April Photo Dump

I know we are in May now….

My Friend Mark always does this at the end of the month…and since I want to be like him, I copied.  Does that mean I want to be a gay man one day? perhaps yes, I love me some gay.

Anyhoo…Mark’s photo dumps are always fun. Here goes.

My FIL had a big party a few weeks ago…we attended directly from a softball game. It was hot. But there was yummy seafood and live music, so we suffered.

She knows better. The Coach does not eat or wear cupcakes.


The magical million dollar smiler all jacked up on Mtn Dew.


Ooops. Cleavage much?


I told you it was hot. Tyra Banks always looks great in front of a fan; not me. Girllll I need a weave.


We’ll call this one “two heads are better than none”


These carrots are not from my garden. BUT I am thinking of growing some next spring because it must be a party underground. Carrots are the clowns of the garden. 


Remember that wall we built in the family room? {Yes, there is a hole back there Dawn} Linds thought it would make a good hiding spot. But only for a few minutes.


Too bad we don’t need a fireplace in Florida, this would have been a good spot.  Of course, our super duper TV would be in flames the first time we lit a fire. 


Could a holiday go by without me documenting the dining room table? NO.   Using eggs as place name holders? Genius. 



LoLo loves playing with my camera. Do you know what this is?


LoLo’s handiwork again.


Goodbye April. Hello May!

Yeah, I am a little late…but still….

24 thoughts on “April Photo Dump

  1. Posts with lots of pictures are my favorite kind! Posts with the girls in them are my favorite kind. I didn't even notice your cleavage until you said something. It would have been funnier if one of the boobs was falling out of the shirt : ) Maybe if you wear that recycled shirt grandma J had on her blog you could get that affect. Think about it.


  2. Those are billiard cues or sticks – – right? And it's not too much cleavage. Believe it or not, we see way more than that at church on Sunday morning – – – and that was addressed (but still they aren't covered) in a Sunday sermon.What a great idea with the photos – – sort of a closing paragraph to sum up the month. I like it.


  3. I like your photo dump – I think Mark had a great idea. Things here are slowly going back to normal. Today was the first day back to school for the girls…The carrot picture should be titled \”food porn\”… 😉


  4. WHAT cleavage!?!?! Girl, you're nuts! My pajamas (which I'm STILL wearing right now, by the way!) show more cleavage than that. I never knew you were such a Modest Molly. 😉


  5. Your family photos radiate happiness and humor – two of my favorite things!What I would give for a little cleavage! The only time my \”girls\” met in the middle was when I was pregnant. After that, they decided they preferred their own space, and they haven't met since.I'm w/Lynda on the billiard cue sticks. Cool idea for a photo!


  6. Love it! Great Job Suz! Isn't it fun to unload all of those photos that you would never show in the first place? Hopefully you can keep it up and others do the same. It is a great wrap-up!Just so you know, I got the idea from another Blogger about a year ago. Sadly, I forget who that is!!!Oh well!Once again, fantastic job! m.


  7. You are such a diva! Low cut shirts, fan-blown hair. Next you'll be wearing booty shorts and asking for only green M&M's. Thank God your girls got their heads on straight! :)I like your husbands smiley face in the cleavage picture – let me guess, he's a boob man?!?!


  8. oh suz this was hell air eeeeous!! you with your baby cleavage!! dont feel bad though, for me to get cleavage, i have to lay on my side!!! lmao!! and then you with the fan blowing on you!! it reminded me of flashdance or some 80's movie, i dont remember the name of. but the girl was wet sweaty…and she is sitting on her chair trying to cool off….with her head flying back….soooo funny!! and at the same time, kinda gross….go take a shower…k? i think your photo diarrhea is a good idea….so thank you mark, and suz and whoever started it way back when. i may try it one of these years. have a great weekend, it is coming up quickly!!


  9. I love your pix. Those carrots are a hoot! Your table is so cute with the eggs. I love seeing your happy family! And those dogs…cutie pies! 🙂


  10. I love your photo dump! Those carrots look like something from Chernoble, so I wouldn't eat them.And yes, I wasn't going to say anything the first time you posted that ONE picture….but since you brought up the subject of cleavage…well, just well.Happy Mother's Day


  11. he he – that was your biggest fan at the party, eh? :-D(i can't help it i'm corny)you can dump your photos any time of the month, BB, they're the best!ps: heart the doggy heads 🙂


  12. Enjoyed all the pics…Your hair in the fan breeze one was fetching! Photo Dump. What a good idea. I'll try to remember that at the end of this month. Have a good weekend.


  13. WTH, show the cleavage! And you're right… carrots have underground orgies, create these little creatures, then we eat em:) PLANT MORE!!Hope you're having a happy mom's day with your sweet lil gals.


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