The end.


Last night Lolo had her final high school softball game. Ever.


She had a nice triple and played well, but the game ended and reality set in. No more.

There were lots of tears. Girls are such sissies and I love those sissies.  I also love that my lil’ player wouldn’t be seen on the field without ribbons in her hair. Ever.IMG_8235

It did not dawn on me until this morning that her Daddy won’t be her Coach anymore. 12 years just flew by…

LoLo giants

We are swiftly making it through this senior year…I am trying to grasp each and every moment for her, with her…but it is hard when I can’t keep from blinking!!

Next up: Prom.

Oh, I mean PROMS.

Lo is going to her prom with all her friends and she is going to a prom as a guest at another school.

Yeah, two proms in two weekends.

I hope she remembers all the highlights of this year forever.

Today is senior skip day; and I obliged. Grasping it minute by minute.

32 thoughts on “The end.

  1. my dear suz, awwww i send you lots of hugs… a few bottles of wine, some comfort foods and precious lil boxer puppies to nibble on. and i know how it is to live through the \”last\” of everything senior. done it x 4. just let yourself grieve honey, cuz although it's a loss, you will soon see you are just trading high school for college as you watch the little girl you raised, become a woman… and the pride you will feel when you see her blossom as an adult will fill your heart with a new love, although sometimes melencholy. [i know i spelled that wrong] 😉 thats how i felt at christopher's last concert tuesday night, as he is giving up his beloved bassoon to focus on his french degree. :(( tears here too…hey, at least no one farted at her last game!!! she and linds are SO very blessed to have had their coach be their dad… and to have such loving, fun parents like you guys are. i have often wished i could have grown up in your family. lots and lots of love, there is. those pictures are so emotional, and cute… you did good, mama, GOOD.hugs


  2. Where do the years go? I can only imagine the memories that filled everyone's head after that game…going back, remembering all the wins, parties, friends!You are such a good mommy. My mother knew about Sr. Ditch Day and waited to bust me in front of my friends! I can't wait for the prom pics….and I love that Lolo wears ribbons in her hair.


  3. Such wonderful rites of passage for the kids – yet they create a little \”wear and tear\” on parents' hearts! It's interesting that you posted this today, because just this morning, I was looking at our driveway and remembering walking the kids up to the bus stop when they were little. I remember watching David walk up on his own when he was older. Always a hug and kiss goodbye, his lunch packed, and sending him off with \”Have a great day! I love you!\” (Now I say it to the cats: \”Have fun – play all day!\” Not kidding.)


  4. my warm fuzzy thought for the day… next year, while you are watching her play, coach will be sitting by your side 🙂 and if he can't be out there with her, sitting by you is the next best thing 🙂 i just hope he won't cramp your style!!!ps… made me so proud last night, as we were at the \”going to 9th gr. orientation\” and the principal was bragging on our school and mentioned that we had our first div 1 athletes signed this year- and i thought- my gosh and i know her!!! xoxo


  5. The senior year always goes by too quickly. But Lolo is fortunate that you are taking many pictures of memories to cherish in the years ahead. I hope you'll share some of the pictures from the proms with us.


  6.'re making me cry! I can't imagine being a part of that many games with probably a lot of the same faces and then it's just over. Sad. I know..I often look at my girl and wonder what happened. Hang on to this time and your girl(s)! : )


  7. Oh, I had tears in my eyes reading this! I have a picture of Oldest Son after the state championship football game: he's kneeling on the field with his hand on his helmet, looking at the scoreboard. He said that was the minute he realized it was over. They grow up way too fast.


  8. Oh how those years FLY by… but I am sure you are living every moment to its fullest, not that it makes endings of eras any easier.Next up soon: grandchildren… and you get to do it all over again! 🙂


  9. I know, honey, I know. J turns 15 a week from today (I realize that's \”small potatoes\” compared to all Lo's big milestones…) and I've been VERY nostalgic and weepy. Hubster found me in bed watching home movies of the kids running Easter egg hunts when they were 3 and 4. Seems like 10 minutes have passed, and not 10 YEARS…


  10. Once you all get over the high school stuff, you will LOVE the college fun – – – even though you will wonder how is it possible for them to be going to college just ten years after we were there?!!!!


  11. Hi Suz, YES—kids grow up much too fast… I know that it is finally hitting LoLo that there are many ENDINGS this year to what she has been accustomed to. BUT–when there are endings, there are always new beginnings… Next year at this time, she will have experienced many new memories….Two proms, huh???? Does that mean two dresses??? Wooo–that's awesome…You seem to be holding together quite well, MOM… I'm proud of you.Hugs,Betsy


  12. So yes, I cried last night over College Road Trip and I cried just now over your post. I can see the writing on the wall and I know that my girls are growing up FAST. Your daughter is proof that this happens everyday. You seem to be handling it beautifully.Best of luck to your daughter. I'm sure her future is bright!


  13. It's the hugging girls….the ones with tears in their eyes as they are trying to smile through that strange emotion somewhere between sadness and excitement….that's the picture that gets me…every time.oh suz….{{hugs}} to you…it's hard, i'm sure…but how wonderful it's going to be…for all of you!!!and senior ditch day? yeah…me too…may or may not have gotten in trouble for going. it was great!!


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