In your face entertainment and light!

We have been a flurry of busyness…and I have some evidence!

The before and after of our entertainment center/TV area was a big undertaking that required hours of discussion, thoughts, phone calls, emails, texts, a global summit and more discussion.

I was only part of a few discussions and I was doing laundry during the summit.

The OLD: This was nice…it was great for the last 14 3/4 years.


But the Coach wanted to update our TV…and that required change.

It looked like this for a few days….


Voilà; change!


We actually (I was reluctant!) added a drywall splay…it was a corner before and now it is a 45 degree something or other yada yada….

The TV is outrageous. If our roof flew off the TV could be visible from Mars…for the little green guys viewing pleasure of course.

Notice my stalker dog?


During our floor renovation the light fixture over the kitchen table took a piece of travertine to the face. The worker bees actually did me a favor…since I never really liked this fixture anyway.


THIS is what I really wanted.


I love it. I don’t think the Coach was thrilled with it, but like the wonderful husband he is, he said nothing and installed it yesterday.

We finished putting our dining room back together yesterday too…the glass tabletop has been outside for 4 weeks! IMG_8211

The new flooring actually makes EVERYTHING in our house look better…all our furniture and kitchen cabinets look new and prettyfull!

I don’t want to boast too much…but I actually look better too!

Our house is complete. Well, I still have some trim painting to do…and some lil’ tid-bits inside…and the landscaping has gone to poop….Are we ever done? Nahhhhh

How full was your weekend?

36 thoughts on “In your face entertainment and light!

  1. Anonymous

    Love the new floors and the tv and light fixture are great! Even Stalker Dog looks newer and prettier!!! haWow, what a huge undertaking this project was, but the results are bee-autiful, Suzanne. Enjoy!


  2. I'm torn between loving and hating you. Or maybe I just want to be you. I wonder if your husband would even notice? The new t.v. thingy/wall configuration is super clean and streamline. And I am digging the new pendant lighting. You know what, I just figured it out. I'm pretty sure I hate you.Love, m.


  3. Size really does matter:)You'll love that new TV once you have time to sit and watch it. Mines a 60 incher and takes up a whole wall in this tiny living abode. Love the lamp shade hanging from the ceiling too, and the floor and the back end of the stalker and you!Have a great time in all your newness


  4. You have been a busy bee! I love it…change is always fun and isn't it amazing how changing a few things give the home a whole new look and feeling?I have missed visiting you here…I actually thought of you on friday night when I looked outside and it was snowing hard…lol…I hope all is well with you and yours. XX


  5. Wow, Suz… It is FANTABULOUS…. Love every bit of it—even the stalker dog!!!!!!! Love the new fixture over the kitchen table….. NICE!!!!I know you are glad just to get your home back…. BUT–all of that hard work was worth it, wasn't it????? Looks incredible… Think I'm jealous!!!! haHugs,Betsy


  6. Oh me oh my everything looks so good. I'd love to have your oLd entertainment center! (I'm a storage freak so all those drawers look good to me.) The tile floor is beautiful…do your pooches run and slide on it?? Happy Monday Suz!


  7. Everything looks so svelt and elegant. Really, I love the floors and the TV without any wiring showing. I hope you put the old TV in the laundry room so I can watching when I visit. Lala love it all!!


  8. You've done a fantastic job with all your remodeling projects. The TV is awesome.Most of our projects are outdoor projects, so we spent the weekend outside when it wasn't raining.


  9. Bee-utiful! : ) I love how new floor makes all the difference. I've learned that one too…my old whatever looks a lot better if it's sitting on something pretty. And your stuff is definitely sitting on something pretty! Love your gaddywompus wall too. I hate how family rooms aren't naturally shaped to fit a tv and make it look good. Love your tv..I love the big tv now that we have one. I can see the numbers on the weather report now! I'm not as old as I sound. : )


  10. everything looks sooooo good. glad you got it all the way you like it. but you know its never done. you will find some little something that needs a little facelift. haha hope this is it for awhile. kisses to stalker pups!!


  11. looking good!!! yes, i meant you! of course! and the house looks nice, too 🙂 i can't believe he covered up that corner… any way to get a secret door and maybe some shelves in there??!!


  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – – – you are right. The floors improved you, too! hahaha Seriously though – – thank you for letting us see all the hard work in your house. You all will definitely enjoy it. And don't you wish you had a camera to see what stalker dog does when you aren't there?


  13. Everything looks wonderful! I like your new light fixture. The big TV is not my area of expertise, but I am sure it is state of the art – and I can see your new 45 degree angle – I can! LOVE those floors. I'll bet in your climate, they keep everything nice and cool. Great ideas and well done!


  14. Looks fantastic! We were busy building the kids' playset this weekend. It is finally finished, and we are all happy.We had to redo our tv area as well, when the tv I won 5 years ago bit the dust. We ripped out our gas stove and used the area to set a tv into it. We put up a small fence that would in theory keep the twins back, but it doesn't.I hope one day to have my house looking as fantastic as yours does!


  15. LOVE the floors! And of COURSE the TV has to be a HUGE flat screen…. my husband is the same way. If it were up to him, one whole WALL of our den would be a giant screen with surround sound. What IS it with men and TV?!


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