I thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for my Mama yesterday. I guarantee you, she read each and everyone of them. AND loved each and everyone of them. She is awesome like that.

I bet she was up late last night baking you each individual cakes filled with some sort of amoretto and dusted with crushed almonds.

It was funny that most people assumed we lived close together….we have not lived in the same state since I was 15. And we won’t go on about how long THAT has been. Smile

DEEP breath…

Yesterday was a trying day for me/us. Being the Mom of teenage girls keeps me on my toes. My toes hurt.
I swear even Jesus himself would find these days challenging. A TEST.
And I know we have GOOD girls….but still….it is trying.

The only good/lucky part is they usually take turns being a challenge.

If I had more than two we would be in deep doodoo.

Do you know of a good convent?

Even a mediocre convent???

A Swiss boarding school?

I am game. I can purchase flights to Switzerland. The visas? NO problem.

And I thought these days were tiring? Heck, back then I could just sit them in a box.

LoLo xmas Toddler

And really, I should not complain about my girls. Cause it’s BOYS that seem to be the problem!

My motto for today: Raising children is not for sissies!

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!!!


32 thoughts on “Tueeeesday.

  1. I HEAR YOU! Wait, except I have one of each…Well, when the kids were little and we lived in Spain (and I thought that was tough – HAHA) the Spaniards would say, \”Little children, little problems, big children, big problems.\” So true.


  2. oh i can't wait for my CAKE! i always think of your mom when i take out my cake mix doctor cookbook!!! boys? again? i thought we were over that!!!!and i am having major concerns over a certain dancer this morning… did she need that shirt??? it is still on my chair. not tied up or gagged though. i'm nicer than that!


  3. I so hear you. Even my friends with a bunch of kids all say that the teen years are harder than anything the toddler years can dish out. So true! The tears, the complaining, the attitudes…and my girl makes some fuss too. : ) But hang in there. You know you're raising amazing girls! 🙂


  4. I keep telling myself \”it will get better, it will get better\” and then I have a glass of wine… Guess our parents survived our teenage years and we will survive our girl's teenage years. And when they have kids we get o sit back and enjoy… 😉


  5. it doesnt get any better when they to become adults either….lolbecause then you worry if they have enough money for rent/house stuff….and when they get married have kids…well the worries start all over again…cuz your a GRAMMA!!! and nothing is too good for those babies!!!


  6. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday! I must've missed your post yesterday somehow. I don't know how you do it with teenage girls; give me the boys any day!


  7. Hmm…I can trade you my 12 year old stepson who tried our patience last week (set up a secret facebook page after we told him no, we'd think about it and have to monitor it.) If you don't want to trade, I can send you a case of wine and Scout to give you puppy love!


  8. what a cute picture of a girl-in-the-box… do they sell hamburgers too? lol.as for those little troublemaking challenging daughters… how's about shankin them until they listen… jus' sayin… it works here… and ditto to what Jo said.


  9. I'm glad your mom had a great birthday, Suz! Of course, these years are fleeting…these days are fleeting…and no matter how many you have with her, you will always be left wanting just one more. (Can you tell I'm still working through my stuff??!!) :)Hug her for me when you next see her and tell her it's from me. I keep sizing up 80 year old women I pass on the street, wondering if they'd mind if I just walked up and hugged them. Losing both moms has left my arms empty some of each day.When it comes to the girls, they will continue to take turns 'curling your hair' until they're about 30…the only difference will be that you won't be aware of some of what they do once they leave home.Jesus would indeed find it a challenge.Mood leveling drugs help. 🙂


  10. Got a late one off to your awesome mom….save me a slice:)Ha! I had three girls and four boys. Believe me, boys aren't the problem…it's them girls!Course, although we're females also, we were never a problem….Take a few deep breaths, open your mind and buckle up.And keep sharing all the fun with us. We'll survive it:)


  11. That's funny… girls are the problem over here! lol… I am kinda glad I have 3.5 years between my Alex and Isabel… I may not get a break, but at least I shouldn't be dealing with that drama at the same time! 😉


  12. We must be on the same frequency, because I was JUST wondering what hijinks Katie would be up to at this age. David has his own version – though, like your girls – he is a wonderful person. Good thing that only one of them is a handful at a time! Imagine a house FULL of teens! Praying for patience for you…


  13. Having survived 3 teenage daughters and for the most part they were good girls but believe me I am not looking forward to going through these years all over again with little lady and those darn boys that come along and change everything…but then I also survived 2 teenage boys and thought \”those darn girls stay away from my boys\”…lol..I have always told moms of young children that these years are preparing them for when they are teenagers so enjoy it now because they haven't seen anything yet….lol…oh Suz you will get through this as surely as I did…hold them close and don't forget what it was like to be their age…and I promise that when they get past these teen years you will have adult daughters that are as much your friends as your daughters….and still I say, \”boys are always the problem\”…lol…but my two boys were a sinch compared to my 3 girls and so far it is proving true with the little's. 🙂 You are right raising children is not for sillies!


  14. Sorry I'm late. We had terrible storms all day yesterday… We are fine –but it was scary.Being a parent is HARD work–even in a wonderful family like yours…. You all have many more good times than bad –but you need to remember that you do have teen daughters… They may cry one minute and laugh the next. Who knows which????YOU won't remember the hard times… In fact, in a few years, you will wish you could do it all again. I miss my sons so much –even now and they have been gone for many years.Hang in there… You all have alot going on this spring..Hugs,Betsy


  15. Remember when we first thought about getting pregnant and how 'romantic' it seemed? For most days, I can tell yours still is a love story with your girls and you – – – but teenage years are definitely not the easiest ones. Thanks for putting a humorous spin on them.


  16. Were you bad when you were a teen? I was a creep. My parents say I wasn't but I remember. Total jerk. And look how fabulous I turned out. Oh. Darn it. not so good.You will surivive!


  17. What a precious photo…I'll take 2 of those to go. Oh, and I'd like a hand written return policy with them.Boys. Sheesh. All I can tell you is that I had SERIOUS doubts about David when Jess started dating him when she was 16 1/2.(Her first and only real boyfriend.) Now he is one of my favorite people and Christian counselors. He still occasionally rubs me the wrong way, but who doesn't?? I'm such a pain in the rump sometimes I wonder how anyone puts up with ME.


  18. Teenagers are definitely a challenge. Not surprised your toes hurt!I had 3 teenagers at one time, 2 boys and a girl. My eldest, a son, got in the most trouble. He now has 4 stairstepped kids and we have determined that in a few years he'll be the proud parent of 4 teenagers at once! For his sake, I do hope they're all better behaved than he was as a teenager…Good luck with your boy problems. Your girls seem like such good kids. I'm sure it will all work out.


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