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We all survived the great blog blackout of 2011. I was kinda happy about it…I actually got a lot of stuff done on Friday morning instead of reading. 

On Saturday, when I had a free moment I noticed I had 78 blog posts to read on my google reader. Just too much. What do you do when that happens?? Do you read each and every one?? There is no way in heck… I pick and choose…I start with those who are my bestest commenters and go from there, eventually though a delete button must be hit.  Delete happens.

I shared Lo’s prom photos on face book this weekend. I hate to be redundant here too…BUT I don’t share my blog with everyone that I know.  Even some family members don’t know about the blog and I like it that way.

I don’t want to be outed. You know what I mean, some people don’t need to be up in my bees-wax. I’ll post a few photos later. gator.

A big accomplishment for me on Saturday was that I created THREE up-do’s.   

Even though I DID go to cosmetology college and I worked in the hair industry for many years, I was never good at up-do’s…or braids. Go figure.

Only in 2011 can you learn a few hairstyles/techniques on YOU TUBE!!!!!

Friend #1


Lolo was a great assistant. We ended up going through 80 something bobbie pins and had to send the Coach on an emergency BP run.

She was looking for a ‘Taylor Swift romantic look up-do’..she even came with a photo. I should start charging these kids.  What else are they going to do with their cash?

Friend #2


How come the girls with the poker straight hair always want it curled for special occasions??? Like Tim Gunn tells me via the TV screen:  Make IT work!  and I worked it…..girl!



Her hair came out great…even though she was almost last minute since I had to take care of my other non paying customers first. The colorful flowers in her hair were her idea. She picked them up at the craft store a few weeks ago and I attached them to bobbie pins. She was worried that HER dress was not as colorful as everyone else’s…so we added color (hot pink) to her hair as well as a cute clutch bag and pink toes and fingers.

I have to say, she looked glamorous. I wished I’d had a hot pink carpet to roll out.

Can I say again how MUCH I love her??? She is amazing…sweet, funny, smart and GOOD. I am so darn lucky.  (X2)

Now that I have tooted my own horn, I am going to try and clean the gallon of  hairspray off of my bathroom floor and walls. Poor Ozzie has been stuck in there since Saturday night…I warned him….

Have a great day. What was the best thing about your weekend??? Sharing is caring. 

32 thoughts on “Monday Smonday**Hair Smair

  1. You are a great mom to your own and their friends, too! It makes me tired to think about curling and corralling all that hair! Hairspray and Hot Sets 22 are my best friends – – and so is alcohol for cleaning my poor curling iron.LOVE the flowers in the hair. Do we get to see the dress, too? – – even if only on a hanger?!Hope the dog didn't track the hairspray through the rest of the house!Best thing of the weekend – – – cooked some great meals and got a couple of naps. The rest was routine housework – – and it's done.


  2. Oh, the best thing of my weekend?Well, it was filled with shoots.I shot a sweet girl in a wheelchair that is going to Princeton the fall. That was a high.Then I shot a girl going to her prom. Her mom actually DID roll out a pink carpet for her : ) LOVED that creative Mama. She invited all of their friends and family over for a party to send her off. So special. That was a high. On Saturday I shot a wedding. It was rainy and gray. Their love shone bright. That was a high.Today Gary didn't have to work. He works 7 days a week almost every week. I loved having him here so much. I sat beside him and edited pictures and hugged him all day. I love him. This was a high.And of course there is Kaish. My little fro growing angel. Just being his Mama every day is a high. The end.


  3. Oh Suz, That is MARVELOUS… You did a fabulous job… I'm sure that Lo was the prettiest one there… By the way, she is MUCH MUCH prettier than Taylor Swift… I like Taylor (afterall she is from TN) –but she doesn't have near the beauty that either of your gals does.I had a marvelous weekend. One of my sons came to visit. JOY!!!!!! Pictures this week.Please 'unstick' Ozzie and let him out of the bathroom. ha haHugs,Betsy


  4. If I had lots of money laying around I would fly you here to do my hair for my son's wedding in August…great job Suz…these girls look wonderful…of course LoLo is amazing…just look at her parents…sounds like you gal's had fun in the bathroom.I hear you on the reading blogs and then when you add commenting, it all adds up to a lot of time…even though it's wonderful reading and connecting it can start to take the place of other things. Even without dealing with pain or my little's there is no way I could keep up. I think there has to be a balance in our lives and we can't let it take over our priorities.The best parts of my weekend was that the sun came out today and the temperature was above 50 and all the great deals I got garage saling on Saturday. Happy Monday Suz. XX


  5. Their hair is a work of art, lovely and very well done! As a girl with poker straight hair myself, I know what goes into making hair do that. You deserve a medal. Bobby pins, you can never have too many! 🙂


  6. a) I am totally wicked honored that you read and commented on all my blog posts, wow, and I said A LOT, so thank you :)b) DANG, look at the hair, perfect, fantastic, wonderful!!! Suz = ARTISTE. I am canceling my appt. with Michelle next week and coming down to see if YOU could do my hair instead….c) I wonder, if you had boys…if, um, there would be a little less, OH, I dunno, you know what I mean? For example, I am dressed in about 2 minutes or less. 120 seconds. I bet your coach is too. My wife? Well, just jeans and a tee seems to take minimum an hour. That would be 60 minutes. Like, um, 3600 seconds. And for a prom? That might take me, say, 4 minutes. Of course, I suspect that making gals looking gorgeous is totally fun 🙂


  7. Suz, you did a fantastic job with their hair!!!Everybody's was beautiful, but I loved the flowers in your daughters hair. Now how long would it take you to come up here and help my girls? Not to worry, you have a few years to work out the logistics… 🙂


  8. Anonymous

    great work; you are one talented lady!isn't you tube great? i cut my own hair after watching a video. i cut off about 5 inches and it looks pretty decent, lol.


  9. Very impressive up-do's! I am pretty clueless when she's got to 'fix' her hair for something. And my girl is a member of the board straight hair club and for the most part she loves it. She can just put a little wax on it and get little flippy-dos on the ends and she's fancy. Wish MY hair was that easy. : ) I sooo hear you on the keeping your blog on the DL. I still haven't outed myself and I love it. : ) Best part of our weekend..hmmm..we did a little shopping and just enjoyed hanging out.


  10. Grrr to Blogger…they deleted my post on Change in a Bottle! I put it back but too late. Spent the weekend in CO with some fam and loved it. Now I gotta get to work…LOVE the Up Do's you dood! Later….


  11. OOOOOH! Do my hair now! I always wanted an up-do.Suz, I think I actually read everyone of those posts. Maybe I skipped a few but next time, I'll do like you and just read the ones who really care about me. I can always depend on you. Even if I produce a long and drawn-out post.My weekend, hmmm? Let's just say that I'm happy to be back at work reading posts during my breaks.And now off to Facebook. You wouldn't beleive the freaks who are \”friending\” me these days. Yeah, some real winners!Your Friend, m.


  12. You did a great job with the hair-dos. I hope you get Ozzie unstuck from the hairspray.We had a wonderful visit on Sunday with Betsy's youngest son, but winter has returned to this part of Tennessee. Instead of sitting on the deck to visit, we sat in front of a fire in the fireplace! And it's the middle of May!!


  13. Good Morning, Suz,You always seem to amaze me…Prom hair and all. The girls look great!Yes, I am behind on blog reading and commenting, too. We have been gone 6 of the last 7 weekends. Two graduations, and all the celebrating that goes along with that. Sooo much fun. School will be out soon and I can hang out here in blogland a little more!Have a great Monday. ~Natalie


  14. Those girls look AWESOME and I am so jealous you have such talent! My daughter just gives me an evil look and says, \”Back away from the flat iron mom.\”You are such a great mom -and yes, blessed!!!our weekend was full of MOVING – moving the trampoline next door, getting the house ready after the moving the trampoline party for a showing. good thing they didn't look in the oven. or the dishwasher. or the cabinets. we had crud shoved EVERYWHERE from the party!


  15. Love the up do. I hope I can get that good after all my classes. I'm learning roller sets now. LOL!All I did this past weekend was study and painted some of the apartment.


  16. You did an amazing job on her hair! I don't get the curly/straight dilema either. My granddaughter has natural curly hair, and yet she pays big bucks to get it straightened for prom. Ugh.I ran out of hairspray trying to kill a fly.


  17. The hair looks fabulous, you definitely did an awesome job. Isn't youtube the best? If it were not for your experience, that could have been a disaster!My husband is always outing me. There are way too many people who know about my blog. I tried keeping it on the down low, but failed, miserably!


  18. when my reader gets full as it is this week…I pick 4 and read all the posts I missed….then I pick 4 more and so on…you were first this week! I only 48 posts I was behind on….but I will get through them…eventually!


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