Nekkidness is next to….



Yesterday was the first day in three weeks that I did not have any men working in the house. I contemplated declaring it Nekkid Monday…then I remembered I had to paint some more trim….and getting oil based paint on my parts would not be enjoyable.

The laundry room (craft room) is done. Doing the tile in this room was an afterthought…I am SO glad we thought of it. 



I swear to Buda, I can’t go anywhere without Ozzie following me.

I know…the craft room is HUGE. In my defense it is also the office/laundry/storage room.  Does that make you feel better?

Yes, I am lucky.

Did I tell you that the washer/dryer was unhooked for THREE days. In ‘Suz years’ that equates to three weeks. I tried to convince the girls to go commando…they would not hear of it.

Our family/friends will be so pleased to see this hallway that leads to the craft room Now.

This is how it looked for several years…thank you hurricane Wilma!IMG_7414

Tis all purty now. See that stalker dog…I swear….


Wow. So much naked talk today; must be the heat.  I am already yearning for FALL!!!!


37 thoughts on “Nekkidness is next to….

  1. Mwahahaha! At first glance I thought that last picture with the stalker dog was someone doing a thumbs up :)Love your new room. Looks like a great party room to me!Enjoy dancing around nekkid Suz…


  2. Yes, you have a stalker dog. Yes, you are lucky. Yes, that room is seriously huge. Yes, oil-based paint on parts could be a problem OR it could be body art. No, I am not going to experiment with it.


  3. Wow to your HUGE laundry/craft and whatever else room. I love the flooring too. Very cool in the warm weather on your little tootsies too. When we did our kitchen, I had workers for six weeks. I was soooo glad when it was over. I really liked them, they were super nice, but by the end I just wanted my house back. Glad to see you're reclaiming your house…and your laundry..and your sanity. Maybe. : )


  4. No, I do not feel better. In fact, I swear, if you one day show me a picture of your gift wrapping room, I'm going to slice my wrists.Your Friend, but don't push it, m.


  5. yup, your craft room is to die for…it even has its own fridge! imagine that, not having to run back to the other part of the house for a cold drink or snacky!! loland i would not mind being stalked by that goggie! GIMMMEE!! morgie might tho! she is indifferent to any other. love all the new floors, we just had a major renovation too last summer. so i know how you feel. only i left when ours was going on. went to my sisters. haha its the only way to do it! my hubby and MIL took care of it all and i came home to a nice new sparkly kitchen, dining room and living room. of course i had to put all the finishing touches to it. (then find everything they put away!!) lolhave a great week! xoxoxox or as modonna said, manic monday!!


  6. Wow–your home is fabulous, Suz…. I love that all-purpose room…BUT–when you started saying that you are yearning for FALL, I thought you were starting to say that you were yearning for MEN in the house!!!!! ha ha haHugs,Betsy


  7. The tile looks beautiful. And that huge craft room is amazing. I'm envious. Don't go naked! Someone will be sure to show up at the door or window. It's risky business, indeed.


  8. 1. the tile is gorgeous!2. love that you have it on the diagonal!3. ummm, has it been that long since i've been there? you turned the table!4. and it looks like your basket-caseness is growing :)xoxo


  9. That room is truly a blessing! It's gorgeous and it's YOUR work space. That's awesome! Way to go, Sister Blogger! And you're not alone with the weather. Summer is not my favorite – – – even though I love every day God gives us.


  10. That looks fabulous! Oh, I hope you're enjoying it. You can do all kinds of creative things (not just laundry) in such a light and spacious room. I'll bet the artsy crowd will be knocking on your door, asking to hold their classes in there! A contractor's house is a showplace for his craft, isn't it? I mean, it's practically a business necessity. Good work, Coach & Suz!


  11. Holy Humongous Spaces, Batman! Is that your laundry room????????? Entire communities in Russia are built in smaller places.I'm quite sure there were words with your post, but I was overwhelmed with space!!!!Didn't you once mention your house wasn't all that big? You should all move into the laundry/craft room. I would!!


  12. Anonymous

    The new floor is beautiful and I love the laundry/craft room. Stalker Dog goes with you to the bathroom too, I guess???It's a great feeling to wake up and not have to scurry around getting dressed for workers, isn't it? I know you will enjoy the new floor very much.


  13. The craft room is simply too small. I don't know how you're able to hold up in such deplorable conditions. You should ask for an upgrade for your TWO \”push presents\”. ;)KIDDING. It's GORGEOUS and I think should be re-named the \”Craft Wing\” of your estate. 🙂


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