Squinty eyes, fish eyes and a hangover.

On Saturday the Coach swept me off my feet and carried me out for our anniversary dinner. Ok, perhaps there was no sweeping or carrying.

I asked the girls to take a photo of us before we left, there was a debate about us facing the sun or the sun behind us. I have super sensitive eyes….even with the sun behind me. The eyes in the back of my head caused my frontal eyes to squint.


20 years baby!!!

Anyhoo, as much as I loathe having my photo taken, I am making an effort to have more photos of US for the kids, you know for ummmm….later when I/we are ummmm…. somewhere else.


Coach had the house specialty, red snapper. Yes, the entire red snapper.


That poor guy did not see it coming.  Funny, since I saw his EYES looking at me. Coach is part of the clean plate club.


I had a lovely dinner of Mahi deuce wrapped in a banana leaf. Pretty and delish.

I did not photograph it because I was busy devouring….

We then went and saw the Hangover 2. I liked it less than The Hangover 1.

Fortunately I liked the guy sitting next to me so the time was not a complete loss.

Surprisingly I woke up Sunday morning with a headache….darn movie.

Happy Memorial day! Heartfelt thanks to all of our service men and women who have bravely worked for our safety.


40 thoughts on “Squinty eyes, fish eyes and a hangover.

  1. Woot Woot, a much longed for picture of the two of you! You blend together very well, colors and all:) Love it!I hear ya about the squint. I gotta have my shades year around and use lamps in the house.Something fishy going on there…Haven't seen either hangover, or had one for quite awhile.. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning :)Glad you had a fun 20 years of fun! OH, did you do the shimmy in your cool dress? mwahahahaaa


  2. Oh boy! You sure do know how to pig out! Do you eat the banana leave or is it just for looks?I noticed you were posting more and more pictures of you an Coach. Did you know you show more and more cleavage with each picture? Not that it's a bad thing.Your dress is lovely…and it's prompted me to up my commitment to dieting cuz I'll be in FL this tme next year, and if I go on a cruise, I'm gonna need some clothes with style and cleavage.I salute all our service men and women, especially my fav and your cousin too. Now I have to go fill up on sugar free jello. 🙂


  3. HAPPY ANNIV!Funny we were had nothing to do while we were \”here\” for my nephew's wedding…on our anniv….so we went to see hangover 2 also!! We didn't have the great dinner you did though….great picture!


  4. Oh you beautiful thing, you!!!!! Love the picture of the two of you… You all are just so special!!!!! SO–glad you got to go out to a very special dinner… Love your dress!!!!!Happy Memorial day.Hugs,Betsy


  5. Here's how out of the loop I am. I did not know that there was even a movie called Hangover 1 or 2 – – – so I just googled it. Your review is about the same as the critics. Isn't it fun to go out and not have to get a babysitter?!!! Age does have its advantages!


  6. Oh my, did the Coach notice you flirting with the \”guy sitting next to you\”? I hope not!Have a great day. You look fabulous.I can't believe he ate that whole thing. m.


  7. what a beautiful couple you are! and you match, too. you guys are SO cute. happy anniv/memorial day… i wish we could be neighbors… SAY WHAAAAAT? did i hear you right when you said we could live in your lanai? OMG that would be fantastic!!!! thank you thank you thank you dear friend. i'll start packing.[i knew i'd get to yo doggies one way or another] ;)me eyes are sensitive too like that, of course you prolly dont know it since you nevah get any but even the brightness of snow when the sun is out too, blinds me.


  8. Yes, many thanks to those brave soldiers who make such enormous sacrifices!SUZ, you are ROCKIN' that dress! You look fantastic! And Coach cleans up nicely, too. =) That fish preparation looked like too much information for me. It would induce guilt in the eating…sorry, fishy! But I'll bet it tasted great.Funny that your date movie was \”Hangover 2\” – you are probably every guy's dream wife!Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! On to the next 20, eh? xoxoxox


  9. Anonymous

    you guys look great! sounds like you have a wonderful time and i have to say your dress is so pretty!I won't be seeing HO II; i sure don't want to wake up the next day with a headache!


  10. What a cute couple! You look drop dead gorgeous, Suz! LOVVVVVE the dress! Bet Coach did too.Twenty years is worthy of a standing ovation! And you're right about having your photo taken for the girls and their kids, etc. It's really important. The first thing I clung to when my mom passed was every single photo I could find of her. (It was a passing phase, so I didn't have to be institutionalized or anything.)


  11. buy the dress and the event will come 🙂 see? your mama is so smart. you look beautiful!!! oh coach, you are looking pretty good, too 🙂 so glad you got swept away for fun instead of just sweeping all day!! (you saw the first movie and then went back to see #2??? you deserve the headache!!! haha!)


  12. I love this photo of you and your honey…I too, like your dress. Your food sounds delicious..and even though the movie wasn't all that at least you were with your man that is all that. I actually had a date with my honey and we went to that same movie…even though I didn't like it as much as the first one, it sure felt good to laugh. Happy Anniversary to both of you…here's to many more! XX


  13. Your dress is so pretty, as are you in it! And you guys are a very handsome couple. I saw Bridesmaids instead of Hangover II. Maybe I will just watch the first one again.Happy belated anniversary!


  14. You look adorable in this pic. I love the dress on you. So modern and sassy!! Sounds like a fun anniversary celebration. (minus the red snapper!)ps-Patrick is a memeber of the same club Coach is in. hehe.


  15. I love, love, love your dress Busy Bee! and your sweet Coach matches you perfectly – did you plan this?*grin*Dinner sounds like it was a blast and I'm sorry the movie wasn't as good as you had hoped… dang it, I was so much looking forward to it.Headache = advil and rest the next day?


  16. Anonymous

    thats like the big fish coach ate in Costa Rica…WOW. Happy Happy Suz..You beautiful. Thats what happiness does to people..Love HH


  17. I am soooo behind on reading your blog – what a bad friend! I love the picture of the two of you… did you intend to match? You look smashing! I had to laugh when I saw the FULLY DEVOURED fish on Coach's plate. (I didn't realize you brought the cats on your date as well!)I'm with you on Hangover II… even though Bradley Cooper is yummy, it just didn't do much for me. And, honestly, if I never see Ken Jeong's penis again, that will be JUST FINE with me… sheesh.


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