An awesome movie, obscene pets and I’m unplugging. Maybe.

Hidey Ho neighbor!

Raise you hands if you know what sitcom that is from!

The other day when I was out photographing the crape myrtle trees I noticed some stalkers out on the sundeck. Of course, those dogs are always nearby, but then I noticed they were accompanied by Harley the cat. Harley the Cat, who sometimes thinks he is a dog by way of chewing up our flip flops.

Looks like they are just hanging out, right?

Upon further inspection….what the?….Did I hear Cocoa singing: back it up, back it up?

And when I came in closer, they all decided to look the other way.
Don’t ask. Don’t tell.

I watched Freedom Writers this week with the girls; amazing! They both saw it prior to I and were shocked that I was late to the party. IT is an awesome movie, based on a real story….so good. Loved the lessons it taught: Change is possible, cycles can be broken, everyone can make a difference and more…

If you have not seen it yet, you must. I insist. And if you don’t then we can’t be friends any longer.

I have de-friended for lesser crimes.

Nothing too exciting happening here at our humble abode…right now. But soon….plenty of action and excitement.
What is that you say? You want to know what all the action and excitement might be?
Well, you can’t.
It is super secret squirrel stuff. Only to be shared with super secret squirrel spies. And I don’t share my nuts with anyone.
Yeah, right.

I really am unplugging. Well, let me rephrase…I am going to TRY to unplug. We will see how strong my plug dependency is.

So, please DON’T do anything exciting OR cute. Or funny. Or fun. Until I say it is ok to do so.
And if your pets do anything like mine, please get out the camera!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

27 thoughts on “An awesome movie, obscene pets and I’m unplugging. Maybe.

  1. Huh? You find out that your pets are perves so you decide to unplug?You get a new MAC and decide to unplug?You're having a big hootenanny but pretend it's all about squirrels to prevent blog crashers?waaaaaaaa


  2. It is too much fun to read your blog – – every time, it is fun! I am impressed you had the camera and were able to catch those critters in action. It must be a slow day for them, too – – – to seek that kind of entertainment!


  3. Anonymous

    hidey ho neighbor, home improvement?oh, i hope it's not for long. don't leave us, we need you suz. ok, you can have a little time off, but just a little.


  4. I think the neighbor thing is from the Tool Guy or whatever that was with ol whatshisname….or whatever.Unwhat? Oh, ya. Kinda like what I'm gonna do to I think. I've used Firefox for a few years and they've become obnoxious…like my OLD computer that's getting replaced soon as my kids repay the old mom for the flat screen they got last month. See, and you thought you had funny annimals.Ok, you do…Gotta get stuff from the blog lunch you missed on here somehow first or you'll defriend me for that. BTW, I saw Freedom Writers before you so there! Just try to defriend me…you can't!!!I'll see if the email still works.Enjoy watching the animals.


  5. I will miss you, but I am buried here…it's good stuff, but whew! I cannot keep up the blogging and my work, too. Work includes hosting the in-laws and parents to dinner, doing laundry, volunteering, guild work, writing…yes, that is all work, but it's fun work. So I miss you, but I get it. Bee good, bee safe, bee happy & I'll see you soon! xoxoxo


  6. You got nuts? I knew it!Hey Suz, I think I saw Freedom Writes before. But it was called Dangerous Minds. Or maybe I'm thinking of Welcome Back Kotter. Either way, Ive seen it a billion times. So there! You can't de-friend me now. Served!Have a great weekend at home doing the laundry.m.


  7. Hellooo sweetie! Those pics of the pooches and pooch wannabe are so cute. I will have to see this movie you speak of. Do not want to be unfriended by you. Sheesh…what would life be then?? I've been pretty spotty on blogging and FB, and I have to say, I do miss it. Wish I had more time and wi-fi time. love ya!


  8. Ummm….you can't do that! My kids are in Annie right now and adorable pictures will soon follow. I love that your animals are as naughty as you! 😉


  9. thanks to tivo (and ffwd thru commericals!), i've never even heard of freedomwriters… so when you get home you gotta share 🙂 happy unplugging! but keep me updated!!! i wanna know all about it!!!!


  10. Hi There, We are home after a wonderful trip…. We loved every second of it—but truly are glad also to get home.I hope you love your MAC…. IF you need any help, just ask George or me… We are Mac people and wouldn't EVER EVER go back to a windows computer….Enjoy your 'unplugging' time…. It's good to do that every once in awhile…. Just relax and ENJOY…Crazy animals you have…. haHugs,Betsy


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