Squinty eyes, fish eyes and a hangover.

On Saturday the Coach swept me off my feet and carried me out for our anniversary dinner. Ok, perhaps there was no sweeping or carrying.

I asked the girls to take a photo of us before we left, there was a debate about us facing the sun or the sun behind us. I have super sensitive eyes….even with the sun behind me. The eyes in the back of my head caused my frontal eyes to squint.


20 years baby!!!

Anyhoo, as much as I loathe having my photo taken, I am making an effort to have more photos of US for the kids, you know for ummmm….later when I/we are ummmm…. somewhere else.


Coach had the house specialty, red snapper. Yes, the entire red snapper.


That poor guy did not see it coming.  Funny, since I saw his EYES looking at me. Coach is part of the clean plate club.


I had a lovely dinner of Mahi deuce wrapped in a banana leaf. Pretty and delish.

I did not photograph it because I was busy devouring….

We then went and saw the Hangover 2. I liked it less than The Hangover 1.

Fortunately I liked the guy sitting next to me so the time was not a complete loss.

Surprisingly I woke up Sunday morning with a headache….darn movie.

Happy Memorial day! Heartfelt thanks to all of our service men and women who have bravely worked for our safety.


You are my favorite

But I can’t remember your name.


Lindsay LOVES math. She really loves her math teacher this year and the feeling is mutual. He tells her all the time that she is his best student; his favorite student.

So, she had him sign her yearbook last week…

He wrote it to Ashley.  I mean Lindsay.


We had a good laugh.

The next day she (who is not shy) asked him if he did that on purpose to make her laugh.

He said: No, I really always want to call you Ashley.

She is still bringing in a gift for her favorite teacher.

Lo has her last day of school today. She and I were both sad…these last four years have flown by so quickly.

Do you think she will mind getting up for the next two weeks and still drive her sister to school though??  I’m not even going to ask….

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do on weekends. 

Bee sweet and safe.