My Dam-n Las Vegas Photo Dump

So, after we left our newest and favoritest place on earth, Wyoming , we took the kiddos to the glitz and gluttony that is Las Vegas. 
We had a plan. IT was not all about the glitz and gluttony….ok, it was a little about the glitz. It was really about the SHOWS. 

We love the shows. And not the ‘peep’ kind you pervs.

Waiting on the valet…

If you would like to stay at a SMOKE free and CASINO free hotel…then check out the MGM Grand Signature.

It was a great hotel….and the ‘smoke free’ part was fabulous…..except for the one night that our neighbors must have been really suffering with their glaucoma. Medicinal is legal, right.

These palm trees look suspiciously like the ones at home.

The lobby at The Bellagio.  If you ever get to Vegas, you must go see this art piece by Dale Chihuly in the lobby; GOrGeOuS. And of course…seeing the dancing fountains is breathtaking as well. 

The dancing fountains at The Bellagio.

Lolo and the leaning tower of Eiffel.

A short clip of the fountain show…the neighbors to my left were trying their hardest to knock my camera into the lake. They don’t know who they are dealing with! Tourists really get on my last nerve….

Do you recognize these kids? Me neither. This was inside the Bellagio again…at the conservatory. GORGEOUSNESS!

Sunflowers. In the Las Vegas desert? 
why yes….

If sunflowers…then of course hot air balloons!!!

The Hoover Dam to be exact. We drove over for a little look-see. 
I just love the history of this structure…and the fact that this one government project in the history of projects was done EARLY and UNDER BUDGET. HELLO? That is unheard of…

The original terrazzo floors.

I remember terrazzo floors…growing up in Florida four of my rich friends lots of people had these marble floors in their homes. 

The girls enjoyed this little tour. 
You know what I think they enjoyed the most? 
I gave them a damn pass. 

Yep. A damn pass. During the entire tour, they could say DamN as many times as they liked. That was the free part. Dammmmmmmmnnnnnn.


And looking down here…this is where I started to feel damn woozy. I no likey being this high. 

We are such good parents…we took the girls to M & M world. The Coach let them each fill a bag of candy….

There was so much candy in this place…three floors of it. I saw people left and right going into diabetic comas. NOT pretty. 

You have to know, that MY children, being MY children were most fascinated with all the interesting in: The scantily clad ladies. And I use the term ladies loosely
I wish I had written down how many times I heard this whispered: “I think that one over there is a prostitute.”

I have some more photos to share….but it seems this dump is getting long!

I will share some more later…and also I will let you all know how I won millions dollars while gambling! Surely you are waiting with baited breath.
{who has bait on their breath anyway? Damn!}

Happy Monday!!!

29 thoughts on “My Dam-n Las Vegas Photo Dump

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty pics of your visit and these sites are familiar to me because John and Larry visited many of them last summer. They really enjoyed themselves too. Hope you have a great Monday.


  2. Las Vegas is pretty cool, we took Lauren once on a family trip but stayed in Lake Las Vegas and wondered to the strip only once…I don't think our hotel was smoke free – can't remember but the only casino around was in another building so it wasn't thrown in the kiddos faces – it was pretty cool! your girls are simply beautiful! I am sure it was a great trip!


  3. That was so much fun to come along with you! I really love the fountains. It was one of my favorite parts of being there. But, next time I'm going to go over to the Hoover Dam too. That looked cool!


  4. Dammandahalf!!! Didn't know they had smoke free stuff in Vegas now. Might go see someday. The legal stuff? hmmmm…some of the excuses people come up with are kinda funny. Just glad you had a damn good time and gave the girls their passes. I'm in a bloggy funk again but still around visiting. I'll watch for the next chapter:)


  5. Thanks for the tour of Las Vegas. We were only there for one night, so we didn't see the neat places you've shown. I guess we'll have to go back. It was nice of you to give the girls a free place while you were at Hoover —.


  6. I thought you said Ozzie had bait on his breath _ wharf breath, isn't it?Those pics show that \”a good time was had by all.\” That dam was in \”Lost in America\” – in a pivotal scene. Just thought you'd wanna know – I'll bet the tour didn't mention that!Hugs to all the Busy Bee familee.


  7. I can't believe that your own girls mistook you for a prostitute. Sure, I've seen some low cut blouses on you leaning into the camera but c'mon! I've also seen you in Mom Jeans. And as many times as I've watched CSI, I've never once seen a whore with Mom jeans carrying a big ass bag of M&Ms. But maybe I'm wrong. Who knows!Thanks for the vid! m.


  8. Cute post… We also went to Vegas and to Hoover DAM. Dam Dam Dam….. ha… George walked up on that new bridge and got some awesome pictures of the dam from above…We didn't see much in Vegas –at least, nothing like fountains and pretty flowers, etc. We did see the TOURISTS (Grrr) and the scantly clad people…. I didn't think much of Vegas –but we probably were in the wrong place…(We also got stuck in traffic which I don't deal with very well.)Thanks for the great Photo DUMP…. Dam!Hugs,Betsy


  9. A hotel in LV without a Casino? Who knew, and why go? OK, that's just me. I love the Belagio, and New York, NY. Did you get downtown at all? The Fremont Street experience is awsome, so you have to go back if you missed it.I am so old I remember when you drove across the rim of the dam! Talk about fun, and great view.I think you and Mark do the best photo dumps ever.


  10. Love the Dam… We took our kids there when they were 6 and 2. It's been awhile… And Nic? Well, he's never been! Time to go back, since it's so close and all! M&M World? Where? What? Really?!Love your photo dumps!


  11. Good Morning, Suz,Oh, there is always so much to see in Vegas, isn't there. We did stay at MGM once and enjoyed it very much. (How about the lounge where the servers dance on the bar…there's a job for our dancing girls…maybe pay off some student loan debt?!) The last time, we were at Mandolay Bay…the pool was my favorite!Did you have the Brunch at the Bellagio? Crazy good food…and a beautiful lobby area.Now that both our girls are settled in their own homes, I am slowly catching up with my good blog friends.Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie


  12. Oh what a great trip! I wondered at what age I could take my kids and have them enjoy the sites and shows. Hubby and I have been a couple of times, even stayed at the MGM once:) Your pictures, your family, beauitiful!


  13. What a pretty place. Who knew you could actually do stuff when the sun is out. I love going places and doing 'the other stuff' and it sounds like you did a great job of it. Fun trip!


  14. were you on my vacation?! haha!! i fell in love with the bellagio lobby. chihuly glass is my fav… add hot air ballons, a carousel & a million flowers? swoon!!!!!!!!!!! we ended up not touring the dam, but did go thru the visitors center and walked along the top (had to stand in 2 states at once!)- there was no way i was going up on the bridge! those peeps were just crazy! and when we finally flew home, i got to see it all over again from the airplane. so funny that one day is was so BIG and the next it was so small 🙂


  15. What amazing photos! I don't know which I like better – – the Bellagio or Hoover. That art sculpture was gorgeous. I could be wrong but was thinking that I remember it being featured on one of the HGTV shows.


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