Antlers, breaking Geodes and “Bear” hands.

When I posted the photo the other day of the antlers Chi-Town & Jenn thought is was a bad thing… someone hurt the deer the antlers belonged to.

Not the case at all. We learned that Elk shed their antlers each year. (And moose too!)
In Jackson hole, the boy scouts are allowed to collect all the shed antlers from the Elk Refuge and then they are auctioned off to all sorts of folks. (Who doesn’t want an antler chandelier or candle holder? I want one for my future dream mountain house!!!!) 

The boy scouts keep 20% of the $$ and the rest goes back to the Elk refuge. 

In the town center of Jackson Hole there are four of these antler arches.

Cool no?
All I can think of is, the Girl Scouts must be p*ssed that they did not get this sweet antler collecting deal. $$$  Surely they would have given up that whole cookie selling gig for this. 

Next subject:

We found the coolest store/gallery in Jackson hole. It was more of a gallery, cause we could not afford anything that we liked. They had the jaw from a wooly mammoth. A real jaw. (It was found in the peace river in Florida…well, if I ever stumble upon one of those….) This place was just chalk (chuck? Chaulk?) full of old things…fossils, dinosaur skulls, eggs and you know, stuff you don’t find at super wal-mart;
Small and GINORMOUS geodes.
ginormous geode.

Do you know what a geode is? Me neither.  Until I got edumacated Who knew I would learn something on vacation????

Anyhoo these geodes are all harvested in Mexico. They look like cryptonite round rocks….. UNTIL you open them up.

Inside they are filled with crystals and magical powers.

Ok, not so much on the magical powers…but I had you going right?

In this sweet store/gallery, you can choose your own geode and then they help you OPEN them up. Seriously…I was not falling for this gypsy hob nob…but someone else was. And he was holding the wallet and looking into the four blue eyes of his offspring. 

Linds: Crank crank CRACK! Voilia

Now, it was Lolo’s turn. I don’t know who came up with this whole crank involved a bike chain, a plastic bag and an old steering wheel. Sounds like a MacGuyver operation to me….But it worked. It cracked the geode ball right in half. 

Here is what came out of Lolo’s chosen geode. 
Hello? it is a heart filled with amethyst.

And now, a larger geode is growing out of her head…can’t wait to see the bill for that one.

And Lindsay’s was quite the find. I don’t remember the details of WHY it was so wonderful but the ‘guy’ said one similar to this was sold recently for $200 bucks. 

Of course when she heard this she was ready sell…even before she ‘paid’ for this one. And by paid, you know I mean the Coach paid. 

Since this post was full of educational stuff (I apologize for that, I hate it when I learn unintentionally too) I feel the need to add in this one funny photo.
While in the Jackson hole visitors center, Linds grabbed this hand puppet and said  to me: (her sweet and demure mother)

“I will get you with my BEAR hands.”

yeah. I don’t know where she learns these things…
Have a beautiful weekend. THAT is an order. 🙂 

22 thoughts on “Antlers, breaking Geodes and “Bear” hands.

  1. That picture of Lo made me laugh. Even before I read your comment, I thought, \”Gee, she has a geode crown. How cool!\”Thank you for all the interesting facts. I love learning about new things (and, no, I'm NOT being facetious!)


  2. I love those antler aches! I bet they put lights on them at Christmas. And, I bet Santa's reindeer are scared to death in Jackson Hole!The Geodes remind me of the whole diving for oysters, and finding a pearl. Big money grabbers but fun.You can get a lifetime Sirius subscription? If it's prorated mine might not be so expensive…just saying.


  3. This one made me giggle:) Ya, I know about them silly round rocks with a surprise in the middle. There's a geode bed not far from here and my dad always went diggin. Kinda like if I saw an aligator with HUGE jaws and thought it was soooo cool. You'd go 'eh, no biggie' But all silliness aside, they are pretty awesome. kinda like a clam with a pearl…or not. But with these things, there's always something inside. Blah, me and my lessons :(BUT, I love the fact that you got so edumacated, even about the antlers. That's something else that's always been a known thing in my life. Elk, Moose, Deer, obnoxious old men…they all lose their horns at some point:) And someone makes something outta them.Love that girls humor! Bear hands for sure. Waiting for more adventurous lessons. Have a great weekend…


  4. Those girls of yours are too fun. And that coach of yours with his big wallet is also pretty special : )I love that you want a mountain cabin now. You are the cutest.


  5. I love looking at geodes, and the amethyst ones are my faves. It's awesome that the ones the girls chose hadd different centers! I have never bought one, but there is a place outside of Victoria, BC, (called \”Mineral World,\” one of those places made for kids)where Katie bought a piece of one. So cool.My friend has antlers inside of her house, above her front door. For a long time, she had a shotgun (inherited from a relative) laying across them – NOT loaded – just as a reminder. I don't like guns, but I love her spunk!Have a great weekend, yourself!


  6. Oh great, now I learned stuff too just by visiting you. Ugh!I do like those antlers just so you know. They are pretty cool. Can I visit you in your Moutain House. Hey, did you ever win the HGTV house by the way? Maybe I missed that post where you wrote about it. Sorry!Have a great weekend!m.p.s. Who are the triplets in the first photo?


  7. What a neat post…. And how dare you ruin your reputation. Not only did you edumacate yourself—you edumacated ME too… I've seen Deodes before–but didn't know anything about them…Love Love Love that arch… WOW..Hugs,Betsy


  8. I didn't realize you were going to have such an educational vacation. As a former professor I'm proud of you. The antler arch is really fascinating.I hope you have a great weekend.


  9. So on the geodes – – – do you pay for them after they are opened and see the value of the insides – — or do you pay before they crack it open? We got a bookend set years ago in Chicago. They were polished on one side. It took years but they finally stopped smelling musty – – – like the underground!The antlers – – – LOVE them! How creative.


  10. Have always loved geodes; but you're wrong, they do have magical powers. Lindsay's looks like stars at night. Gorgeous.Those antler arches are a wonder to behold. Someone had to come up with that idea. They smoke a lot of pot out there in Jackson Hole. 🙂


  11. Rocks Rock! There is a rock shop in Estes called Dicks Rock Shop and when I took the girls there last summer I think they could the whole day pondering rocks – forget the elk, the horse back riding, the hikes…they loved the rocks!


  12. You take beautiful pictures! (I am just getting caught up on all your vacay photos). Y'll are so cool, I wish I could have tagged along in a suitcase. And XXL suitcase, that is 🙂


  13. We love Jackson! Patrick, Jess and I did it a few times and looks like we all did the same things!! ALso, my nephew and his wife were in Jackson this past week and I got a note from him on FB that they touched Idaho too…I wonder if you were on the same flight! They would have flown into Atlanta I think, since they live in NC. ps-Your girls are so beautiful.


  14. I was obsessed with finding a real geode when I was younger…I love that they did this.I remember those stores from my winter trip to Jackson! *barely haha* Loved all the moose stuff up there.


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