Criss Cross Applesauce.

I am sure you have been wondering what’s happening at La Casa Busy Bee….
I won’t make you suffer any longer. 

NOT too much. 
Just the regular stuff. Like waking up. moving around. cooking. cleaning. sleeping. You know; life. 

Last week the girls spent a few days at the lake with their Grandparents. I declared to cook an ‘adult only’ meal. 
(yes, we wore clothes! I just made the stuff they don’t appreciate yet.)

I tried to replicate my favorite meal from Carrabbas; speidino De Mare.  (scallops and shrimp with a tangy lemon/ butter sauce)

It was awesome…I added some sauteed spinach/peppers and garlic, basmati rice and roasted ‘maters. YUMMO

Next time, I am charging $16.95 for that meal.

I declared on Sunday that Freddie {the freeloader} needed his cage cleaned. When his cage is in cleaning mode, someone has to hold him. 

Holding him is better than cleaning up his poop.

He really likes human interaction. Forizzle

I try to take the dogs out in the evening to run a bit…one night Maisy followed us out the screen door. She loves Cocoa. 

What’s not to love?

Hey, if you have cats…do your kitty’s go crazy when you apply the flea application. Hey, it’s not a TASER kitty…calm down psycho cat!  

 I never ever tire of these gorgeous Florida sunsets!

The colors change in what seems like minutes. 
OK, it really IS minutes. 

I got a good shot here showing TWO of our dead palm trees. Or as I like to call them: Number one and number one.  

Happy Wednesday ya’ll.

Taking Linds and a friend back to the lake….and Lo and I have TWO DAYS of orientation for college this week. TWO full days. Ummmm…hello, I am NOT going to college people. What they hey?

Lo will get to stay the night in a dorm; get herself acclimated somewhat. 
I was not invited to stay over…but that won’t stop me from looking for a frat party to crash….

Bee Good! 
At least if you are good that will make up for me. Right? 


It starts with an S- and ends with an -ecret.

Do you have someone in your life who is the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers?

We do…her name starts with an L and ends with an indsay.

Several {TEN} years ago Linds and I shopped for her sisters upcoming 8th birthday. 
We chose a pogo stick as her big gift. 

(I was still trying to find a way to burn some of her excess energy!)

The day before Lo’s birthday her little sister {the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers} said to her:

“You are going to LOVE the gift we got you!”

Lo, being the older/wiser sister said: 
“Give me a hint!”

And this is where the little sister gets to keep her title as the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers.
Lindsay’s reply:

“it starts with a ‘P’ and ends with an OGO!”

Four seconds later she realized what she had done. 

10 years later and we will never let her live it down. 

All above photos are of Lindsay on her 5th birthday. She told me last week while reading the blog that most of my posts were about her sister…and she would like more of HER. Second child syndrome???

Happy Monday!