Ma’ Day and Da’ bugs.


Mothers day was just lovely at our house. I was treated like the royalty that I always thought I was. I can’t believe it took my crew so long to get on board with me.

Lunch out. Lovely cards. A little bit of shopping.  Lo picked up some Mexican. (food, not men) and we dined al fresco next to the pool for dinner. Whatever my heart desired.

I was in my PJ’s by 7pm. My kind of day.

I am going to write to The Prez. and Hallmark and see if we can’t make Mother’s day a weekly holiday.

Please remind me to never, ever, under any circumstances wear a headband again. OY.



Have you ever experienced Love bugs?

Picture miniature Siamese twins swarming you.  I think they, like New Yorkers are partial to Florida in the spring time. And Florida said thanks for visiting, but please move on. It is now love bug season, some years are better than others…this one is particularly bad. They cover your car with their splattered twin carcasses …and if you are a mouth breather, they will invade your insides too.



Lindsay said yesterday: Wouldn’t it stink if you were the ONE who was always getting dragged around everywhere???? 

Yep, that would stink.

But who has not felt like that a time or two?


I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!!



P.S. Who wants to participate in Ten on Ten tomorrow? It is easy, and you just need to link up with Rebekah when you have your post done. (10 photos over 10 hours)

29 thoughts on “Ma’ Day and Da’ bugs.

  1. Hey! You never ever join Communal Global Tuesdays around the world but now you link up with some new chick for ten in ten? I should be mad at you… but I will refrain.I am glad you had a great mothers day. I knew you would. It might have been even better had Lo brought home some Mexican men ; )I will write to the Prez with you.Kaish doesn't want to get up for school. Wish me luck!


  2. Anonymous

    Sounds like a great day (minus the love bugs) and that's a cute photo of you three. As queen, your headband needs diamonds or rubies in it!


  3. OMG the luv BUGGGS! I thought I was in a bad movie last May when I was in Florida. My son thought it was the funniest thing that I had to use my remote to figure out which car was mine. That's how bad they were.I'll be back for another graduation next year and I dread those nasty things.I'm glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day. JJ got me a pizza for dinner while we watched 3 hours of Celebrity Apprentice. Ten pics in ten hours?


  4. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! And those Love Bugs? Yuck. But I do remember them from my time out that way. You should see this NEW thing I found, neither a scorpion or a spider – but a mixture of the two. I haven't posted it on my blog yet for fear of losing my 2 readers! lol…


  5. I'm glad your family treated you royally on Sunday. You obviously deserve it. That is a great picture of you with the girls.Thanks for trying to kick the love bugs out of Florida. I suppose that means they will now head this way!


  6. I've heard of love bugs. I've read about them on Disney boards and friends that have gone to 'the world' during this time. Those things look nasty. I didn't clue in that they were a spring bug. But ga-ross. Glad we never ran into those when we were there. I'm glad you had a perfect Mother's Day. You're very cute, even with the headband. : )


  7. Hi Suz, What a fabulous picture of the 3 of you… You and your gorgeous daughters!!!! OF course, you look as if you could be another daughter instead of the Mom!!!!!Glad you had a fabulous Mom's Day… I did too… I remember those nasty Love Bugs.. Glad we don't have them here.Hugs,Betsy


  8. Glad you had a great day. Being treated like royalty weekly would be fine with me!Cute pic of you with your girls. I remember the love bugs from when we lived in the south. We don't see them much here.


  9. All three of you are just beautiful!! I'm glad your family finally treated you like royalty. I totally agree, it should be a weekly holiday. 😉


  10. Oh your Mother's Day sounds fab! For me I didn't get out of bed until 10 am (Hubby sent me back to my room so the girls could bring me muffins and coffee lol) Then there was brunch and dinner! I think I need it to be a weekend long so I have time to work off all those calories!Happy Belated Mother's DayOh and those bugs are gross!


  11. I think I will take my silk worms over love bugs….uh…would love to do 10 at 10 but I can't use the net at work 😦 perhaps in summer..


  12. Such a beautiful photo of you and your daughters! You look like a teenager yourself! I remember experiencing a love bug season when I was in Florida before – raunchy little critters! 🙂


  13. I love your outlook on Mother's Day. I had always said that their love could not be shown just one day a year but should be reflected every day. However, this year I asked for the appreciation and drank it all in cuz I knew I deserved it!!!I think you look fine in a headband – – – really I do – – – not just saying it.


  14. You and your girls are just lovely, head band or not! So glad that they (& Coach) treated you royally on Mother's Day – you desesrve it! Those bugs are gross, and they need to \”get a room!\”


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