Push Present

The things I learn from watching reality TV….

I was innocently watching the Real Housewives of Orange county the other day (btw: none of them are real housewives…they all have housekeepers. LIARS.)

One woman, who shall remain nameless and expressionless forever said:

When I had my first baby I told my husband “For my PUSH present I want a Bentley.”

And she got a flippin’ Bentley. 

I watched this…my mouth agape….

and then I thought: Wow, when I gave birth I DID get a present too.

Mom, Linds, Lauren naples Zoo

It was AN ACTUAL human BABY.

BOO Yah.  Top that Mrs. Botulism.

Has anyone else heard of this??

Call me crazy…I thought that was gift enough.

Am I low maintenance…or am I human?

I’ll go with human on this one.



30 thoughts on “Push Present

  1. All I can say is that if I had to actually push any of my babies out, then I think I should get a Bentley. C'mon Suz, you're gonna have to agree with me on this one. m.p.s. I love that photo. I didnt' know that you had your kids when you were 13. Good for you! No wonder you bounced right back and look so good.


  2. mine weren't push presents, they were \”ut\” presents, and as i still use this bargaining chip with my adult and married kids, i have this scar, so you better do it my way….they usually agree!! but as my daughter pushed hers out, she does have some scarring too!! so i feel for all you ladies who have had pushing down to a fine art! though i did labor for both for a very long time before they did the c-section, so i experienced all the lovely perks. and i got my wonderful presents too. and now i have 3 wonderful grandbabies and a 4th on the way. nothing better!!


  3. I used to read this blog and the lady kept saying when she had a baby she was getting a camera as a push present. It made me mad.WHO THE HECK gets a push present.That same expressionless lady got big huge diamond earrings when she had a boob job also. WOW!If Gary ever lets me have a baby (PLEASE JESUS LET HIM) I don't need any presents at all. Not one.I just want the little humanoid.


  4. The \”push present\” reminds me of a friend who was angry because her husband had just spent 20K on a new Harley without discussing it with her. She said, with all sincerity, \”Well, you can be sure he will have to put 20K in my entertainment fund.\” When I told my husband about it, he took a jar and started putting his loose change in it. Then he smiled and said, \”Honey, I want you to have an entertainment fund too.\”


  5. A PUSH present?! Geez! You have your head on straight Suz – the best gift is the human babies you get! That woman w/ the Bentley is shallow with a capital \”S.\”


  6. we watch american dad alot, along with family guy, like every night and it is taped if we are going to be out.my point being, in this adorable picture of you and the girls, you look like his wife francine… its a cute complement, not an insult. i would NEVAH insult you, i lubs ya… 😉 those housewives are just rich skanky hoes… and biotches too. i bet they PAY someone to go to the bathroom for them.


  7. A push present…being pregnant I like the idea of a special gift from my husband letting me know that he appreciates that I carried our child for 9 months and have vomited for most of them! A bentley just doesn't seem very special to me! Also a baby is the best gift I will ever get so I won't be disappointed either way!!


  8. Hey, Suz!I found you through Gary, of Gary's 3rd Pottery Blog! He recommended you, and I have to say, that after perusing several of your posts, I am delighted to become your newest follower! LOVED this post! You made me wheezily expel air from my lungs, which can also be labeled an LOL in some states.(Depends on the rigidity of the Laugh Evaluator.)I asked for blog recommendations in my last post, and Gary recommended you, and now I know why!!! Come visit my blog, and you can read Gary's sweet recommendation of YOU!http://wildlifeinthewoods.blogspot.com/2011/04/foreign-foods.htmlBy the way, my bestest friends call me Sooze, which, due to the spelling differences, would not seem to me to represent copyright infringement. 😀


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