Eating pizza and not caring.

Do you remember the days when you would eat anything and not worry of the effect afterwards?

A meal of mashed taters with a side of mac & cheese. (this is Lo’s favorite meal)


Lo attended a prom on Saturday night and she had a good time, but is really looking forward to HER prom this coming weekend. Me TOO!

This dress was worn last year…It is still gorgeous.


The difference in being 17 and being NOT 17?

On her morning before the prom, she ate a BAGEL.

For lunch, she ate TWO dinner plate sized pieces of pepperoni pizza.


Voila; no pizza/bagel pooch.

I want to be 17 again. Ok, even 30 would be good. Just for the physical bonus of it.

It’s ok, that I cropped her date out, right? He is just a friend. But, please notice the boutonnière that I MADE. Proud much?


I will have some really good photos after Saturdays prom….she is going with a gaggle of girls.

I think I am on hair/makeup duty AGAIN. I’d better rest my wrists.

Ta Ta for NOW!


27 thoughts on “Eating pizza and not caring.

  1. Yes I remember all too well the days of eating whatever and getting away with it…she looks absolutely gorgeous…I look forward to seeing the pictures of her prom this weekend. Ta ta! XX


  2. I used to have a hollow leg. What happened? I would love to have the body I had before kids. I didn't know that it was great when I had it. LOL My girl can eat anything and her tummy stays flat as can be. The other day I told her…someday. Your girl is a fresh-faced beauty! Love it! 🙂 Love the dress too.


  3. Anonymous

    The days of eating what I like are OVER! I hope she has a fabulous time and I'm anxious to see her hairstyle! Share LOTS of pics!


  4. She looks beautiful. Nice job on the hair and boutonniere! I am just now figuring out {I'm a slow learner} that I have to be careful what I eat. Sugar, dairy, fat, spicy . . . I have such a sensitive stomach and need to be so careful.


  5. Lo is absolutely beautiful — I don't blame you for cropping out her date. Your boutonnière is lovely. Give your wrists plenty of rest before Saturday.


  6. She really is beautiful and the dress…I love it. and I am about to reheat last nights pizza and eat it and not care because it is snow/raining and I am doing laundry and sorting closets and darnit I can work on that pooch another day


  7. LoLo is GORGEOUS, Suz… I know you and Coach are so proud of her —and Linds. They are BOTH beautiful–and such nice girls. You all have done well raising them…Love that dress. Cannot imagine her being any prettier for the next prom. But–can't wait to see all of the beauty!!!!!YES—kids can EAT…. Mercy Me!!!!! Taint fair, is it?Hugs,Betsy


  8. Great job on the boutoniere! That is nice and classic-looking. Your girl in that dress is a bombshell! Carbs in the morning + dancing the night away = a perfect day!


  9. And I am looking at her heels in the first pic. Did she wear them all night? There is another difference for being 17 and over 40 years older than that! The dress is gorgeous and has a beautiful model wearing it. Do you remember if it took long to find it when you all were shopping?


  10. awwwww, mama…your babies are grown up!! sigh….i have my baby delivering a baby soon…..what did we do wrong??? we should of not watered them and fed them so much!! dang it!! lol


  11. Look at her, she's gorgeous!She's all grown-up. Does that make you sad? It would me. But I guess since she turned out so great and beautiful, I'd be proud too.Your Friend, m.


  12. Oh…yes. I remember those days. Eating a box of mac and cheese before dinner. Snickers bars at recess. Cookie dough just for the heck of it. I think it all finally caught up with me! ;)Love the dress (even if it was last year's!!) Can't wait to see the next prom!


  13. OMgosh girl…you better keep a body guard around your Lolo! She is gorgeous. Not that she isn't normally, but when all gussied up she looks like a princess. I hope she has a Prince Charming worthy of her. The pastor here at our non-denom church has been teaching on Eph.5:21-33 for the past 4 weeks and today he told the single gals to make sure to observe the guy they intend to marry because he needs to treat them like a princess. Really good stuff. Have a good weekend. (I'm capturing your blog now so I can read it at home.) xx


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