*Somebody* will be dancing.

I won’t mention any names…but *somebody* made the dance team again for next year.


Halleluiah. Thank goodness. I don’t know what I would do with a child in high school who is NOT involved in something.


Lord knows, they might end up like me.

And we won’t be having any of that.

If she did not make the dance team, I would push for her to join the wrestling team, the fishing team or the underwater basket weaving team.

I did nothing in school. I tried, but never made the cheer team or the dance team. And the football team laughed at me.

So, I worked.

What teams/groups were you involved in?

Did that keep you out of trouble?



PS. I never got into trouble IN high school.

30 thoughts on “*Somebody* will be dancing.

  1. haha! me neither…no teams! I WAS on the baseball team in junior school…LOVED that! But in high school all they had was netball or hockey….uh-uh! pass!the only teams I am a member of now are: the cleaning team, the taxi team, the shopping team, the washing team, the cooking team….number of members in these teams….ONE! Have a fab day sweetie! ;o)hugshello gorgeous xxx


  2. I was in FBAC. Future Bloggers of America Club. And since I was the only one in it, I got to be the President. How cool is that? I know, I was pretty advanced for my time. m.


  3. Well, you already know I was a total band geek (marching and concert), which meant I was also in the Pep Band (we sat in the bleachers and played during basketball games). Want to know all about my geekiness? I was also a Mathlete. I was in the French Club. I was on the Junior Class Advisory Board and the Senior Class Advisory Board. I was in the Key Club. Is that it? I think so. See, GEEK!!


  4. Just OUTSIDE of those four (er, 8?) walls!?! Right, Suz?! lolI was a pickle. Army ROTC and drill team. I can spin a fake rifle like no other. Even made it to Nationals my sophomore year (in Daytona – my one trip to Florida) in 1992. I got 2nd place in a solo act. I have my kids way involved – it's so important. Alex just finished baseball and will also play summer ball (evenings, fun!) and Isa is almost done with softball, but is trying out for the All-Star team! Nic… Well, he tries everything once. lol


  5. Oh geez, what didn't I do in highschool? I was overinvolved – track, volleyball, NHS Vice President, Amnesty Int'l, GREAN, anything I could get my hands in. Good thing I was me, or I would have hated me 🙂


  6. I didn't do anything in high school either. Or outside…we weren't big into lessons and the sort of thing that is so popular now. I worked too. From when I was 15. Sometimes I wonder what I missed. I'm glad your girl made the team. I'm glad she's out there enjoying her high school years and having a great time! 🙂


  7. Band geek and tennis for me. I never got in trouble in high school, either. And I'm sure I would've remembered if I had!Congrats to your daughter for making the dance team!


  8. Anonymous

    I did nothing in high school. i hated high school, i thought it was a big waste of my time. and it was.i didn't even work. i was a good kid and a homebody.


  9. Anonymous

    oh shoot, i just read Jaime's comment and i remembered i was part of our air force ROTC and in the drill team. that was fun! how soon i forget. well high school was ages ago for me. i only joined coz my best friend was in it. that's it i liked ROTC and my art classes, hee hee


  10. What beautiful extension your daughter has in that leap!! (hehehe. No trouble here either….band, track, tennis, art…and chorus line for the talent show (that was a hoot)!


  11. Sports were not encouraged for girls in my household (I wish they had been!), so I was in youth group and service club. I did stay out of trouble, but it wasn't because of those activities – it was my dad and his air of authority (that was his version of the \”shank\”). He was very clear about the rules, and the price of breaking them. It was worth it! I was loved and cared for, and given the gift of a wonderful education. My parents made this deal with us: Our job was to get the grades; they would pay for any college we could get into. And they did it. I felt very happy to have been able to work hard and \”earn\” that privilege. (The effort of reaching that goal also helped to keep me out of trouble!)


  12. i did track briefly, but had to quit because when ever i ran wholeheartedly, my boobs [which have always been large] threw me off balance. true dat!then i was on the synchronized swimming team, did ok, and then also was on the regular swim team. in those 2 activities, my boobs kept me afloat.. so there you have it. the good, the bad, and the ugly of breasticles… lmaothe sad part is, i never did have the confidence to excell on those teams.. and i never ever won..


  13. I wanted to cheer but wasn't that talented and had no desire for aggressive sports – – but wasn't that good at them anyway. However, I was either timekeeper or statistician for the boys' soccer, basketball, and track and LOVED it.


  14. I never made cheer or dance either! So, I ran for ASb and won that and I did yearbook which was fun too. I really want to be on the dance team too. I would rock it! ;)(Like a 38 year old woman)


  15. Jumping in late here….Nope, I didn't make the cut in HS either. So I got married right out of my Sophomore year…from the pan into the fire…blah!Ain't it fun to watch your kids do it better than you? 🙂


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