Spaghetti in my hair.

We had a busy whirlwind weekend. Full of laughter, sleepiness, dancing, birthdays, organization, laundry, cleaning, electronic craziness….no, I did not have tickets to Charlie Sheen’s Torpedo of Truth show. 

Just so you don’t think I have been imprisoned; a mini update.

Our flooring was complete on Friday. Yippie. I LOVE the floors so much that I want to marry them…but I am totally against bigamy.  Unless it gets me a sister wife, then I am all for it.

Photos soon.

Linds had her final dance show for dance line on Friday night.


We had a group of East Coasters at our house before we even made it home from the show…there were there to set up our new TV system for the family room. (and to visit)

Oy, complicated much?


The back of the cabinet. Spaghetti junction.

I was thrilled I could even turn it on this morning. The coach got the TV of his dreams…my neighbors might be able to see it from their house. 

I converted our guest room (and Lindsay’s room) BACK from a junk pile (storage area) to actual rooms. It took a large part of the day.

I was whooped.

Saturday was filled with busyness from the early a.m to the early a.m. on Sunday.  Forizzle. Our peeps were not able to leave until the ‘job’ was done. It was done at 2am on Sunday.  Suz checked out at 12:30. Hostess who?

Enough of my weekend.

This photo of cocoa and Ozzie pretty much sums of their relationship. Cocoa wears the pants and walks all over him. He likes it. 


I should be more like Ozzie…nothing phases him, even a butt in the face.

I hope you are well…rested…happy…healthy.



28 thoughts on “Spaghetti in my hair.”

  1. I thought of you yesterday when i oarked next to a car with two boxers in the backseat and one of them could not keep her eyes off of me, while the other didnt notice me at all. Boxers have such strong personalities. They were adorable, of course. Those tv wires! There are smarter people than me in this world, thats for sure.


  2. Can't wait to see the floors! And…the TV!I had to laugh when you refer to people as East Coasters, because I thought all Floridian's were East Coasters!It's your move, chica!


  3. So flipping funny those dogs.I bet you look fetching with spaghetti in your hair. I am going to suggest that to the kids today and see if they want to do it after school! It is going to be 84 today! YIPEE!


  4. What a relief to have that whole thing behind you now. I'm so glad it turned out so well, but you sure deserve a nap. Make yours without a butt in the face though.


  5. The back of your cabinet looks worse than our computer room. That's just one reason we're trying to go wireless.I'm glad your floors are finished and I look forward to pictures. I hope you can get some rest during the week to recover from your hectic weekend.


  6. You get the best pics of that jumping dancer!!!And the dogs crack me up. Seems like you posted another one of them a while back head to behind!


  7. Hi Suzanne, Hope you show us the picture of the new TV once it's all fixed and ready to show… I'm sure that Coach (and all of you) are enjoying it…. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Glad your floors are finished… Love seeing the picture of Linds. She's quite a dancer. I'm impressed.Hugs,Betsy


  8. So glad that you are getting back to normal at home. I want to see those floors, please!That photo of the boxers is HILARIOUS. That should be made into a greeting card…you could offer a prize here for the best caption, and use them as thank you notes, invitations, anniversary gifts, etc. Just a thought. (And with ideas like this, you wonder why I'm not a millionaire.)


  9. That picture of your daughter is awesome! I can so do that – of course I choose not to because I want to walk… but I could.


  10. i want your doggies. i have stated this request before to only be ignored. how dare you!heehee dont hurt me… cant wait to see your new reno's…. HURRY!so erm… like, uh… would you like me to send you some sauce to go wiff your sketti?


  11. We have spaghetti behind our tv too. I hate looking back there. Messy makes me nervous. Your puppies are beyond cute and funny. I'm glad they've worked out their relationship and enjoy each others company. : )


  12. Sweet photo of the boxers. And great action dance shot. The back of our TV is a maze of wires, and we don't even have anything special going on. I'm afraid to change anything for fear the whole mess will blow up.


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