Home deprovments and other nonsense.

We are nothing if not busy peeps lately at our house.

The Coach and I had a beautiful dinner with some wonderful friends on Friday night….we were all of 20 feet from the rolling waves of the gulf of Mexico. I had sand in my toes…and a fabulous dinner in my belly. And better than that? LAUGHTER. So much laughter, I might have burnt more calories than I ingested.  It was all fun and games until we were rudely interrupted by the valet giving us our keys. We turned around and realized that EVERY SINGLE person had left the restaurant…including all the help. Oops.

Back to reality….

Saturday was filled with cleaning the lbs of dust off the windows and moving some furniture back inside the house….and removing the lbs of dust off again.

When all this home improvement stuff is over, I wonder what we will do then? Sit? Relax? Think of more stuff to do?

Yesterday the Coach and the girls ripped out the flooring in my laundry/craft/office. You notice, I called it MY room... Cause It is.  I reign over my laundry area.


It is also a mess right now. A hawt mess.

While they did that I ate some bon bons painted the inside of two closets that we destroyed took apart during the floor demolition.


You notice I painted the inside of the closet the same as the wall color?? I know…genius. I fight the white!

The coach is making new closet systems for both….and of course my Rosie (The Dyson queen) Is happy with the new color too.

I also painted new baseboards and door moldings. I loathe using that oil based paint though….dang, I am trying hard to hang on to these last four brain cells.


I then took the smelly brain cell reducing paint inside and cleaned up some door ways and baseboard.

I was so busy yesterday, that I didn’t even check to see how much I was losing at Words With Friends until after 6pm. Now that is serious…And I wasn’t even losing that badly. Apparently other peeps are huffing using that paint too.

I also have been working on Lo’s graduation announcements and party invitations. I feel so happy to (almost) be ahead of the ‘game’ for once!

How was your weekend??

Did you manage to hang onto YOUR brain cells?



22 thoughts on “Home deprovments and other nonsense.”

  1. Hi there!Wow, you really had a great time having dinner with coach and friends! I can imagine the fun, the food, and the place. It would really make anyone's day. Good luck around the house! Lately I think I've been killing brain cells lately, what with all the parties this summer break!


  2. Wow, you guys are so busy! I can't wait to see your house all gussied up.Besides having Hannah's birthday party (lets not think about how many braincells it cost me driving 5 screaming girls skating) we went and got supplies to tile the girls bathroom. Baby steps for me, only one room at a time… 😉


  3. Holy wow. Look at you go! Your demolition is taking shape nicely! So excited for you. I have never in my life painted the inside of a closet. Never ever!


  4. WHEW, I'm tired just reading this post! And it's Monday….a whole five days of work staring me in the face. Fulla chemical, brain munching cleaners. Ok, now I depressed…BUT, like you, I'll survive to see another weekend in which I can be lazy and do absolutely nada. Just like this past one:) Just like you need to do sometime soon…ya, right!Have a fun week holding your breath amid all the crud. Someday..


  5. After reading that post, I'm ready for my first nap of the day. Maybe I'll take tomorrows nap too.Your place is going to be more gorgeous than it already was. And, I could live in your laundry room!! seriously.Thank you for wwf!!


  6. my gosh! you were really busy!!! where did you have dinner??? sounds like fun! the key is to go to lunch… then you have way more time before the place closes :)i am impressed that you have 4 cells left. i am sure i am down to 2 1/2….


  7. I'm pretty sure I have managed to lose a few brain cells over the weekend (and days prior to that). What I don't have is your ambition to undertake the major projects you're doing in your house. But it is really looking good. I like your new floors and join Cocoa in giving it thumbs up.


  8. HI Suz, You all are going to LOVE your renovation work.. Looks GREAT… After it's all finished, you'll have to think of the 'next' project. ha Can't believe that your oldest is graduating…. Has it hit you yet?????? Mercy!!!! Seems like yesterday that she was a little girl…Back from vacation –trying to catch up a little!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  9. Gulp – GRADUATION!?! Say it ain't so. Stock up on tissues now, momma! =)Love that you are all keeping busy! We have been too! In fact, yesterday – we were SOOOOO busy. It takes a lot to be able to sit by the pool and watch the kids. Really it does! 😉


  10. Once THAT home improvement job is done, you'll find another–it never fails. That's what the remaining brain cells are for–thinking up new home improvement ideas!


  11. I rode 10 miles at a trot. I think my brain cells are totally gone. Looks like the remodeling is almost done. No doubt that will be a relief.


  12. I know what you mean about the oil-based paint smells. It's horrendous!!! It's all going to be so kick butt when finished.PS. Words with Friends!!!! Let's play! I stink, but let's play anyhow. I'm di8coke so start a game with me please!


  13. WOW! You wear me out! You are definitely a Type A super-energetic woman, aren't you?!!! I love how much you love creating a beautiful home for your beautiful family!


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