Inside out, crazy and colorful.

Have you ever gone all day…perhaps 15 hours before you realized your underwear are on inside out?

No? Me neither.  But wouldn’t it be funny if someone was stupid enough to do that?? snort. snort. 

Peeps who go commando have no idea the silliness they are missing.


So glad we are all in agreement about the push present yesterday. I feel better now. Rebeckah pointed out (cause I forgot) that this very same lady also got Diamond earrings (the size of Gibraltar) after she had her boob job. He husband is the best…I am sure they have a very deep and meaningful relationship.

So….would the earrings be considered a PUMP present???


I crack myself UP.


Our weekend: 


a charity walk.


a party.

home improvements.

In the middle there we will feed our faces and perhaps catch some shut-eye.

Maybe a movie on the new TV??? I am still trying to avoid watching Avatar. This weekend might be my demise.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure…yes, we are all visual people.


I wrote before how LoLo loves her sharpies…and she makes some amazing artwork. Well, this year, that artwork went to her tootsies….


She was commissioned to do artwork for most of the team this year. They all look SO cool!  (pre-game attire)


We should have bought stock in sharpies!!!!

She is now playing with an injured knee in addition to her boo-boo’ed shoulder. Oy.  It is hard to be an athlete. But, I’ll never know.

Have a beautiful weekend…doing whatever you do…

hey, go crazy and make It colorful!!!



30 thoughts on “Inside out, crazy and colorful.

  1. Her shoes are ADORABLE…bummed about the injuries though! Did you know that Staples often gives 100% rewards on least twice a year…I will have to let you know next time! When she goes off to college you will have to send her care packages complete with multipacks of sharpies!


  2. Good Morning, Suz,Love those team shoes…makes her pregame outfit complete!Can't wait to see pics of your home improvements. Your laundry room is amazing!! We are in the midst of a winter storm…our plans were to go to Fargo for Jake's lacrosse games, but I don't think so anymore. Something we call Black Ice here in the north country. It rained first, then froze, and the interstate is covered with this ice that is difficult to see, so reports of some bad accidents in that area. Enjoy your sunshine!!Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie


  3. AWESOME shoes 🙂 and here is some TMI, perhaps only a long married guy like me would admit to this? Some of my cotton undies go back to 1995 and are quite clean and fresh looking. The reason, which appalls my wife, is that I switch them back and forth inside-right side out after each laundering. My theory is that way they only wear half as much on each side 🙂 She got me some bright blue and purple undies last month though, which sit in the back of the drawer, as the old ones still have some life in them….is she trying to change my habits?


  4. That beautiful young lady definitely has an artistic 'flair' – – – oh, wait – – that is a Papermate pen – – – guess it's better to say she is pretty 'sharp' when it comes to design! Does she dapple in paint? I pray her knee and shoulder get better. Your weekend sounds very busy – – – but that's spring with a family in sports and too quickly, it will be graduation activities.


  5. I never check to see if my underwear is inside out or right side out. I try to make sure the front is in the front and the back is in the back.I love those shoes! I could have sworn you bought them that way from Vans. My day? my boob smash! I'll premed.


  6. Hmmm, more like a HUMP present:)Quite the gal you got there Suz. Get her to market these so she'll have the money to put you in a real classy Retirement home someday…mwahahaha!Enjoy your busy weekend, watch your movie, and keep them panties on good and proper:)


  7. Just last night I realized my underwear was inside out!! Seventeen hours to figure out that one.So if I buy a pair of shoes for Lydia, will your brilliant artist daughter let me commission some artwork?


  8. panties? who wheres those? just kidding….skeeeered you didn't i? hahahahahaha, i do where dem, and i do put them on the right way, but with the left hand…figure that out, would ya? love your picasso shoes…she should really market them, but then it won't be fun anymore….it would be a J.O.B. hope she doesn't do anymore harm to the arm and knee….poor lil thing…make her rest. i still haven't seen avatar…my kids want me to see it as does my hubby, they tell me its not what i think it is, but it just doesnt interest me. why are they pushing me into it??? i don't wannnnnna do it!!!i can't wait to see your new update living area, we too had to buy a new TV, ours went and died this last week end. so enjoy your nice restful week end with the kiddies and play, rest, eat and have fun in the sun!


  9. Those are only the most awesome shoes EVER!!We watched Avatar over Christmas. And to be quite honest…when it was over, we were both like \”Why was everyone so pumped about this movie?\” I really could have survived having never seen it….


  10. Since she is so talented with her pens, she might look into textile design as a major in college. (You know the saying, \”The pen is mightier than the sword.\” I think that was meant about WORDS, but why not apply it to artwork? You could say, The pen is mightier than the SHANK.)Have a wonderful weekend – it sounds as if you have good things planned!


  11. Love those tennies! : ) Reminds me of some sneakers I had when I was a kid that had smiley faces all over them. Yes, I was a child in the 70's. But come to think of it, this might have still been in the 60's. I pinkpuffyhearted them. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead of you. Pace yourself! : )


  12. soooo cute, the shoes.. she should do summit with her art skills…why dont you wanna watch avatar? its perdy good, if you have poopcorn with it.i would LERVE to see photos of your new pad, could you post some? sharpies are like me chikldren.. i have a collection. Jo does too. 'cept, no art skills to go with 'em.. i also have the baby sharpies, they dont cry much and never EVAR poop in their lil diapers.lucky me. sounds like a fun weekend..GO LO! just dunt get hurt no mo…


  13. Hi Suz, Oh how I love those decorated shoes… Lo Lo could make a good living doing that for all of her friends… She's really GOOD at it….Sorry to hear about her latest injury though… Being in sports is not easy!!!!Hope you do enjoy the new TV… I don't watch any of those reality shows… We watch all of the cops and robbers shows instead… ha ha Hope you have a great Sunday.Hugs,Betsy


  14. I loooove shoes and how cute those are! You will not believe the funny dream I had on Fri. night. You and both your girls were in it with me and we went out partying!! (I'm usually in my mid-30's in my dreams…when I was at my hottest!)I told Pat about it as soon as I woke up because it was still fresh in my mind…I told him \”neither of Suz's girls are even old enough to drink\”. I guess that's what making margaritas at home for evening entertainment spawns in dreamland. hehe. Have a good week.xx


  15. They are so cute! And your daughter is beautiful.I'm sorry she is playing with injuries. My daughter has started NOT TELLING US when she hurts because she's afraid the coach won't let her play. When I see her limping, then I know.


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