29 thoughts on “Hair-raising”

  1. That is a crazy-looking but unique carrot. One of a kind! Now it has character, with the face written on it! I feel this thing for like, once a week. Especially when I'm overwhelmed or scared or something.


  2. oh how adorable….looks like my red hair! when i wake up in the morning!! hahaha! especially if i'm surprised or scared! you should let it get wilty, a whole new look! lol


  3. Yipes…. What is that thing????? Have you named him???? Does he cook dinner for you????? That is truly hilarious–and the way I look the first thing in the morning I'm sure… ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  4. Ha!!! I needed a laugh today…thanks, LoLo. My, you've been crazy busy over there with your \”extreme makeover\”. You must have the patience of Job!!!Your Post about the last softball game made me choke up. Why do they have to grow up SO fast?Funny, I had noticed that the hubby looked quite a bit thinner right before I read your question. And you looked adorable in that photo too, BTW!!! Really! : )


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