So, you say it’s your birthday?

Well, it’s her birthday too {yeah}!

Tonight, we will try and re-enact this photo. 

Did I ever tell you I had children? I know, I really don’t talk about them very much…you’d hardly know they existed.

Lo is 18 today. 
How the heck did that happen? Mentally, I am only 16..so my girl has passed me up.

Since I never talk about her, I will share a few things that I love.


I love that you love sharpies, babies and little kids, your family and doodling.

I love that you are going away to college…and I love that ‘going away’ means thirty minutes away.

I love that you were surprised that you were welcome home on the weekends while at college.

I love that you still squeak/squeal when you get excited…just like when you watched Barney.

I love that you are compassionate, caring, kind and big hearted.  

I love that given the choice, you still choose the same restaratunt for all your birthday dinners. 

{I think you really love the peanut butter pie}
{17th bday}

I love that you LOVE to laugh and you find so much of life to be worth laughing at!

And most of all, I love you for being YOU!!!

Happy 18th Baby!!!

30 thoughts on “*18*

  1. OMG, this got me all misty-eyed. How can she be 18?!?! That's just ri-donk-ulous!! What a beautiful, talented, brilliant young woman she's grown to be. I can't imagine how proud you are of her.Happy Birthday, LoLo!!!


  2. You're such a sweet mom, and it's always been wonderful to see how deeply you love those girls. Happy Birthday, Lo!!!PS. The whole college thing only being 30 minutes away. Brilliant move!


  3. I just read your own private Idaho posts, and am so glad that your beautiful-in-every-way daughter survived that flight in order to celebrate all the wonderful things yet to come in her life.


  4. have i ever seen that picture?! precious! and you finally got your cap & gown pic! i can feel your love for your girl all the way out here 🙂 she is one of kind! love you lolo!!! wishing you a happy birthday!!


  5. I never even know you had a kid. Get out of the city.Happy Birthday to your baby. I LOVE that she is only going to be 30 minutes away. That is the best. I hope when she grows up and gets a job she doesn't venture far either.


  6. Happy Birthday, LoLo…. What a nice trlbute to your adorable eldest daughter… She is a 'keeper' in every respect… I wish her nothing but good luck at college…. I'm sure she will do GREAT….Hugs,Betsy


  7. Happy Birthday to Lo! I only regret that you never talk about her or her sister. I wonder who will be most excited on those college-year weekends — you or her? Will she be allowed to bring her dirty laundry home?Seriously, I hope all of you have a wonderful joy-filled year ahead of you (with good helpings of peanut butter pie).


  8. So sweet, Suz.Lo has a lot of nerve growing up on you like that. And eventhough she is mentally two years ahead of you, it's nice that she still wants to hang out. That's cool!Happy Birthday Lo!Your Mom's Friend, m.p.s. You're very lucky to have such great parents. If you were my daughter, I'd stalk you during your four year at college. I know, that sounds kind of creepy and in a way it is but I'd be afraid to let you go.Wait! I think my comment took a really weird turn. Sorry. m.


  9. Wow, 18 is old. The question my friends and I ask each other often..what happened to us, our kids are OLD!? But your Lo has grown into a lovely young lady, I love that going away to school is only 30 minutes…and that she wants it that way. Sweetness. : )


  10. I love that first picture. Can't wait for the reinactment.Happy Birthday to the Peanut Butter Pie queen. I can't wait to follow her journey in college, especially her softball career.


  11. Just saw the pics on FB today, now the post here. How fun! And Happy Happy to Lo (albeit late…)I'll add to your \”I Love\” list..I Love that she has such awesome parents. She's who she is because of you…On the the next chapter with Lo 🙂


  12. That is so sweet! If our kids ever wonder if we love them, we will have blog posts to put in their faces. It's pretty cool when you broadcast to the world how special your first-born is to you! Hope she had a great, great celebration!


  13. This is a beautiful birthday post for a beautiful young lady. I know you will miss her sooo…but can be happy for her, making her way in the world.Thank you for sharing all the sweet pictures with us. Take care ~Natalie


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