You are my favorite

But I can’t remember your name.


Lindsay LOVES math. She really loves her math teacher this year and the feeling is mutual. He tells her all the time that she is his best student; his favorite student.

So, she had him sign her yearbook last week…

He wrote it to Ashley.  I mean Lindsay.


We had a good laugh.

The next day she (who is not shy) asked him if he did that on purpose to make her laugh.

He said: No, I really always want to call you Ashley.

She is still bringing in a gift for her favorite teacher.

Lo has her last day of school today. She and I were both sad…these last four years have flown by so quickly.

Do you think she will mind getting up for the next two weeks and still drive her sister to school though??  I’m not even going to ask….

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is you do on weekends. 

Bee sweet and safe.


21 thoughts on “You are my favorite

  1. The girls had their last day of school yesterday. Nadia came off the bus sobbing because it was her last day in elementary school. Yikes, next school year I'll have a 6th and an 8th grader. Where has the time gone??


  2. I don't like it. I've known teachers like him before. I bet you that one of his old girlfriends was named Ashley. And I'm sure she dumped him. I'm just sayin! m.


  3. Good Morning, Suz,Oh dear…the last day…tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Such an emotional roller coaster. Enjoy all of your festivities!Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful holiday weekend. ~Natalie


  4. Anonymous

    Oh, how funny about the name!!! My aunt often mis-spells my name as MildreN and I am named for HER older sister!!!!!Wishing all of you a safe and happy weekend. Give my love to all.


  5. i can't imagine getting to this point…still seems so far away. i'm taking notes….you seem to be handling this quite well…you're the best.and really….in defense of the math teacher…i can't tell you how many times a student would come up to me and ask me to sign an album and i would look at the student and honestly….no name. if she or he were sitting in the classroom, no problem but…in a hallway or outside? pfffft. nada.


  6. yes it goes by tooooooooo fast x 4 for me! but, tis the way life goes.. but we dont have to like it. there is no rule that says we have to like it. and even IF there were a rule [which there isnt] no one can MAKE us like it.other good things will take its place, though. and sure, you could ask linds to take lo to school, it's good sister to sister bonding time. 😉


  7. Congrats to both of your girls, Suz…. Can't believe that the school year is almost over. Time flies when you are having fun, doesn't it????Think if I were Lo—I'd 'pay' MOM or DAD to take sister to school… ha ha Hugs,Betsy


  8. I used to teach math and I had trouble with names as well. Perhaps it has something to do with the way a 'math' brain works — or doesn't as the case may be. It is nice of Lindsay to give him a gift anyway.


  9. Too funny. Yup, old what's her name is my favorite student. There are certain folks that I have made up different names for too. I call my only daughter,Jessica, by her brother's name on occasion. Sometimes she just looks like a Ted! SO Lo is heading to college in the fall?? or is she taking the year off to tour Europe? I think the year off thing is such a good idea. Wish I had done that!


  10. She won't mind taking her sister to school as long as her sister gives her gas money.That's what my granddaughter tried to pull on her brother, and she was going to the same school too!


  11. It's funny but evidently somewhere in the teacher's mind, she reminded him of an Ashley. I think it's cute he didn't scratch it totally out. Guess that's one reason why she enjoyed that teacher – – – because of his honesty and easy-going manner in correcting a mistake.


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