THE Party. Part Uno.

Since I didn’t do a May photo dump….I will do a party photo dump. And you will all suffer for this. I at least broke it down into two parts. We had so many people here that I really wanted to include them all. Well at least the ones that read this nonsense.


This is an ‘after’ photo. I had this brilliant idea to do this party signing frame…ok, that was NOT the brilliant part.


 My intention was to have a PHOTO of her in her cap and gown from the night before IN THIS FRAME. But I never got the photo. Soon, I will have some professional proofs in the mail from graduation and surely I will fork over some cash to put ONE in this big frame.  I had everyone at the party sign this for her. A forever keepsake.  

The shadow box was nice…but really, I could not get as much in there that I wanted. Like her first toothbrush, dirty diaper, onesie, etc….*sigh*

I had actually set up a table in the dining room days prior to the party of stuff I was going to ‘put out’…some recent awards. (offensive player of the year for 2 years!)

She saw this table and I said:

I am setting up a shrine for you.

her reply: creepy.

Party time.

My Mom whipped up some margaritas. Lolo’s was a virgin…as are all the ladies in this photo.  IMG_8629

Stop laughing.

The dessert table with some ‘shrine’ mixed in. 

IMG_8630 IMG_8625

The food table…before all the food was ready. The paper flowers were an idea I borrowed from my sweet friend Dawn. I think she also sent me the link for using the photos in the vases…nice right?


The coach and his step dad frying some veggies. Ok, not veggies, but notice the graduate is supervising.    


Linds and my Uncle Jim. (UJ) I should write an entire post about all the things he helps me with when he visits…cleaning, cooking, fixing stuff. Amazing.


I made it a point to take photos with Lolo of every family who came. Can you guess which family I forgot to get a photo of???

Yep. US. No redo’s on that one. I have been kicking myself for this…which is really hard since my legs are so short.

We had our peeps from the East coast….


no, they have never stayed at the YMCA….or the UVCA for that matter.IMG_8639

My fil and Mil (coach’s mama)


My mil and fil (Coach’s dad)


Yep, we have all the inlaws and outlaws….and never any bloodshed. I know, crazy good right?

Tomorrow I will share some more pictures…including my side of the crazies. Ok, they are all crazy.

We had a great weekend THIS weekend as well. My niece has been with us for a week and I have adopted another 18 year old as well. Plus Lo has had other girl friends and boys over for days. All these teenagers….Seems they all have one thing in common: They love to eat and never have any money. OY.

How was your weekend?

23 thoughts on “THE Party. Part Uno.

  1. She is so beautiful. You could have put 200 pictures in this post and I would have loved every one!The vases with pictures in are SO cool. You are the queen of creative.Thanks for letting me know that Lo's drink was virgin. You are such a great Mama. : )


  2. Anonymous

    Looks like a great party! Beautiful, happy family photos. The food looks yummy and I love the plate for Lo's graduation. What a blessing to be surrounded by family and friends!


  3. how did you know i was laughing about the virgins? i'm still sad i missed out on the margaritas!!! (buit don't worry- i had one saturday night!)your party was bee-a-you-tee-ful and so much fun. i loved meeting your aunt & uncle & cousin and seeing your mama again. and it is alwyas fun to visit with the inlaws & outlaws. makes me feel like part of the family! stir up another margarita and wait by the mailbox- you'll probably ned it when the graduation proofs come in $$$$$$xoxo


  4. Suz, you always brighten my day. Can you promise to post every single day for the rest of my life? Yesterday was rough, and this just brought a smile to my face {especially the virgin part, lol!!!}Love *ALL* of the photos. Looks like a fantabulous weekend.


  5. Great party. Sorry I missed it. I promise to hit the next one. And I'll bring my camera and make sure that you are in just a few.Love all the lady virgins. They could be nuns. Half the nuns at my church still are virgins!Your Friend, m.


  6. Love your party – it looks like a real festival! Congratulations to Lolo – and BTW, her dress is gorgeous!Isn't it great that your ILs are both happily re-married and can get along together? How civilized and sensible. Everyone wins.Love to you & your brood, Suz!


  7. Ohhhh, I loved catching up on all the festivities!!! So glad you took lots of photos. What a milestone for your sweet girl. They are both SO gorgeous BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sniff…one down, one to go. Makes me want to sing that song from Fiddler on the Roof, 'Sunrise, Sunset'.xo,Mary Lou


  8. Ditto to all of the above…cool everything! Now I'll wait for the rest of the story. BTW, life just wouldn't be any fun without all the in and out laws. Specially virginal ones:)


  9. What a lovely party! The flowers and picture vases are adorable! What would you do without friends like Dawn and me. What I mean is I have ideas too, I just can't find them.I have a couple of those plates that you can change the ribbon too! Great for these occasions!


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