Eating between the lines.


A true sign that you have kids in the house.

Anyone want to guess what flavor is missing???


Yeah, you knew it was the ‘good’ flavor.

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to buy her ice cream from the “cow” store. You remember the cow store?

It was the little drive thru market with the big COW on the top. Well maybe it was only in Florida….and maybe it had a real name too.

She used to buy Neapolitan flavored too…but I always called it Napoleon ice cream.

And I still do.

32 thoughts on “Eating between the lines.

  1. Kelly

    Funny! The carton looks similar to the Bear Tracks carton in my freezer right now. My girls love to eat all of the chocolate revel and candy pieces, leaving just the vanilla ice cream for the poor soul who gets there last 🙂


  2. Since ice cream is my one weakness…ahem..I can relate. BUT I'll pick vanilla Bean over any other kind. Ya, my weirdness:) Although I sometimes go with the Napoleon, just cause…


  3. Never had a cow store in PA growing up. Sheesh, we didn't even have a TastyFreeze in my little town. I would have eaten the strawberry and vanilla. Patrick is the chocolate lover in our house. He wouldn't have left anything on either side though…Just an empty container in the freezer! He does things like that. :0)


  4. Napoleon, huh????? Cute….. Remember Ice Milk???? GADS—I used to eat that stuff 'thinking' it was ice cream. NOT!!!!!I downloaded your Feedjit–and am amazed what it tells me. Do you have the FREE one–or one where you pay for more info???? I just got the free one –but may pay to get more…I am SHOCKED at how many people visit my 'old' blogs by searching for something specific…. Unbelievable… I also found someone who had 'taken' one of my photos. BUT–at least this person gave me credit –and put my URL.. SO–guess that is okay.I also noticed alot of people who used to comment on my blog and never come anymore. HA–they come, but don't comment. AND–what about all of those 'good' friends who visit and don't leave comments????? This is just amazing… Wonder if people know how valuable this is???? I had seen it on other blogs –but had never gotten it for mineTHANKS…Hugs,Betsy


  5. hmmmm, i am not tempted by any ice cream…i don't drink milk, therefore, no ice cream. yucky. so why don't you just by your self a big ole tub of just rocky road, or double fudge chocolate or something decadent like that? and hide it under your pillow or behind the frozen livers where no one will find it??? lol if i ate it, that is my secret…so shhhh don't tell.


  6. I Never eat the strawberry!!!! When i was 11 and babysitting for my neighbors they always told me to help myself to the food in their house. One day they came home and asked me to eat the neopolitin ice cream evenly so they could enjoy all the flavors… not just strawberry and vanilla! 🙂


  7. I should move in before the rest of the ice cream is gone because I love strawberry & vanilla. Just a thought – – – do you ever buy just chocolate to them to eat on their own? You're a great mom so my guess is yes, you do.


  8. A drive thru dairy? They still have those in So. Cal (cow and all)and I still have to stop and get an ice cream there….taught my husband that trick when we were down working on my mom's house.And funny thing…I was telling my husband last night that when I was a kid I would only scoop out the chocolate ice cream from the rectangular Neopolitan container because I hated strawberry and vanilla was so…boring!Happy Thursday!


  9. LOL Suz, this brought back memories! When I was a child and my grandfather lived w/ us, he would always buy that icecream. I did everything I could to scoop around that darn strawberry!


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