Criss Cross Applesauce.

I am sure you have been wondering what’s happening at La Casa Busy Bee….
I won’t make you suffer any longer. 

NOT too much. 
Just the regular stuff. Like waking up. moving around. cooking. cleaning. sleeping. You know; life. 

Last week the girls spent a few days at the lake with their Grandparents. I declared to cook an ‘adult only’ meal. 
(yes, we wore clothes! I just made the stuff they don’t appreciate yet.)

I tried to replicate my favorite meal from Carrabbas; speidino De Mare.  (scallops and shrimp with a tangy lemon/ butter sauce)

It was awesome…I added some sauteed spinach/peppers and garlic, basmati rice and roasted ‘maters. YUMMO

Next time, I am charging $16.95 for that meal.

I declared on Sunday that Freddie {the freeloader} needed his cage cleaned. When his cage is in cleaning mode, someone has to hold him. 

Holding him is better than cleaning up his poop.

He really likes human interaction. Forizzle

I try to take the dogs out in the evening to run a bit…one night Maisy followed us out the screen door. She loves Cocoa. 

What’s not to love?

Hey, if you have cats…do your kitty’s go crazy when you apply the flea application. Hey, it’s not a TASER kitty…calm down psycho cat!  

 I never ever tire of these gorgeous Florida sunsets!

The colors change in what seems like minutes. 
OK, it really IS minutes. 

I got a good shot here showing TWO of our dead palm trees. Or as I like to call them: Number one and number one.  

Happy Wednesday ya’ll.

Taking Linds and a friend back to the lake….and Lo and I have TWO DAYS of orientation for college this week. TWO full days. Ummmm…hello, I am NOT going to college people. What they hey?

Lo will get to stay the night in a dorm; get herself acclimated somewhat. 
I was not invited to stay over…but that won’t stop me from looking for a frat party to crash….

Bee Good! 
At least if you are good that will make up for me. Right? 


26 thoughts on “Criss Cross Applesauce.

  1. Don't accept coupons on that dinner either. You done good, Suz. You done good. I hope you have fun at orientation, but as I remember it's a little \”not fun\”. Your skies are amazing. I'm up for a visit. What say you?


  2. Ohhhh I had so much fun at college orientation I wanted to go back to school myself! Enjoy yourself :)Love the cat….orange kitties are the best!Today is moving classroom day…I like your schedlue much better….wanna trade?


  3. Your dinner looks delicious! Date night, people – gourmet dinner, just for two!Do I see Cocoa sticking her tongue out at the beautiful cat? That's not nice. =PThe flea meds? Yes…in the beginning, our cats would freak out, but now they are used to it. Liger submits, but Latte is grouchy for a few hours afterward. Seriously.College orientation…it's a great thing to be able to share it with your girl! Eye-opening, too. I remember how surprised we were when they told us that we have no rights any longer to ask about his grades – it's the law! Really! Enjoy every moment. xoxoxo


  4. I think you could easily charge more than $16.95 for that delicious-looking entree. College orientation sure has changed since my kids went. I get the I press ion that Freddie is not your favorite pet.


  5. wow that meal looks fabulous, darlink…have fun @ orientation.. basically they go through everything thats in da handbook they give ya.. bring a book to read or soduko to do or find yoself a lil table to do a puzzle on.. lmao. nah, you'll have fun, lol.


  6. Greetings, Suz,Oh, how I love scallops…and we don't see them on the menu very often here in the Dakotas. We are all about a good piece of beef!College orientation/Parent Sessions…better title: This is What Your Bill Will Look LikeHave fun…It's been a long time since I was at a frat party… the good ole days.Have a wonderful Wednesday. ~Natalie


  7. Anonymous

    That meal looks delish! Love that pretty sunset too. The snake…not so much! IF we catch one cat for flea treatment, it's like he tells the other 2 and they hide for days!!!!! Then once they all get their meds, I get the snippity treatment! Best wishes with finding the best frat party!!!


  8. I'm fairly certain that Lo would be glad to find her mother crashing a frat party. No university is large enough that Lo wouldn't hear about the mother who crashed the party during frosh orientaton.


  9. HA HA—It would take ALL of your loyal followers to be good in order to make up for YOU….. har harThat meal looks fabulous… Wouldn't your girls enjoy that one???? If not, they will when they get a little older…Be good at Orientation —and don't embarrass Linds…. haHugs,Betsy


  10. Do your friends and family laugh every time you speak to them? God, you're funny and really quick witted. I always laugh when I read.\”Number 1 and Number 1\” – big laugh. I know, I'm easy.Food – YUM. Freddie – Yikes! Cocoa and Maisy – AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. My cats and their monthly dose of Revolution? One doesn't bat an eyelash; two act as though they've been violated.


  11. Don't accept any free drinks from boys that you don't know. Unless they're really cute and you're a little thirsty. Then it's okay. And for God Sake, wear clean underwear before going to the party. You just never know!m.


  12. So much to swallow here….Double yummo on the food :)Double yikes on the snake :(Double stinkin cute on Maisy/Coco:)Double awesome on the warm sunset and nekkid trees 🙂 :)AND tripple woot woot on the Frat Crashin!!Oh, and grins to Lo for having the most coolest mom on campus :)xoxoxoxo


  13. I was going to tell you that I am an adult, AND I would have paid $16 for that meal, AND I would have tipped if I had a calculator to figure that out for me. I was going to tell you I would have accepted your invitation had you sent one for that dinner. But then I saw Freddie. You and I are good now on that non-invitation 🙂


  14. Ooh you will have to post pics from the frat party 🙂 Your meal looks DELICIOUS and not only would I pay 16.95, I would tip 25%! Because that is some excellent home cooking.I lol'ed at the clothing part. I spill waaay too much to ever cook naked. I'd be a painting before it was over.


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