An awesome movie, obscene pets and I’m unplugging. Maybe.

Hidey Ho neighbor!

Raise you hands if you know what sitcom that is from!

The other day when I was out photographing the crape myrtle trees I noticed some stalkers out on the sundeck. Of course, those dogs are always nearby, but then I noticed they were accompanied by Harley the cat. Harley the Cat, who sometimes thinks he is a dog by way of chewing up our flip flops.

Looks like they are just hanging out, right?

Upon further inspection….what the?….Did I hear Cocoa singing: back it up, back it up?

And when I came in closer, they all decided to look the other way.
Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

I watched Freedom Writers this week with the girls; amazing! They both saw it prior to I and were shocked that I was late to the party. IT is an awesome movie, based on a real story….so good. Loved the lessons it taught: Change is possible, cycles can be broken, everyone can make a difference and more…

If you have not seen it yet, you must. I insist. And if you don’t then we can’t be friends any longer.

I have de-friended for lesser crimes.

Nothing too exciting happening here at our humble abode…right now. But soon….plenty of action and excitement.
What is that you say? You want to know what all the action and excitement might be?
Well, you can’t.
It is super secret squirrel stuff. Only to be shared with super secret squirrel spies. And I don’t share my nuts with anyone.
Yeah, right.

I really am unplugging. Well, let me rephrase…I am going to TRY to unplug. We will see how strong my plug dependency is.

So, please DON’T do anything exciting OR cute. Or funny. Or fun. Until I say it is ok to do so.
And if your pets do anything like mine, please get out the camera!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Humpday::exciting landscape updates!!!

Ok, I added the exclamation points just so you would think it was really exciting.
Did I fool you?
Not that naive huh? Oh, snap.

Lets go back to May of 2009….
Here we are!!!! do you like my time machine? Tres’ cool.
The coach and I in an effort to block the neighbors hideous collection of crap, planted twenty crape myrtle trees. Truth is, I planted almost all of them, and I let him come in and dig a few remaining holes for me. {That’s how I roll}

The newborns. Preemies really, always crying for their mama.

I posted an update in July 2010 and the change was really HUGE. Huge I say. Ok, they were now ‘tweens.

<img alt="

Cut to present day and I have added a rope swing to all twenty trees.

OK, I might be exaggerating. Just a smidge.

They are looking good. NO? Kinda like full grown teenagers?

Oh yeah, you knew Ozzie would have his mug OR butt in the photo.

A hand full of them are much taller than I and I know that is NOT saying much…whatever.

BuTt unfortunately, I can still see some of the neighbors crapola.

I should not stress too much about that, the way my eyesight is going, I won’t see the crud or the trees in a few years!