“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

~Lucille Ball


It’s my Mama’s Bday!

She is fabulous. Amazing. Funny. Sweet. Silly. Strong. Loving. Funny. Silly. Cute. Sweet. Funny.

Did I tell you she was funny? And cute? And amazing?

Well, now you know where I get it from. Snicker. snicker.


My Mom speaks with a beautiful Georgia twang…so everyone collectively please say:

Heeeyyyyy Bev…Happpy birthdaay!!!!

*edited* My Mom and I live in two different states. We won’t see each other until LoLo’s graduation.

32 thoughts on “Celebration~

  1. Anonymous

    Heeeeyyyy Bev – Happy Birthday from John and me. Hope you have a wonderful day. What a beautiful photo of one of the sweetest ladies I know!


  2. Happy Birthday, Miss Bev. I do hope you have yourself a grand one. Something tells me that that daughter and those granddaughters of yours have got something big planned.


  3. Hey! Happy birthday. (Detroiters waste no time on affection.) But…those of us who had the smarts to grow up in Kentucky say it better:Miz Bev, you have yourself the best birthday ever, okay, sweetie?


  4. Happy Birthday, Bev! (that's one of my favorite names). Thank you for having and raising Suz – I love her! Wishing you a beautiful birthday full of fun, and a year ahead full of sweetness and love.


  5. I love your Mom. So of course she gets a Happy Birthday Greeting from me. But since she's a Southerner, shouldn't we be calling her something like \”Miss Bev\”?Happy Birthday Miss Bev!m.


  6. happy birthday, mama! boy does she look like your graandmother.. is she your moms mom?you are so blessed to have her, suz, and that the relationship is a good one…


  7. AGH, trust me to BEE late!!!So, here goes…ahem…HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY HAPPY BEV :)I know, big ta da start for a itty bitty happy happy. Gotta have some kind of drama coming from me:)Just so ya had fun!


  8. Happy Belated B-Day to Suz's mommy! I'm a northerner from birth, but forgive \”you all\” for those accents…hehehehehehe. (My nephew is married to Kelley Earnhardt, so we now officially have a southerner in our family!) Really, hope it was a good one.


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