Wyoming photo dump.

We only took 326 photos over four days and since I know you are busy I will share with you the best 325.

But first, you might like to know why we chose to visit Wyoming.
We have never been there.
Isn’t that reason enough??? I thought so. 

We threw around many trip ideas….mostly involving Europe. Between the four of us we could not decide on ONE area to visit…so I said: Hey, since our economy is so crappy…why not spend our hard earned cash in OUR COUNTRY??? And you know I mean Coach’s hard earned cash. Like I have said before, what is mine is ours and what’s His is mine. 

Anyhoo…we had two days of tours set up
 with a guide. This was a great choice for us since we were on a time restraint and the Coach’s driving makes me ill. Kidding. Not.

 We spent 13 hours with our guide on the first day. He was awesome….full of so much information I am surprised it was not dripping from his ears. 
We were able to see most of Yellowstone this first day. Our guide picked us up at our hotel at 6am. Yes, I know…vacation and we were up at the crack of..well, the crack of TOO early. 

Yellowstone was gorgeous. There was snow on the ground still…the girls were freaking out a bit because they have never seen snow. Don’t feel too bad for them…they live 7 miles from the beach…not everyone can grow up near the Gulf of Mexico.  

We learned all about geysers, painted pots, volcano’s, earthquakes and so many other things that I can’t remember. Our guide gave us the full story of the first travelers, Indian tribes and more. I even brought a little notebook…but forgot to document all of it!  

Some of the info that I do remember was so interesting…of course I can’t share it here with you cause then I would be YOUR guide and you can’t afford me. 

Old Faithful. I don’t want to whine too much, but old faithful was late if you ask me. By about 10 minutes. Who should I email my complaints to?
My favorite old barn photo~cool right?

On the second day of our tour we visited Grand Teton National Park. Oy…breathtaking. But again, at 6 am. This day our tour was over by noon.

 We found ourselves in the middle of a Bison herd. They were right next to our car…we stopped, rolled down the windows and just took them in with our eyes…they are really large and SEEM gentle. You know, with huge brown eyes. They were still shedding their winter coats. 
I have seen videos where they are not really gentle, they should be feared. They can run 30mph. Can you?? I can only run about .5mph. 
Just call me dead meat.

One thing I WILL share with you so we can all stop this buffalo nonsense….there are no buffalo in the states. They are all BISON. Buffalo are in Africa. 

What we were most interested in seeing in Wyoming was the wildlife….and we did.
We saw 2 moose. (meese)
4 bears; grizzly and black
pronghorn (look similar to antelope)
Elk, mule deer, Osprey, and lots of little critters that we don’t have in Florida. 

Like these little unita ground squirrels. They were everywhere….of course the girls wanted one as a pet too. Try getting that through security…might be easier than the baby bison though. 

I did not cry that we could not see any wolves or mountain lions….ok, I cried just a little. 

I have much more to share…but it feels like you are getting bored. I can feel these things you know. 


28 thoughts on “Wyoming photo dump.”

  1. I've been to Yellowstone once, many years ago. We drove through the southern part of Wyoming on Sunday. I literally live about an hour away from the border of Wyoming and have never been there. Some parts are really pretty!


  2. Great pics, Suzanne. The guide was a good idea and helped you to make the most of your time. I think your family made a great choice. Can't wait to see more and I am NOT bored. Get some rest today!


  3. You're really hung up on the buffalo/bison distinction, aren't you? I went out there on a family road trip as a child, and I'll never forget it. Those national parks are beautiful! So glad you went!


  4. Oh, quick peek at lunch break so I'll be back later…or just email.Will say you were in MY country (close enough anyway)and you COWGIRLED UP pretty good:)Later…


  5. What an excellent idea to visit Wyoming because it was \”foreign\” to what you are accustomed to in your environment. I know your girls grew up in Florida but it still seems unbelievable that they never saw snow. Guess I figured you might have done that on a school vacation – – – but then ours barely saw the ocean so guess we are even. That barn – – – – looks like a house – – – the pic of it and the mountains is like a beautiful postcard. And the bison are beautiful, too! Your own \”Welcome to Wyoming\” greeters!P.S. I'm not bored with your photos yet either.


  6. You know me —I NEVER EVER get tired of seeing one's vacation photos –especially if they tell us what it is… (Don't you just hate photos with no explanation?)Yellowstone and the Tetons are next on our long list of places we want to go… That waterfall in the first picture is GORGEOUS… Did you think of us????? haLove your pictures, Suz…Hugs,Betsy


  7. What a great trip! I've never been to Yellowstone, but it is definitely on my bucket list. Hey, it's not so bad you can only run 5 mph, you just have to be faster than the slowest runner in the group. 😉


  8. i am amazed every time i look at another picture of yours! the scenery is gorgeous! i think it was the next best thing to africa :)i am feeling cheated not getting to see #326!!! heehee!


  9. We could never get bored with any of your posts!Betsy and I have put Wyoming at the top of the list for our next trip west. Could we hire you as our guide?


  10. beautiful pictures! someday I would love to get to Yellowstone!!And they totally need to change the song… I didn't know that buffalo were only in Africa. Hmph.


  11. Suz, your pictures are GORGEOUS! I had no idea how beautiful that area was. And taht barn photo, um photo contest!!PS If your girls ever need to see REAL snow, you could bring them up here for a visit in the middle of winter. That would shock them:)South Western Ontario gets Slammed with snow!


  12. What a great idea – it's clearly been an educational trip, too! Your photos are beautiful…you did see a lot of WILD life. I want to hear about where you stayed, what you ate, etc. We took a trip like this when I was growing up but a) my dad drove and b) we had a car without air conditioning, so I don't have such fond memories of it as your girls will have! Well done with the guide decision, and welcome home – you were missed! xoxoxo


  13. I've been to Yellowstone and Grand Teton…camped in the Rockies for a couple of weeks. Wish I could do it now. Your photos brought it all back.We were not bored. We Want More! (Envision us all sitting around a big table, knife in one hand, fork in the other – both handles down, pounding on the table in unison.)


  14. So, does this mean my buffalo burger is really a bison burger? Your vacation looks amazing. Now, I read two dumps this morning and I feel so accomplished


  15. That's a great photo!I went there on a road trip with my husband's whole family–my FIL wanted to skip Old Faithful (they drive through every summer) but I (quite literally) dug in my heels and refused to budge.


  16. your vay cay sounds wonderful! i am so glad you had fun. those mountains and the barn are breath taking. i loved your pictures!


  17. Bison. that's what my dogs have been looking like the past two months. UGH.The geyser photo is AWESOME :-DAnd yes, I do feel bad for your girls – what person grows up never having thrown a snowball or rolled in fluffy white snow until it melts down your neck? Send them here, I tell you, six months a year is fun times – teeheee!Bison have black tongues, did you know that? 😀


  18. You saw a lot in a very short time. You must have had an excellent guide. We're going to Yellowstone with the grandkids in August. I think they'll enjoy the animals and the hiking.


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