It starts with an S- and ends with an -ecret.

Do you have someone in your life who is the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers?

We do…her name starts with an L and ends with an indsay.

Several {TEN} years ago Linds and I shopped for her sisters upcoming 8th birthday. 
We chose a pogo stick as her big gift. 

(I was still trying to find a way to burn some of her excess energy!)

The day before Lo’s birthday her little sister {the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers} said to her:

“You are going to LOVE the gift we got you!”

Lo, being the older/wiser sister said: 
“Give me a hint!”

And this is where the little sister gets to keep her title as the worst secret keeper in the history of secret keepers.
Lindsay’s reply:

“it starts with a ‘P’ and ends with an OGO!”

Four seconds later she realized what she had done. 

10 years later and we will never let her live it down. 

All above photos are of Lindsay on her 5th birthday. She told me last week while reading the blog that most of my posts were about her sister…and she would like more of HER. Second child syndrome???

Happy Monday!

24 thoughts on “It starts with an S- and ends with an -ecret.

  1. ha, I am laughing – mine seems to lend itself more towards the second child because she like the camera better! I always wonder how that makes Lauren feel and try to even it out from time to time…as far as secrets go…I think mine both do pretty good with them but I was HORRIBLE!


  2. hahaha!! that is sooo lindsay! and that series of pics makes me miss her littleness… even though i love the beautiful young woman she has become. i will not, however, be sharing any secrets with her anytime soon!!


  3. I'm just back from a week at the beach and while I was away, I was thinking, \”Ya know, Suz should write more about Lindsay\”. Shame on you!But really, you should write more about me. The hell with Lindsay. She had you for 15 years already. I didn't even get one year with you yet!m.p.s. did you miss me?


  4. Good Morning, Suz,I love this story…so cute!Yes, that second child syndrome…I am surprised that you have that many photos of Lindsey by herself. I can hardly find a photo of Emily without her big sister by her side!!Have a marvelous Monday ~Nataie


  5. LOL Poor Lindsay. In my house the bad secret keeper in my youngest too. She once said \”Happy Socks Grandpa\” as she handed over one of his wrapped gifts:) Too cute!


  6. Hahahah! We have one….2nd child too…came home from Xmas shopping with her dad….they decided to buy me a red robe since one I had gotten years earlier melted in the dryer…she pinky swore not tell me….and when she got home she said, \”Is it true you used to have a red robe?\”Happy Monday!


  7. That beautiful smile would melt my heart every day. I'll bet it's hard to say \”no\” to her!If she is the worst, I was the 2nd worst secret-keeper. You can tell her from me that it's really just a sign that she has a pure & honest heart. =)…and I learned better how to keep them, later in life, when it was really important (especially when keeping confidences for others).


  8. Cute, Suz… Linds is such a cutie… Can't keep a secret, huh????? WELL—I'm sure this next year (with Lo gone to college), you will have plenty of blogs about Linds… Then she'll say you are doing TOO many… ha ha Don't we just love our kids…Hugs,Betsy


  9. Anonymous

    What a cute story! I spilled the beans to my sis one Christmas that she was receiving a dress. For all these years since, I tell her she's getting a new dress!!!!!


  10. You know what she is? It starts with B and ends with Eautiful!My brother has a similar story that we like to bring up often. My dad took him shopping once when he was about 4 or 5, and he bought my mom a microwave. Now, it was WAY back in the day, when no one had microwaves, so it was kind of a big deal. When they got back from shopping, he told my mom that they bought her a present. \”Really, what is it?\” \”I can't tell you. But, it's NOT a box with buttons that you put food in!\”bwahahahaha!! It still cracks me up!


  11. Such a funny story. And you can tell her the other day we were going through old family photographs and my little brother, the youngest, asked, 'Where are the ones of me?' Ummm…sorry! Younger kids do tend to get ignored sometimes. Sorry, younger kids!


  12. whatta sweet, INNOCENT baby girl she was @ 5! awww i jus wanna eAt her up! i am so glad ya'll had such a great vacay…dont forget to change my link, k?c


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