Thank Gosh its…..

A Day.

Really, what difference does it make to me what day of the week it is???

I do the same thing MOST days….and it all revolves around this  humble abode of mine and it’s inhabitants.

We are getting there with the new flooring. The front part of the house is almost squared away…tiled, grouted and today the guys who ‘seal’ the stone will be here doing their thing. Still, we have some caulking and baseboard work to do….and then we will continue with the back of the house.

Perhaps we can bring in some furniture tomorrow?

Cocoa gives the new floor four paws UP.


Swear to my motha’ in my next life, I will start and finish my journey in a house that is less than 1200 square feet.

A simple life must be a good life too.

Of course, in my next life when I end up in a mud hut somewhere in the desert, I will be cursing myself in my last life…dang it, I can’t win.   *fists in the air*

Here is a photo of the MACHINE that came through like a jackhammer on wheels and tore UP our old ceramic tile. (The noise. THE dust!)

A guy actually RODE on this through our house…like a Zamboni. IMG_7599

The most inconvenient part of this all?

Could you guess?

Would you guess?

It is the one thing that I did not even think about….

my dishwasher.

It has been unhooked for TWO weeks.

As well as my garbage disposal.

I don’t really HATE washing the dishes. I just don’t like it. And I SNEER at each person in my house who uses a cup or dish.

Yeah, they get the evil freakin’ eye.

{Hey, I drank out of the hose as a kid, and YOU can too!}

I have compiled a list of habitual users. You KNOW who YOU are.

*snicker snicker*

Have a beautiful dust free and dish cleaning free weekend. If you have a dishwasher, give it a good hug for me.



30 thoughts on “Thank Gosh its…..”

  1. You must have nerves of steel! I would be curled up in the fetal position somewhere in my house until all of this was done. I'm going to hug my dishwasher right this minute!


  2. oh my gosh!! what a mess, wow i think your living room is as big as my whole house!! i pray my next house be at least 1200 feet and comes with 2 bathrooms.your floor is looking amazing, you will be happy with results, maybe you need a vaca and while the dishwasher is broke, make a list and stick to it of taking turns washing the dishes!!don't laugh, miracles happen everyday!!


  3. Can you imagine a little boy with one of those \”tile Zambonis?\” Demolition derby! That might be the best job in the world, for a guy: ride a funny \”car\” in the house, break stuff, make huge noise & dust, and get PAID for it!I hope you have a great weekend, too! xoxoxo


  4. My dishwasher does not like to be hugged. I tried to before and it ended poorly. I have to get off here quickly because it is FREAKING SNOWING these big huge giant flakes and I need to go and cry.


  5. A good dishwasher is a must! For the last 5 years we've lived with a mediocre one {and I am being kind here}. And since moving in to the new house, with a new dishwasher . . . get this, I actually ENJOY unloading the dishwasher. Knowing that each dish and glass are coming out sparkling clean just makes my day. Sad, I know 🙂


  6. I'm having flashbacks remembering what a nightmare the dust is when they tear up a tile floor. Did you wrap your lighting fixtures? I didn' t either.This would be a good time to go away somewhere…..Texas??lastly….Quit griping about people using glasses and dishes. If you weren't so dang green, you'd get some paper plates! :))


  7. the floor looks great! and i had forgotten that i hadn't seen the zamboni-machine-in-the-house pics!! fun! did they let you have a turn? i can just imagine your tally list of who used how many glasses, etc! hope those peeps are helping with the dishes! oh. unless those peeps aren't peeps… cocoa? ozzie?


  8. I have heard that it is best to leave home while remodeling is going on and come back when it's over. Do you think that's why Extreme Makeover gets done in a week? (Plus the fact that half the city is helping them build.) The results look worth the wait though – – – beautiful.


  9. I can see the dust floating in the air in that picture of the zamboni deal. Weee-errrd to see somebody driving a dust/noise-mobile inside the house. Whatever happened to \”take it outside???\”. I'm sorry this is such a mess, but it will be very pretty when it's done and you can say \”aaah\” and clean dust for a hundred years and then it will be over. : )


  10. Oh..and condolences on the non-use of the dishwasher. When we redid our kitchen, I had grand plans to cook on a hot plate and all that stuff. I made a grand total on ONE meal on it and the rest we ordered out. For six weeks. So I feel your pain.


  11. o my gooness, (just like shirley temple says it! she is my fave!) lol what a mess, when we renovated it was a disaster and we didn't do tiles. but we had sheetrock and the dust from that was enough! my dishwasher is my hubby…bless him. and i will hug him. he also cooks. since my elbow surgery i haven't done much. my MIL never had a dishwasher, she never believed in them. it was always just her and dad, so they never really needed one. i would just invest in plastic cups and paper plates and sharpie their names on them…lol put rubber bands over the handles of your cabinets and give the evil eye if they go near it!! or shoot them with said rubber band! teeheewell, i just love ozzie, i could nibble that face. tell him to watch his back cuz when i am in FL, i could just sneak on over to your place between diaper changes and midnight burpings…and well steal that cuteness right away from you!! molly would love a big poopy….morgan is kinda tiny. she gets squished and stepped on quite a bit. gimme both the boxers now!!! pweeese? i love goggies….lol!and finally, relax….and have a great weekend. don't clean anything or do any mandatory chore. k? take a chill pill, have a glass of wine, put your tootsies up, and watch the sunset. let me know what it looks like. k? k. xoxox jo (wow this was long!)


  12. sends lots of hugs! and i also hugged my dishwasher as you asked, TWICE! once empty, and once full. and it got a tear in it's cyclop eye.. awwww…. you are so cute and funny, i smile and chuckle throughout your whole posts.. i am so thankful to be able to come on over here and feel all warm and fuzzy…so where is lo gonna go for college? its hard honey when the first one leaves.. but you get through it, and eventually it will get better. you can have fun sending her gift boxes with all her fave pickles etc. in them!


  13. I've always, always wondered how they get up old tile before putting down new. I thought it was some kind of jack hammer. That machine looks like a lot of fun!Love the tile. Love tile period. We live in DE which is all beach…sand…like FL….and nothing stands up to sand like tile.The only thing worse than being without a dishwasher is being without a kitchen sink. When they built our addition, we did dishes in the bathroom for at least a week. Oy.


  14. LOL I remember when our dishwasher was out of commission for 3 days. I nearly kissed the repairman when he left! Sounds like you have earned a few meals out! Let the restaurants deal with the dishes!


  15. Can't wait to see what it all looks like when it's done. I'm surprised you didn't give the zamboni a spin, I would've been all over that thing pretending like I was at a hockey game….ha,ha!P.S. Greg and I have been \”looking\” at condos in Florida via the internet. We're thinking we might need a winter home! I may have to ask your advice on good areas to look so watch out!


  16. Our dishwasher is too old and smelly to give it a hug, but I'll nod from a distance ;-)Those new floors are da bomb! Wooo! Soon done, hang in there..!Hope you have a great weekend!


  17. The floor is gorgeous, honey!But the zamboni pictures gave me the heebie-jeebies. I would be freaking out… two WEEKS with no dishwasher? and no garbage disposal? What the heck… are we back in the 1800s??! It will be worth it, but egad. What a MESS. (And I agree with Karen.. riding a zamboni around and breaking stuff up is a Dream Job for a boy…)


  18. I sure sympathize with the dust! We are still wiping dust off of everything from our floor work. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. The sun finally came out here and it felt great yesterday.


  19. I DETEST home improvements. Not because I don't like the end result but because I hate the mess involved. Also..most of our improvements are done by family or friends and they all have regular day jobs, so they come to do the work on evenings and weekends…just when I really need my privacy.


  20. Suz, you are just too funny. And I know funny. I watch Golden Girl Marathons all the time. So see! But really, what messed-up thing happened in your life that got you here. Pampered Princess don't have this sense of humor. But whatever dysfunctional thing it was, I'm happy for it. And I mean that in the best possible way.Your Friend, m.p.s. She comes tomorrow. My house is at 80% perfect! Yay! m.


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