Mary J*ne who?

Mary J*ne you.

I think I have posted this Easter photo before; it brings me such delight.


My brother Mark, poised, polished, alert.

Me: Stoned. 

(we won’t mention the shortness of this dress!)

I recall hearing my Mom tell stories of the Dr.’s giving pregnant women some sort of ‘speed’ drug while they were preggers back in the day. I don’t know why…perhaps to keep them thin?

I swear though…each time I see this photo, My MOM must have ingested a humongous amount of Mary J*ne brownies instead of the speed stuff. Maybe she had one of those free loving hippie Dr.’s. GetAttachment_thumb

The residual lasted for years. I may have been ok most of the year, but come Easter Sunday…when I caught sight of my Easter basket with all that grass in it….I was toast.


Thank you all for your encouraging words on my last ‘stressed’ post about my kids. I have taken matters into my own hands and we won’t be having anymore boy issues.

If you would like to contact my children, send me a note. I will slip it under the closet door for them. They will be out in about 12 years.

“Yes, I know it is dark in there…get USED to IT!”



Peace out ya’ll!   


(I wonder if that lady is still smokin’?)

17 thoughts on “Mary J*ne who?

  1. LOL These photo's remind me of old photo's of myself…the dresses so short..the expressions..the hair cuts…oh Suz you have such a way of putting a smile on my face…thank you…I have missed you my friend…since I missed that post about your children I must go read it…but those darn kids…I am pretty sure when I read it I will be able to relate it with at least a couple or all of my children. :)Yes I notice that lady in the back ground smoking…to funny.Love and hugs! XX


  2. Mwahahahaaa I LOVE that picture! You look pissed at the Easter Bunny or something:) M J for sure!Oh FYI…girls get somewhat brain dead from the age 13 till about 25. Feed them well and ignore the sobbing whiny sounds you hear coming from the closet. It's them trying to use your soft side to escape :):):)


  3. Good Morning Miss Suz.I love that photo of the two of you. You remind me of Tabatha on Bewitched. She was the coolest!And that dress was cute. You should totally try to work that look again. And then post the photo. I would pay you if you did.You take care. And as you mentioned last night on my Blog, here is my reminder to Vote for me again. I know, I'm pathetic. And since I've already sunken this low, I invite all your readers to stop over to vote too. Is there anyway that you can force them?Your Friend, m.


  4. Anonymous

    Funny, did you just look it, or lucky enough to be feelin' it too?LOVE the pic.Oh and your post below? In my house … it's those dang girls that are the issue! lol(I'm back, I have missed reading everyone's blogs. Check my new one out


  5. I love that picture of you and your brother. You look like you are about to sneeze…and I see the Easter Bunny hung around to eat some jelly beans off the carpet.My mom always bought dresses a size or two big so I could get a lot of wear out of them.peace


  6. Thanks for all the smiles and chuckles. The picture is a hoot — actually both pictures are wonderful.I'm glad you have the boy situation under control. I assume the closet is more convenient than the convent.


  7. I love that picture of you and your brother —all dressed for Easter. I laugh at some of the pictures of my sons when they were dressed like that many years ago… I think they think I was on some kind of drug back then for dressing them like that… ha ha ….Hope today is better in your family.Hugs,Betsy


  8. That outfit is a hoot. I have pix like that of myself and wonder \”what the heck???…did I worry about my undies that I am sure I must have flashed coordinating with my double knit outfit?\” LOLYour girls will come around. They always do. And then they'll be your friends again. That's what I hear anyway. : )


  9. Haven't read your other post yet – – – or maybe I have. I am going backwards in time trying to catch up. That is funny about your Easter story. And it was before the age of digital photography where we can delete those bad ones.


  10. nay, that lady is D.E.A.D. from smokin…you are so cute as is yo' bro'. and cocoa tole me to tell you that if you EVAR put her in those tights again, she will hunt you down like a dog and then, well…. erm, then she'll lick you till you pee yo' pants…capeche?oy.


  11. Once again, you have me yukking it up here at Starbucks. This was too funny. Really girl, you are just as humorous as Erma Bombeck was. Get your stuff ready to be put in book form. Yes. I need to say I'm friends with a famous humor authoress!! Now I need to get back to playing catchup on your posts. So longgg!


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