THE party. Part Deux

The second installment of the graduation party…all the planning…all the prep work and it was over in 6 hours!!!!

Dawn and Camden…they brought Lolo some really cute stuff…like these party approved glasses!!!


Tim and Marcello…no party would be complete without this pair and they both have good hair. lucky. IMG_8658


My brother in law and his brood…plus my brood. Some of them say they read this blog, but I think they are lying to me. 🙂  I mean, how would I ever know this???? I could just say anything right now…..



My Georgia crew. My UJ, Aunt Trisha and cuz Patrick. I found out on this visit that Patrick reads my HI PATRICK!!!!!!!! I love you. I was shocked at this bit of news since he has TWO JOBS. He works more than I do…well, at least he gets paid more than I do. IMG_8681

Hey cuz, can I borrow some cash……


Mi Madre’. Ain’t she cute. She DOES read my blog everyday…Lord don’t I know it.


I am starting to think that she might be a bigger fan of Marks than mine though…. Jealous who?

Will ya’ll tell her that it won’t kill her to leave a comment now and then!?!?!?!

A group of happy party people.  And my FIL about to fly into the sky. 🙂IMG_8704



Oh and superboy got his haircut…his FIRST real haircut from his Auntie Suz! {he was phoning the Prez to give some advice}



Ok, yes, that was a long post including both days covering ONE party. If you made it to the end, let me know, I will send you a prize…I have dozens of paper flowers just looking for a new home!


25 thoughts on “THE party. Part Deux

  1. I love that you threw such a wonderful graduation party! It looks like you all had a great time! Don't feel too bad, I started our blog for our family and friends and they almost never leave comments either.


  2. Good Morning, Suz,It looks like you had a fabulous party…thank you for sharing pics with us. I bet you are exhausted and can relax for a bit?Congratulations, again, to the graduate. She looks like a college girl already!Take care, ~Natalie


  3. ummm… i don't need any paper flowers, can i pick a different prize? how 'bout a full place setting of silver :)i don't know why more of your peeps are reading and writing! your party was the best, as always. you think it is the guests that make it great but i think it is YOU! and the silverware :)xoxo


  4. I was going to start out with something funny and then I saw that baby at the end and was like \”I want another baby!!!\” Although I think my eggs are getting a little old.I dare your Family to leave a comment on your blog! How's that Suz? And your Mom stalks me? How sweet. And creepy! Good thing I go for \”creepy\”. Hey Suz's Mom, wanna get her goat? Come visit my site today and leave comment.Have a great day!Your Friend, m.p.s. You can keep your paper flowers!


  5. So jealous to see Dawn at your party. Makes me want to move so I could be closer to you girls. Love all the smiling faces. Looks like a fab party…I'm sure a great time was had by all. : )


  6. I almost feel like I was there! Looks like everyone had a good time, especially the graduate.I hate to break it to you, but Mark is slightly hot….and I won't admit it but just maybe I read his blog before I read yours.


  7. It looks like a wonderful day. And I can tell that y'all don't have to worry about RAIN spoiling a party in June where you live. One more reason to give thanks!You have a great-looking group of family & friends.I have a question about how one creates a *ahem* \”foundation\” for a one-shouldered dress, but I don't want to start that discussion here. Especially since you've already had to block some oddballs from reading your blog.


  8. I feel just awful. We didn't have much of a celebration for either of my kids. I'm hoping they don't read your blog, or if they do they don't hold a grudge.Great photographs of your family. What a treasure.


  9. Anonymous

    great photos! and how lucky to have a close knit family. my family is all over the place and we rarely see other. i guess we're a bit dysfunctional, well more than a bit.


  10. well they only graduate once from high school, (unless you are peter on family guy) so why not go all out!great pictures, suz, are you gonna start a scrapbook for lolo?and mama, please leave suzanne a comment before she croaks of disappointment! thank you. good job. you be a good mama.


  11. I am too old to ask for Super Boy's hand in marriage? I don't have any goats for a dowry, but I have 5 dogs and 3 cats. Surely his folks would e willing to strike a deal….I know I've said it before, but it's just toooooo bad your daughters are so camera shy and ugly. (Seriously, each time I see them in photos, I get nervous for you because they're exceptionally good looking. You guys must sweat bullets.)Hey, Mother of Suz – it wouldn't kill you to leave a comment once in a while.(How'd I do, Suz??!!)


  12. I think I might have mentioned on the last post that if your daughter ever needs reminding of your love for her, you can just print her copies of these blogs. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time because that many people couldn't fake so many smiles. Praise God for great memories of this event.


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