Reality; wrapping up Vegas.

Are you over my vacation yet? I promise…I am almost done talking about it. You would think I have never been anywhere before…

One day we visited the Pawn Stars pawn shop.
Have you seen this show on the History channel??
I have watched it a few times…Coach and Lo love it. This pawn store takes in some amazing memorabilia…very interesting walking through….of course I really liked the jewelry dept. Surprised? 

My very own pawn stars. 

A few days prior to our  Vegas trip Coach and Lo saw that there was a UFC fight being held there…and at our hotel.

She begged for a chance to see a fight in person: “It can be for my birthday!” And the begging worked.  Coach purchased tickets for the two of them. 

What 18 year old girl does NOT dream of seeing a UFC fight in person? 

Kind of crummy photo…but you get the idea. They had a great time watching people fight. I don’t get it…but I love them to pieces. 

The day before the fight we drove over to see the Randy Coture gym …if you know anything about UFC, then you know who he is. (I include myself in the knowing nothing about UFC group)

When we pulled up to the gym Lo said: That is his motorcycle right there…the one they built for him on Orange County Choppers!

Is this sounding like a reality show?
Anyhoo…Coach and Lo go into the gym. Linds and I were comfy in the a/c. All of a sudden we hear this LOUD motorcycle engine behind us, we both look at each other and said: I wonder if that is HIM?

We look back and it is…AND he is leaving the gym. Both of us were worried that Lo and Coach missed seeing him.

And a few minutes later…out came Lo and the Coach with this cell phone picture. 

She was even wearing one of his shirts…and we did not even plan on going there that day. He was a very nice guy to meet per the Coach and Lo…very personable and kind. 

After Randy left, the receptionist at the gym told Lo: You are lucky to see him…he does not come in here everyday. 

And as Lo said: He has really white teeth…and he is Hot… for an ‘old guy’!

(48 is old in case you didn’t already know)

**Someone needs to work out….that’s all I am sayin’**

While Coach and Lo were at the UFC fight, Linds and I did what we do best… we shopped. 

By far, the funniest line from “The Hangover”

And then we went and saw the JabbaWockeeZ show.

What, you don’t know who they are? Silly people….they won America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV a few years ago.

 Oh, now it is coming back to you….right?

It was an hour and a half of great music and awesome dancing….Linds begged me to NOT get up and join the show. I obliged. 

The other two shows that we saw on this visit were “O” at the Bellagio and “Ka” at MGM. Both are great….the kids liked Ka better because it had an actual storyline while most of the cirque du soleil shows do not. 

Ok. Done with Vegas. 
Now what am I going to talk about????

Have a great weekend!!!!!

Super hot old guy photo borrowed from here.

19 thoughts on “Reality; wrapping up Vegas.

  1. COOL! Almost makes me want to take a trip south for a day or two…almost. Glad you went but not glad the editorials are over. It was fun taking the trip sitting in my comfy chair. Like you, I didn't know the dude but respect a guy who will take the time with a fan. Especially such a cutie one. I've not been bloggin much this week but after a much needed get away, I'll be back. Stay cool in all the heat Suz.


  2. It sounds as if all four of you had a great time in Vegas. I'll admit that I don't know much about UFC, but I'm glad Lo got to meet the 'hot old guy'.I hope you soon find something to talk about, because I plan on coming back. In the meantime, have a great weekend.


  3. All except the flight from h*ll, your vacation sounds absolutely wonderful for all of you! I'm so glad. Talk about it as much as you want – we need more GOOD news in this world! (And if we really think about it, the flight ended well, and you were allowed to get off the plane, so that chapter, too, has a happy ending!) Have a great weekend! xoxo


  4. Anonymous

    I am forwarding your post to John. He loves the Pawn Shop show. Sounds like you each had a grand time. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great weekend!


  5. sounds like quite an adventure!! you saw both cirque de soleil shows?! wow!!! we saw blue man group… our first time (i know your girls love them!) cam was absolutely hysterical!!!!


  6. Gosh, and I thought I watched a lot of \”reality tv\”! Very cool seeing Randy, although I have no idea who it is! CH and the boys like Pawn Stars, too. Sometimes it's interesting…sometimes I pretend it's interesting.


  7. I don't have TV some of the things you talk about I don't know, but MAN, you can go into that pawn shop and get s GOLD RECORD or a PROPELLER? You guys are so fun 🙂 And let me tell you, middle aged (OLD!) guys like me can kick ass, thank you buff old fighting guy for proving it!


  8. I feel a little ashamed that I have seen every single show you referenced. And I have paid more money for pay-per-view UFC fights than I even want to think about!My kids would have loved to have been on your vacation 🙂


  9. Gee—you can tell that I don't have teens around me.. I've never heard of much of anything you talked about today… I need to go back to school and 'larn' something… ha ha Great pictures.Hugs,Betsy


  10. My husband is a Pawn Stars addict as well. Although I don't like the show, I would love to go through the pawn shop. They do have such interesting stuff. Glad the Vegas trip was so much fun. The posts make me want to go back again.


  11. Cool trip. I've seen the Pawn Stars show a few times. Interesting to see that you were there in person!I could never get into watching a fight. I'd rather shop, too.


  12. Talk about exciting! I don't know who that 48 year old guy is either, but I sure as heck would be happy to have my photo taken with him!The best part for me would have been the Jabba WookeeZ. I actually watched that dance competition on MTV for the first two seasons and the Jabbas were UNBELIEVABLE!!!


  13. your trip was fantastic! I don't bore of others trips because I this is life and we post it! I love the pic with the chopper guy (I know nothing about) just love that she had the opportunity!


  14. I agree, he is HOT! I like that type of man. No puny wimps for me. I also love that pawn shop show, I watch it all the time. BUT once I had to watch a UFC pay-per-view fight and I was bored to tears. I'm afraid I'd have to bail on that part of the trip. But, how many fun things you guys did! What an awesome trip! I love Vegas.


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