Two decades later

I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. ~Rita Rudner



I found that ONE special person on August 1st 1985.  A blind date.

The smiles and laughter have outweighed the shanking’s….

by a mile.

What can I say…I could not resist a man who netted me like that.little fish

That could possibly be considered domestic abuse today. I am just sayin’….things were lighter in the eighties.

He is so loveable, I just want to eat his face. That usually only happens when he gives me martini’s though.

August 2007 123

Yes we are made for each other. Who else would have us?


Cheers to 20 more…and then some.

I was informed that dinner reservations have been made for Saturday.

Who knew Chic-fil-a accepted reservations?


38 thoughts on “Two decades later

  1. Wait, did I already know that you and Karen (Gberger) had the EXACT same anniversary? I vaguely remember that we were married the same year, but I didn't remember about you guys having the same anniversary. Oh, and we also started dating in 85…weird, huh?Wow, 91 was a big year for love 🙂


  2. Oh boy could I write a long comment on this one… (are ya following Change in a Bottle?) But I won't. But I will say WOOT WOOT to this day and all the rest to come. How awesome you two are!! Looks like you're both keepers:) Happy Happy to ya my friend. C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E. to the max. But don't eat the coaches face off. He's too cute:)


  3. Congratulations on 20 years together! Yes, even the best partners annoy each other, but they also love and laugh — and obviously you and your honey have shared a lot of laughter!


  4. Love the retro pics. I don't want to tell you how many kids I had in college in 1985 because it would ruin my day. Instead I'll wish you and Coach the bestest time Saturday night. I hope the Chick*fil*a Cow serenades the two of you!


  5. Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, HaaaaaappyAnniversaryyy! (you have to imagine the Flintstones' episode song here to get the right message.) I love your photos – you and Coach always look as if you are laughing at a private joke. You do look made-for-each-other; what a great blessing for you, your family, and everyone who knows you. Here's to 20 x 20 more! xoxo


  6. So, were we supposed to be more impressed with chic-fil-a or with the twenty years?! That's a hard one. I love me some chic-fil-a.Oh, okay! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 20 freakin' years!! That's crazy!! In a good way!


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  8. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to both of you. I really enjoyed the pictures.My parents have been married 71 years — I hope you and Coach go at least that long.


  9. awww, what cute pics…the one where coach is about to \”blow something in your mouth\” is epic…and of course…the netting…he got the catch of his life, didn't he?? love it!!happy anniversary!! ours is june, 29 years!! have a wonderful weekend, i leave sunday for your neck of the woods. my jin is having her lil one and i am hoping she holds out till i get there! legs crossed!! lol i will post as soon as she arrives!


  10. CONGRATS!!It is 29 years for me and my husband on the 29th….in a few days…and we will spend it at….our nephew's wedding!!!! We will never forgert his anniversary!Here's to 40 more for both of us!!


  11. AAAH! Happiest of Belated Anniversaries!!Funny how that 2nd and 3rd pic of you are almost the same, LOL! :-DIf only more couples could be as happy as you two are – what a testament to LOVE!!


  12. awwww congratulations on your celebration of friendship and love. you make such a beautiful couple. aww, YOU GUYS…. yeah, YOU… i'm talkin to you..i hope your weekend is just wonderful as you two are.CHEERS!


  13. Awwwhhhh – – – very precious and congratulations! Hope your Saturday night date is wonderful! We will be out on the town, too, – – – actually driving through a town/city. Will blog on Monday about it.


  14. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY!We just had our 19th on the 22nd (and Smileygirl and Tom share OUR anniversary… isn't that funny?) Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary dinner with your Chick Fil A's! 🙂


  15. Oh happy, happy, happy anniversary dear Suz and Coach! It's really a fabulous thing that you found the right person the FiRsT time. That seems very rare now adays. Your girls sure do look like you, especially evident in these lurve Rita Rudner. Saw her several times at comedy clubs in Scottsdale.


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