I lost my tears, then we were reunited.

Last night was ‘senior night’ for LoLo and 2 of her teammates. IT was the last home game of the season….the last for their high school career. I’ll miss seeing HER on that field. Next year…her field will be much bigger and further away.

Time flies when you are living. Next thing I know, she’ll be graduating and then we’ll  have to start her campaign for posing presidency.


These two have played together since they were 9…and will continue together at college in the fall. 

Anyhoo…the beginning of the game contained a little dedication to the seniors. The announcer read what the girls were going to do after graduation and WHO they thanked…there were tears…many many tears…. and you will all be shocked that NONE of them were from me. Seriously…what happened to me? I cry ALL the TIME.

My tear well must have dried up; like the skin on my feet. 


I can’t tell you how much my heart fills up when I see this….and to know HOW much he ADORES his girls. That is NOT always a given with parents/dads….my girls are so lucky. 

Ok, now I am crying.


Did anyone notice that the Coach has lost weight? Apparently I was the recipient of all his weight loss.  Um…lets limit our sharing to the bank account, house chores, offspring and fun stuff….Thank you sweet husband.

There I go, throwing out my gang signs again. This is my sign for: Nachos please…Extra cheese!


And if I want to get all bragidocious…and I do. Lolo had an amazing night.  NOT a ball got past her…the girl was on fire. Yes, I almost called the men on the red truck with the big hose.


We have a few more district games and then she will be hanging up her #99 jersey. She has been #99 since she was 9 years old and she’ll be 18 soon…. 


Well, on that note…I am going to find a nice corner, grab my box of puffs plus with lotion and cry my lil’ eyes out. 

Who moved my box of wine??

Boo freekin’ hoo. 



32 thoughts on “I lost my tears, then we were reunited.

  1. Awwww…..so sweet!!! I love the picture of Lo and her daddy. You guys make one adorable little family, I must say.BTW, I really do NOT like Puffs Plus with Lotion. It makes my face feel greasy and makes me break out. Just thought I'd share that…. 😉


  2. Awww, just the kind of post to start my day knowing all is well in the world…really. Enjoy your little family all you can Suz, them kids have a way of getting older! I think you ALL look fab! Let me know if you need another box….


  3. Aww, that is so sweet…Lo and her daddy. Just precious to see dads loving their girls. My hubby and daughter have an amazing bond too..and yes, it's so special! : ) So sweet to see your girl tearing up! She's growing up. Sweet sweet sweet.I love Puffs Plus. It's the only thing that keeps me from looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer when I'm sick.


  4. So, you've got me tearing up and laughing out loud all in the same post, my dear. I cannot BELIEVE how quickly time passes. It seriously should not be allowed. Do you ever shout at your girls, \”STOP GROWING UP, WHYDON'TCHA!\” No? That's just me?And yes, I did notice that Coach lost weight, woohoo! I'm thinking some of the weight found me too. Sometimes husbands take \”sharing\” too literally. You can see how much he loves his girls . . . how much you both do. Your family is the sweetest, Suz!


  5. ok. i cried at coach & lolo, too… and SHE cried?! starting to sink in… i really wish i could have made it there but i knew once piano started late that there would be no chance. and yes, coach's shirt looks too big! perhaps you can \”take it in a bit\” after you finish the nachos. with extra cheese. xoxop.s. did you PLAN to match your shirt to the flowers? love that PINK!p.p.s. and if prhs doens't \”retire\” her shirt you should def have a ceremony at home and hang it in the back room!!


  6. I have the box of puffs, and the wine! What an amazing journey for Lo, her Dad, and the whole darn family.Yes….Coach is looking good!!!! So are you!These memories will grow sweeter with time, so make sure you stock up on puffs!


  7. Oh my, you're going to be such a Hot Mess when she leaves home. Then your blog will be filled with poetry about bluebirds and streams, etc… Please don't go there.If you keep it funny, I promise to share my box of Franzia with you. Deal?Your Friend, m.


  8. More beautiful memories for the scrapbook! *sniff*It's opening day of baseball season here in my neck of the woods. I'm sure the Cincinnati Reds could use Lo.


  9. I had tears in my eyes by that 2nd picture. So sad to see their high school careers end…such a reminder that they're growing up and leaving the roost.


  10. She is just so lovely – well, your whole family is, but this is HER moment. Just a doll. Go ahead and have a good cry! It's better than getting a stress headache or ginding your teeth to stumps…I know. xoxoxox


  11. so sweet suz… what a touching post. love all the pics. your family is sooo cute together. it is hard to see them grow and go their own way. but then thats part of life….you do want grand babies don't you? well…not now…lol but if you do, gotta let them grow and go…thats what we get when we feed and water them! add the sunshine, and they bloom…God love 'em! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week, and go get you some wine! haha xxxxx


  12. Anonymous

    Oh, my tears are flowing now. How blessed you and Coach are with these two precious daughters. Love the pictures and love each of you. It's a real pleasure to have met you through blogging. John and I feel like we have always known you all!


  13. Ohhhh! Great pics….that's how senior night was at basketball…all those years of watching and finally our turn came all too soon :)Happy Thursday!


  14. Oh my gosh……I don't even want to think about that day. You were definitely brave out there (and very cute yourself–made me laugh out loud with the nacho sign–I have one of those too!). Only two more years to have Matty to myself…then he's off to the big world too. Boo hoo is right…


  15. Great action shots! Will they retire her jersey?!!Been there and done the senior year thing with both girls and cried over both – – – even harder with the second because she was the last – – even though I was glad to be done with high school. You think time has flown to this point – – – it accelerates with college and career – – – but it's all wonderful when your girls are your best friends!!!!!


  16. I love the pictures– what a happy family. It really comes through. Congrats to Lo on her awesome game and awesome life ahead of her. I can't wait to hear about all she accomplishments.Good job mom and dad!


  17. Awww…so sweet how she was crying and huggin her daddy. *sob* Have any puffs left? I'm right there with you with a daddy and his girls. *sigh* Just nothing like it.


  18. Good evening, Suz,So I cried when I read this for the first time last Thursday. Wanted to leave a comment…but could not find the words to really capture all that I wanted to say. Cause…I, totally, know what this is all like…Anyway…this is an awesome post. You guys are an awesome family. And trust me…this awesomeness will continue…it just won't feel like it at first!! But it does, just takes a while…Hang in there..Have a nice evening. ~Natalie


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