Misplaced green growth


If a tree can grow in Brooklyn….then why can’t a tomato plant grow next to my compost?


I stopped using this compost bin a while ago because the door flew off during a tropical storm. I rigged up a door-like contraption, but it did not work for long, the critters (dogs, raccoons, bunnies, squirrels, sasquatch) used it as a buffet and made a mess.  Ok, it was mostly the dogs.


I need a new compost because I really do miss using it.  Do you compost?   It’s really easy and it lightens up your garbage pail.

I told Linds yesterday…”I gotta go take a picture of that random tomato plant out there by the compost.”

She said: “It just wants to be different, and NOT be in the garden like all the other plants.”

It takes a rebel to know a rebel.

Happy Humpday!

19 thoughts on “Misplaced green growth

  1. Aw…look at your itty, bitty baby!My dad actually had that happen in his yard last year. Stud found I rogue tomato plant next to the apple tree when he was cutting the grass. He then \”adopted\” it as his own, which cracked us up the rest of the summer. He would call me dad and ask, \”How's my tomato plant?\”


  2. Not only does the rogue tomato grow next to your compost, it already has a tomato on it! 🙂 We've got two composts in our garden and I couldn't live without them…


  3. A great example of \”thinking outside the box.\”I tried composting, but I always forgot to go out and turn the stuff with the pitchfork (we were using the old-fashioned method). Then I started to forget to separate the compost ingredients from the rest of the trash. Gregg had predicted all of this when I begged for a compost pile, which made it even worse. So our composting experiment has not been a success. Good luck with yours – it's a great idea!


  4. That tomato plant wanted to grow there so it could give you some delicious tomatoes.I do compost, but I'm old-fashioned (or cheap) and just have a compost pile.


  5. Hi Suz, I don't know if George has answered this one yet–but we do compost, but not with a bin. We had have things like squash, watermelon, tomatoes, etc. growing in our compost. George usually gets rid of them… He uses the compost on his roses –and they are so healthy. Hope things are going well down there in south Florida.Hugs,Betsy


  6. i bet that little bitty thing will be the best tasting one in the bunch…cuz its a MUTT!! hahahahaand we don't compost….tried it once and it got so bad…no one would separate stuff…and i would have to dig in the trash….no way! so that didn't last tooooo looong. so, hope your lil fella lasts a good long time and you enjoy a bunch of maters from him! have a good rest of the week! xoxoxo


  7. no we dont compost but we do recycle. that lil lonely 'mater plant needs replanting with its sisters and brothers! awwww… do i sense a tear forming..?so erm, what did you make in your crock today? hhhmmm?


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