Snakes in my bed….an ache in my head.


Does anyone else have dreams involving snakes?

I don’t have a fear of snakes…but they invade my sleep at least one time a week, but usually more.  The other night it was a HUGE one…and it was chasing the dogs. I was exhausted when I woke up, because I was trying to hide the dogs from this big ol’ slithery monster.

I never have nightmares about our Freddie the Freeloader…he is a kind and gentle soul.  You know, for a snake.


I googled to see if I could find the deeper meaning of snakes in your dreams and a few places say that you dream of snakes when you are in transformation; change.

Um….I must be in a constant state of transformation, I have had these dreams for as long as I can remember.

***‘Scuse me….

checking to see if I am shedding yet***

I have a personal question for you:

How old is your bed?

The Coach and I purchased a new mattress last week. I have been a himmin’ and hawwin’ for a new one. Our old one was purchased when LoLo was a wee little one, 17 years ago.

Do you ever himmmm and hawww about stuff? Does it work for you?

I found myself falling into a crevice/cave/sink hole each night. But the Coach did not…how does that happen? I am half the size of him.

I do love our new bed, I have too…that was a big ol’ check we wrote for it…but my body/neck has not got used to it yet. I hope it does soon.

So, how old is your bed?

Do you have confederate money under your mattress?

I’ve been told that most mattress’s are good 10-12 years.  The ten/twelve year itch.

We made it 17. Do we get a prize?

26 thoughts on “Snakes in my bed….an ache in my head.

  1. SNAKES?!! Yikes and a half Suz, that's too creepy for me. (can ya tell I don't like em)I finally got a new bed/mattress when I moved here. The old one was from the 80's..really. I understand sinking into bed:) I couldn't get use to the stiffy newness either. Got a fluffy mattress pad and one of them fancy schmancy pillows that conform to your head…or something. I'm a side sleeper….it works.Have fun breaking yours in:)


  2. I don't remember how old our bed is, but I remember 'the rut' on my side of the bed. And it's not very pretty when the bed is made either. We finally broke down and bought a sleep number bed. Love love love it!


  3. Our first mattress was probably 22 years old, and both of were having some back issues. Once we replaced the mattress, BOOM! We slept like babies and had not one bit of back pain again. So weird how it makes a difference. I hope you adjust soon!


  4. We bought a new mattress when Sierra was a wee little one too 😉 So, we're only on year 8. It seems to be doing fine, so I'm sure we'll push it as long as we can. My only complaint is that Jeremy likes a softer mattress and I prefer one that's a little firmer. I have back problems, ya know 😉


  5. I really believe that they overestimate the lifespan of a mattress by 10 years. No snake dreams here, but once in a while, a mouse moves into the attic right over my bed. Keith sleeps soundly and never seems to notice my himmin' and hawwwwwingabout him needing to go up to the attic right this minute with a mouse-sized shotgun.


  6. Ours was about 10 years old when we replaced it – I had the same sinkhole problem only it was the weight of my husband that was making me sink into a hole…that he created LOL I really really wanted to get one of those tempur pedic mattresses…..until I realized I would need to re-mortgage our house to get one – what are they made of…gold?! My friend got one when she was pregnant and now she can't (i.e., won't) sleep on anything else.


  7. Mine is about ten years old, but it was in my guest room in CA, so it hardly got any use since I never had anyone sleep over that didn't want to climb in with me. How's that for a run on sentence?Now I want a new tempur pedic or an off brand memory foam that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.Just want to know what the heck Freddie the Freeloader eats. I hate snakes, any snakes, even if they are caged.


  8. I read this book a number of years back. Actually, I only read a few chapters of it. It was pretty boring. However, close to the beginning, this chick named Eve, was tricked by a snake into eating an apple. And then she convinced he live-in lover to take a bite too. After that, it got really kinky! Offer the Coach a bite and see what happens. You need to break in that new mattress anyway. Oh! And take pictures!!!m.


  9. We have a waterbed and gutted out our master bedroom, main bath, hall and guest room three years ago. We replaced the mattress when we finished the remodel. It's the softest most wave free we've ever had. It's heated for our old joints and supports every curve with no pressure points. Mmmmmm, love it!Nope, nothin' under the mattress but we have a eight drawer six door base under the bed and plenty of stuff in that! Does that count? Heeehehe!God bless and enjoy your day sweetie!!!


  10. We just bought a new mattress in October…11 years old. We bought a temperpedic. It takes some getting used to, but I love it! Andy's still not sure. 😉


  11. Holy cow, you don't even want to KNOW how old my mattress is!! Cripes, I don't even know for sure, to tell you the truth. Someone gave it to CSJ and me when we got married and moved into our apartment. That was 20 years ago!!! I have no idea how long THEY had it before they gave it to us, but I'm sure it was a while. However, I LOVE my bed! The 'groove' cradles me so perfectly. 🙂 I've wanted to get a Sleep Number bed for years, but I can't bring myself to get rid of what I have. Actually, it's the boxspring that's the problem, not really the mattress. There are literally wires sticking out of it!!Now, onto the snakes. Um…YUCK!! Did I tell you that Stud ran over one this weekend while cutting his grandma's lawn? Again, YUCK!


  12. We got a new bed when we moved into our house…6 years ago. We got a tempur-pedic mattress…WONDERFUL. We do need to break down and get the boys new mattresses since it looks like they'll all be home this summer. Snakes? No thank you!


  13. Suz, we are on our second bed (I mean 2nd mattress set; we still have the same ugly metal frame!) since we got married – and I think we got married right around the time that you & Coach did. We are the only couple I know who still sleep in a double bed. Do you think that has anything to do with it wearing out a few years ago? When I was pregnant, it was VERY COZY. =)Enjoy your new bed! As Gregg would say, \”Let the games begin!\”


  14. No snakes in my dreams but they keep appearing in real life…2 rattlers in 2 weeks thank you very much! I am the proud owner of one set of 9 rattles :)As for the bed…yep, our old one had a big dip and we both rolled to the middle…now we have a Sleep Number….and I love it!


  15. It's about 14 years old and I know we have to break down soon–but we sleep okay and I know it will be a great big check, so we're going to keep on keepin' on as long as we can.My recurring nightmare is driving a car I can't steer with the accelerator stuck. That's supposed to mean fear of loss of control. Gee, ya' think?!


  16. That must have beeen a great mattress! Ours lasted about 11 years. We just bought a new one last week and I love it. Sigh:) Only took a couple of nights to get used to it!


  17. I hiiiiiiiiim and haawwwwww about all kinds of stuff on a daily basis! I've had my current mattress for about 4 months. Its the most coziest I've ever had! You do deserve a prize, 17 years is a looooong time to sleep on a mattress. I bet that old thing has alot of memories tied to it though! Hehehe I don't like snakes……… ❤ gina


  18. well, i NEED a new bed, too! diane and i wake up wiff back ache alot. i think as long as you dont have bed bugs, its good to go, but also remember you lose skin cells everyday and if they build up in the bed, it can be nasty… when we change sheets, we vaccumm our matress. there is also dog hairs on ours… hmmmm, diane? you shedding? snakes SKEEEER ME always have, worms too… to the point of fainting. its my phobia… so if i dream about snakes, they are like a monster to me and i wake up scared shotless… if you get my drift.


  19. I don't think I've ever had a dream about snakes, but I can't say for sure because I forget most of my dreams. Except for the really horrible ones, and they're mostly about being chased, or going to school naked, or something equally vile.Hmm, our mattress is maybe 5 years old. After about 10-12, we usually ditch them because of the sink hole that I keep falling in.


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