Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

I am a liar. 

I actually DO like rainy days….but Mondays do suck the life out of fun. 

Lo and I survived the two day college orientation. My eyes only welled up 16 times.  Nine of those times were during the finance discussions. 

Thank goodness for her academic and softball scholarship….they will help a lot. But still…the Coach and I will flip a coin over who is going to tell Lindsay that she has a choice between air Conditioning/Refrigeration and barber college in 3 years. 

Are you as thrilled as I am that my bird of paradise has bloomed? Especially since I ignored it since I plopped it into the earth a year a half a year ago?

I knew you would be. 

Our weekend was just fabulous…thanks for asking.

Did anyone else spend the 70’s listening to this duo over and over???

Music can transport us….listening to this, I reverted back to my 11th year.  
{I had lil’ chicken legs back then}  


24 thoughts on “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

  1. What I wouldn't give for a rainy day… It's been so unbearably hot here, a rainy day sounds wonderful to me. College is still a ways of for us, I'm still dreading high school…


  2. I wish we had a rainy day today. Our state is in a severe drought and also a heat wave…just a lovely combination, if I do say so myself. College is a joy, isn't it? Some of my friends are getting their with their older ones and it scares me. Love your flower. A nice little Monday surprise for us. Thanks. : )


  3. i think linds will make an excellent barber/airconditioning technician! i mean, she could start a whole new trendy career- fixing the air so that it will blow on your freshly trimmed hair-do! seriously, glad you at least SURVIVED the college experience :)xoxo


  4. Anonymous

    Glad you survived orientation!That's a lovely Bird of Paradise. I remember when John's parents lived in FL, they had these and lemon trees in the yard.I listened to the Carpenters a lot. I had really big hair in those days! (before they knew to layer hair!)


  5. We almost had a rainy day here yesterday. It rained for about 2 minutes and teased us with some thunder clouds. Never got much of anything. You know that would have been huge news if we had some kind of weather!College…*sigh*


  6. I am way too young to remember the Carpenters. I'm barely Legal right now. In fact, if we were to date, you'd be a Cougar!My Monday has been like my last three weeks, jammed packed with activities. When does it stop? Please, someone help me.Love the flower!m.


  7. I think I have about every album The Carpenters made. I can understand your reaction to the financial discussions at orientation — been there, done that. Congratulations on your blooming Bird of Paradise.


  8. YES—I loved the Carpenters –and had lots of their albums…. I also like rainy days –and wish we'd have a few more of them NOW… haGlad your weekend went well… It's hard to believe that that big girl will soon be a college gal….. Awesome!!!!Hugs,Betsy


  9. Glad you survived, somebody's gotta buy stuff to decorate the dorm..Didn't know you had such an awesome BIRD either. Just shut up and enjoy the dang rain!! 🙂 Carpenters rocked my world too….


  10. \”My eyes only welled up 16 times. Nine of those times were during the finance discussions.\” – I started laughing here and never stopped.Weren't you in the womb in the 70's? Gosh, I loved the Carpenters. From 1971…when I was just 14….I tried and tried to sing like her. Then I realized that wasn't going to work for me, so I went to barber college.


  11. i cried all through that song, twice. it reminds me of my 11th grade year in high school, too. brings back such angst feelings for me, and now to look back on karen and know she had an eating problem that eventually killed her, is so sad, isnt it? i am like you, when i hear a song it takes me right back to the original memory i made in my youth. thanks for the stroll…. suz. also, your yard and flowers look so pretty!


  12. My grandmother grew bird of paradise in her New Orleans garden. I always think of her when I see them. We put 3 kids through college and helped 2 through grad school. Yep, it's all very expensive, but worth it to see the kids get a good start in life.


  13. Hi, again!I love your blooms. Visiting your yard is probably better than most parks.How was the dorm? Did you get to meet the roommate?? I can't believe that it is already time for her to go. I have some of the best memories shopping for dorm stuff with our girls. Have fun!Enjoy your weekend. ~Natalie


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