Humpday::exciting landscape updates!!!

Ok, I added the exclamation points just so you would think it was really exciting.
Did I fool you?
Not that naive huh? Oh, snap.

Lets go back to May of 2009….
Here we are!!!! do you like my time machine? Tres’ cool.
The coach and I in an effort to block the neighbors hideous collection of crap, planted twenty crape myrtle trees. Truth is, I planted almost all of them, and I let him come in and dig a few remaining holes for me. {That’s how I roll}

The newborns. Preemies really, always crying for their mama.

I posted an update in July 2010 and the change was really HUGE. Huge I say. Ok, they were now ‘tweens.

<img alt="

Cut to present day and I have added a rope swing to all twenty trees.

OK, I might be exaggerating. Just a smidge.

They are looking good. NO? Kinda like full grown teenagers?

Oh yeah, you knew Ozzie would have his mug OR butt in the photo.

A hand full of them are much taller than I and I know that is NOT saying much…whatever.

BuTt unfortunately, I can still see some of the neighbors crapola.

I should not stress too much about that, the way my eyesight is going, I won’t see the crud or the trees in a few years!

22 thoughts on “Humpday::exciting landscape updates!!!

  1. Good Job, Suz! I mean: Good Job, Suz!!!!!!! You're right, that is more exciting.I couldn't see the Flicker photo until I clicked on the link.So, you're going blind, huh? No wonder you think I'm cute. You're as blind as bat!m.


  2. Gotta love crepe myrtles! They grow like weeds around here. Our neighbor actually gave us 3 little ones and they are now as tall as I am ( no great feat here either) and are filling in nicely.


  3. Oh! The power of an exclamation point!!!!!!!!!Looking lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous

    would it help to plant some type of flowering viney plant along the fence? The plant would cover the fence and may block some of the crud. ?????


  5. They're coming along nicely for 2 year olds, I think. Give them 10 years, and they might block your view of the neighbors. Assuming the same neighbors are there. And assuming you can still see that far…


  6. Trees that grow like weeds :-DMust be all that lovely florida sunshine – LOL.I'd put some wood trellis boards over the fence to hide the view, honestly, it's so nasty. But then I'm so intolerant to others now 😀


  7. Give them a few years, and maybe you won't be able to see your neighbors. You should have planted red tipped photenias…those things grow like wildfire. And they get big and thick too. Very nice as a blocking plant,but of course not as pretty as your little cuties will grow to be.


  8. i LOVE TREES!!!!!!!Specially when someone else plants 'em 🙂 When I lived here years ago there were hardly any trees. Now they're all over the place, and it's nice and shady, and they're the kind that when the wind blows they spit twigs and such all over the place. Chinese Elm I think. And I gotta go pick them all up. And some dudes come pick up the pile of sticks. And I love trees…. Yours will grow into such big lovely adults. Then Ozzie can mark his spot on all twenty:)


  9. Suz, you know I have this fear of not seeing your latest post. As you know, it doesn't appear on my Google Reader. If you post and don't hear from me in a couple of days, write to me asking me \”What the f%#k my problem is\”. Okay?Love ya! m.


  10. my girls want a rope swing so bad…our trees aren't really strong enough and the branches that would hold them…well they are over the hardscaping parts of our yard…BUMMER


  11. Hi Suz. We had crepe myrtle at our big old house in Phoenix and they were really pretty under the windows. They were more like bushes though. Does a crepe myrtle tree get large?? Now here in N.Idaho we have planted Syberian Pea Shrubs to help hide the hill north of us…there are lots for sale there(not selling)so we want to hide them before they ever have houses on them. The Pea Shrubs are now growing quite nicely. The first 3 years they didn't because the stupid deer kept eating them down. Now Pat put a big fence around them and they're getting tall and fluffy quite quickly. If your myrtle don't grow, you ought to try the Pea Shrubs!


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