Gettin’ all artsy fartsy.

With my photography that is….there will be no real fartin’ in my presence. 

I know I said I would share my favorite 325 photos the other day, but I failed to do so. I only shared 13, but it felt like 32.

The following photos are of Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and where our hotel was located; Teton Village. 

Sorry Betsy, some of these just don’t get any titles. 🙂
I was….totally enthralled with all the beautiful fences. They were everywhere. I wish had take more photos of them…Just don’t try to fence me in. 

Of course, I have already shown this barn. I believe it was called the John Moulten barn. John Moulten was one of the first explorers to visit this area…if not for him, there might not be a YELLOWSTONE Park.  We were told that this barn is photographed a LOT for wedding parties and such.

I declared then and there that I wanted to get re-married and have our wedding photos taken in front of this barn.
I was the only one on board with this scenario. 

Our guide Collin almost snapped our necks stopping to see this female bluebird on the sign. Not kidding. He was so excited to see her…in his words: “When you see the bluebirds, you know summer is on it’s way”…apparently it has been a loooooooong winter in Wyoming. 

And, if you could see that blue bird on the sign,  I will give you a HIGH FIVE…cause it was hard for me to see her in person. 

Our first moose sighting. She was not very close…so the Coach used his iphone through the telescope. Purty cool huh?

I never got used to seeing these beautiful snow covered mountains. Never.

An old dried up tree near the geysers…I thought she had some personality. Frail, but personable. 

THE waterfall in Yellowstone. I really was not expecting THIS….so gorgeous…so beautiful and so freaking HUGE. If I had to rate it to all the waterfalls I have seen, I would give it a 10. With 10 being tops. 

The daddy Osprey. Just minutes after our guide picked us up the first day we were entering into Grand Teton park (with our destination being Yellowstone) we stopped to see a large osprey nest…and the Mama was clearly there.

But if we looked just to the right of the nest, you could see the proud Papa sitting on a house/property sign. Gorgeous. We have ospreys here in Florida…but not with the backdrop of the grand Tetons!

Another cool old barn. Lo captured this shot for us…..again, would make for lovely wedding photos. Hello? any takers?

Lolo captured this lovely reflection…I was almost irritated that there was a duck/swan swimming there and it kinda broke up the reflection. Can you imagine? Me? Getting annoyed with nature….

You gotta love this:

And this was lovely to see as well: 

This sky tram was just outside our hotel….people rode up and down this all day long enjoying the views of Jackson hole from above. No, I did not ride on this. I lovingly referred to it as “The Death Tram.” 
Why yes, I am terrified of heights.

Ok, that was 17 more photos, but it really felt like 53. I am almost done talking about Wyoming. Almost. 

If you are ever thinking about visiting this lovely area, let me know…we stayed at a deluxe hotel (GREEN/Eco friendly) expensive, but so is everything else in this area. And our guide was so great…and again: Eco friendly. We just loved him and the Company’s philosophy. 

None of us were ready to leave Jackson hole…and on our departure we had such drama that I wished we had stayed. It was a once in a lifetime drama that we will never forget.  The sharing of that will come soon. 

23 thoughts on “Gettin’ all artsy fartsy.

  1. Just gorgeous! I loooove seeing vaca pix and I especially love seeing the mountains. We visited the mountains just about every year when I was a kid. We've only visited them once in 20 years..I am clearly behind. I remember camping in Yellowstone. So pretty! : )


  2. Please God, tell me the story behind the photo of the giant pile of deer antlers. It immediately made me sad, so I'm hoping there's a good explanation for it.The rest of the photos were very artsy fartsy. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh please tell us more! Man o man, that place is stunning!! Lolo's shot of the mountain reflection is just fab!@ChiTown Girl – The antlers are from elk. They shed them every year and residents collect them to build arches and furniture and light fixtures, etc. Nothing terrible:)


  4. These photos made my heart sing, Sue! Seriously. An aria from la Traviata! I had no idea my heart was so cultured!Your camera takes great pictures! And I love how tech-y Coach was with his moose shot.If I could travel, I would marry you so that we could go back to that barn. Of course, we'd have a lot of splainin' to do when it comes to Coach and The Source.


  5. Suz, those are gorgeous photos! I was so overwelmed with their beauty that I have nothing funny to say at all. Which is rare for me!And eventhough I enjoyed seeing your Grand Tetons, I think I'm much more interested in Jackson's Hole! Was he your tourguide? I'm sorry, I wasn't following too closely.Your Friend, m.


  6. Your making me even more eager to see Wyoming. I enjoyed all of your artsy f…. pictures, even if I didn't see the osprey nest. I did, however, see the female bluebird. Can I collect my High Five in person?


  7. Ouch–You just slammed my finger in the car door (or at least it feels like you did)…. haGuess I should have been a detective or maybe just a NOSY-ROSEY. OR –maybe I can be a guide out there…???? I could probably make good money. I'd get as enthusiastic about the birds as he did… I want to know everything possible about everything… Sorry if I provide WAY too much info… Oh Well—that's just ME… ha… Too excited sometimes I guess. Hope you love me anyhow…I do love your pictures especially the ones of the barns with those mountains in the background, and the reflection in the lake one… WOW!!!!! Awesome place… Hope we can go there sometime…(I'm READY!!!)Thanks for sharing. I truly do love seeing ALL of your pictures…Hugs,Betsy


  8. That looks so beautiful. God is the ultimate artist. Imagine creating all of that! I've never seen a blue bird before – thanks for sharing!It must have been pretty incredible to see those mountains, when you come from FL. I gather that your state is pretty much mountain-free, so they must have seemed all the more stunning to you.Next time you need a mountain \”fix,\” consider coming up to WA – we have the Cascades, Olympics, Rainier, Baker, Adams…the list goes on. But for that big blue sky, I think you went to the right place. Looking forward to hearing about your drama!


  9. Drama? Would that be a \”tune in next week for the next episode of…..\”? You already have DRAMATIC with these photos. I agree with you about that waterfall. It is almost too beautiful for words! Thanks for posting the pics. They are beyond lovely. Wyoming should give you a commission if any of us decide to go where you were!


  10. I could almost smell how clean the air was there… fresh and sweet. Ah.My favorite photo was the 2nd one, the pile of antlers.OK and the lake reflection one too.OK fine, they're ALL lovely 🙂


  11. AWESOME!! The Tetons is my favorite National Park of all…(the ones I have been too…but still, I have been to over 20)Looks like you had an amazing trip 🙂


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