different flying photos and then go to and make a calendar for 2012! I'd buy it. For real.And thinking outside the box comes naturally for you….you don't even recognize there's a box there to begin with!I'm going to check the scrabble app out.


  12. Ok first of all that LEAP AMAZING! Beautiful, breathtaking.Second, my daughter and I used to play words with friends but we decided we like Abble Dabble better. Check it out the free version is riddled with ads but the pay version is only a BUCK and it tells you if you have spelled a \”real word\” or not and it is fun and it is QUICK and we love it.We dumped words and swear by abble dabble – if you try it find me (email me and I will tell you my user name!)


  13. Great photos! I know you're having a blast (and your toes look fabulous, by the way…) Don't you just LOVE free 'droid apps? When I got my droid last Fall I was over-the-top with free apps. I had a BARTENDING GUIDE just because it was free (never mind I don't drink…) Crazy stuff. You guys keep having fun and enjoying the FLA sun & surf!


  14. Don't even get me into apps on my phone! It's bad enough that my computer has become an extra appendage! Seriously, I have NO idea what the heck I did BEFORE the internet! I'm sure if I asked my husband he'd give me a HUGE list…so we WON'T go there! Your piggies look pretty, wish I could let mine grow long enough to do a french pedicure, but I hate long toe nails on me!


  15. Suz, that is so funny that you mentioned this game. I was at a play last evening and during intermission, the two next to me were playing it. All of this stuff is so beyond me. And to tell you the truth, I'm going to keep it that way.I love your flying daughter. Is she going to be a Nun? m.


  16. Looks like a great time! How much do I love that coach cooked omelets for all the girls? We've started our spring break rainy and pajama-y. Going to get things really started tomorrow! 😉


  17. Love Lindsay's flying pic! The team did great. Good work and kudos to the girls!I love Scrabble, but am not a wizbang at it either. Patrick is like \”WordMan\”, so when I beat him once last summer I was over the moon!! (You notice I said ONCE??!!) I'd play scrabble via paper and pencil penpal style with you 'cuz I don't do apps and have stocked up on really old model cell phones(Nokia6010) so I don't have to use these new fangled ones. Texting, what's that? I'm feeling more like a dinosaur every day…


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