Blooming garbage

Have you ever discarded/thrown away a semi living plant…only to see it thrive in the garbage pit?


Such is the story for this geranium. A nice blooming surprise.

I’ve been working on some interior/paper blooms. I know… me…using paper is ironic. I am making up for this misuse of our trees in other ways. Promise.P1060560

No, we are not having a fiesta…but a FESTIVAL of FUN. A celebration. I was trying to keep within a small color scheme…but then I have Lo and Linds…and they really admire the ENTIRE rainbow. This party will be for LO, so I will allow the entire rainbow.  (thank you Dawn!!!)P1060559

What did you do this weekend???


30 thoughts on “Blooming garbage

  1. Aren't you the queen of crafts!I love paper flowers…it's a bit retro and I can tell it's coming back in full bloom.I was really hoping you'd do those vases with the pictures in them that Dawn showed you.Congratulations to Lo! I can't wait to see the pictures from the FESTIVAL!Oh, and I will be back there for a graduation next May so would you mind being careful handling those flowers mmm k? Thanks.And yes to the geraniums.


  2. Good Morning,Oh, a party! I wish I was your neighbor and I could help get things ready!! I'm sure it will be fabulous and I can't wait to see pics.I'm guessing your discarded plant really liked the nutrients in the garbage heap…Have a marvelous Monday ~Natalie


  3. Once I threw a poinsettia out into the pond next to the house we were living in, and it sprang back to life! We enjoyed a beautiful red poinsettia in the middle of the pond for a few days until it sank.


  4. You have the prettiest garbage that I've ever seen.This weekend? Let's see. Friday night Fred and I had a big fight over that swinging door that I want to get rid of. Then on Saturday, we had a big fight over the boy's messy bedroom.On Sunday, we rested.m.


  5. That's lovely – and perfect for a fiesta! Please take pics of the entire set-up, before the party. =)We had a quiet weekend, and a good one. Took a beach walk, went to the Farmer's Market, watched the Preakness, etc.


  6. I'm very impressed with your beautiful paper flowers, and I'm sure you will more than make up for this use of trees. The important thing is that you have prepared a rainbow for LO.


  7. Wow, you are so talented! Love the paper flowers, and all the colors look great together! I've never flowers grow in the garbage, but if it's going to grow in anyone's garbage, for sure I'd bet on yours!


  8. I love your paper flowers! How do you make them? I would love to try! Please post instructions when you can after the festival. Congratulations to all of you!


  9. OMgosh I had a clump of King Richard Leeks growing where I dumped the old soil from last year. Was I surprised, especially since they never got much bigger than chives and were useless. Transplanted them in the fenced area…maybe they'll actually grow this year. ;<)


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