Two weird incidents this week. It’s been a slow week here.

I was cleaning out my junk drawer the other day….and I came across the strangest thing.

Can you imagine finding this?

Can you see it?

It’s a tooth. 
I mean: IT’S A tooth!!!!

Specifically, a molar. 

I asked if anyone was missing one…no one fessed up.

So I kept it. 


Just in case.

Soon, we are clearing out our closet for a closet renovation…I am so scared~who knows what I will find. 

 I was in the dairy aisle of my grocery store the other day and this man could NOT stop STARING at my feet. IT was obvious and super creepy!
I was becoming unnerved, annoyed and scared by his starry-ness. ***WEIRDO get out of my way and let me at the fat free sour cream…would ya?***

Seriously, does THAT ~do it~ for some people? 

not moi. 

In case you thought my stalker was not in the vicinity while I was photographing my toes…he was. yeah, he has a suz fetish

I hope you all have a great weekend! We don’t have any plans…the Coach has been working really long days and Saturdays too. I never ever complain; he is working for our butter AND our bread. {and fat free sour cream} 

In this crappy economy, he has found a way to turn things around business wise. {{genius}} I am so thankful that he is persistent, innovative and a serious go~getter! 
When he IS home, we are rubbing his feet and feeding him peeled grapes with a heaping side of love.
Love has NO calories. You know it.


Bee sweet, safe and happy.

Have you had anything weird happen this week?

29 thoughts on “TGI~weirdness

  1. AWWW, you got calorie free loving where ever you go 🙂 But the toe drooping dude is just too creepy. Good thing you got the Coach to more than even out the weirdness of life.My weirdo thing this week? hmmm…probably that I actually walked into a room and remembered what for…..Have a weird free Friday Suz 🙂


  2. I wonder if the tooth fairy dropped that out of her bag on her way out of town? Funny what lives in \”junk\” drawers.Feet do NOT \”do it\” for me, especially MY feet – I did not get the good-looking kind. Not pretty, but they do their jobs without complaining, and I am thankful for them.Bravo to your hard-working, wise, resourceful and kind Coach. He's a keeper!Have a wonderful weekend, yourself! xoxoxo


  3. Weird? Around here? Wellllll, we found out we had a bad guy living in our 'hood and he was arrested in the pre-dawn hours with all kinds of DRAMA. He was so nice to everyone and always said hello, but you know what? Milo NEVER liked him. Now that was weird b/c Milo liked EVERYONE. Good riddance to the bad guy though!Your feetsees are adorable, and you showcase them so beautifully in those rockin' kicks. So truly, YOU are the one at fault in this situation. Ya just can't go 'round teasing poor unsuspecting gents with your adorable toes peeping out of some rockin' kicks. He was an innocent bystander until you dazzled him with your metatarsal might. :-)My feet are wide, flat, and chubby. Now doesn't that sound sek-see as all get out? My baby sis says they looks like potatoes stuffed in fancy sandals. Have a wonderful weekend. It's our birf-day and anniversary weekend, so I'm looking forward to mucho amor y mas vino. xoxo


  4. i think that same creepy guy was over on my blog staring at the photo of my lil foot on da floatie! i felt him staring at it.. i guess we just cant help emitting such cuteness.i still have baby teeth from my kidlets, it's just a mom thang.i love your sandals, i hope no mo weirdness occurs but (WEIRDNESS), like death and money, always comes in three's… so be on the look out! the weirdest thing just happened to me the other day… i got a JOB! isnt that just the weirdest thang? coach is sooooooo cute, you guys make the cutest couple. i wish we lived closer, i would love to have you guys over for dindin..wha? whats that you say??? you are sweet to invite us over for a vaycay and to give me your doggies, but i cant get away right now. why? why, you axe?BECAUSE I WILL BE WORKING THAT'S WHY!! 🙂


  5. Nothing weird happening here right now, just busy, busy, busy. Said goodbye to my sister, doctors appointments for the girls and myself, getting our hair done, CPR class for myself… That's funny about finding the tooth. Not too long ago, Nadia found one of her baby teeth in her jewelry box. Guess since there is no tooth fairy anymore she must have just shoved it in there…


  6. So glad you are taking a bite out of junk! Nothing weird here this week – – – other than we are getting to finally catch up on sleep after our busy weekend last week.


  7. Weird is a daily experience here…the janitors moved a cabinet in the wing by my new room and there…WAS A MOUSE SKELETON…and 6 pupa from whatever ate it…clean to the bone. Gah! Thank goodness I don't like clutter….there will be no mice in my classroom or wing!


  8. I had/have some of my kids baby teeth in one of my drawers… Who knows what all I can find when opening up a junk drawer at my house!!!!!!Glad your hubby's business is still doing great in this horrible economy… I'm glad you all are filling him full of lots of love –and peeled grapes!!!!! We're having a fabulous weekend —and George is spoiling me rotten on my birthday….Hugs,Betsy


  9. Since we were celebrating someone's birthday this week, we didn't allow anything weird to happen. Next week could be interesting, however. I hope you're having a great weekend.


  10. Weird is that summer is over and I went into school to put my classroom together. *sigh* Where did the time go? Good weird…dropping the girls off at Grandma and Papa's house for a sleepover and Andy and I are going to go to the movies. We MAY even see two!!!


  11. Hi Suz,Been MIA this week, but I see that you and your MIL \”pulled out the big guns\” and took a course. That is VERY impressive. The more I watch the news, the more I'm convinced that I should do the same. Sounds like you could have used it at the grocery store this week. Ha! ML


  12. I'm so ashamed. You caught me. After I looked through your medicine cabinet I peeked into that drawer and…lost that molar.Please send it back.Posthaste.And I will NOT divulge what else I saw in that drawer.mwahahahahahahahahaha!Cute pedi!


  13. I have about a dozen baby teeth collected in my jewelry box. Does that qualify as weird. I'm afraid to look through my junk drawer. Who knows what weirdness I might find!


  14. Weird on the tooth…and the toes. But I'm glad you're hubby is hanging in there at work. I am always thankful when my hubs has to work crazy hours because he's working. 🙂 Hope your weekend was great.


  15. Suz, I have a job! Will you rub my feet? And then afterwards, we can clean the house together. Isn't that hot?Hey, I am so pissed that I can't figure out a way of adding your blog to my Reader. I was just on Anke's site and saw you photo and thought \”Oh Jeez, I better get over there and see if she has a new post!\” And you do. But sadly, it's Monday and your post is now old. Do you hate me? I really want to be the first one to comment. Oh! And also, I don't like that my comments have to be screened. As if I would say something wrong…Okay, that enough of me bitching about you. Now I'll bitch about Fred. Camp ended for the kids on Friday. They are all at home with Fred today. In about three hours when I get home, you can bet your sweet bippy that I will be crying because my house is a mess.Wine anyone?m.


  16. I bet he was like that guy who Charlotte dated on \”Sex and the City\” (remember? he had a SERIOUS foot fetish?) Ick. Some people are so freaking weird. The only weird thing I've had happen this week is that my doc told me about a self-administered injection to deal with my migraines and before he could even finish his sentence I said \”I could give myself an injection!\” Yes, ME, who HATES needles. Apparently I hate migraines MORE. Should be interesting. (I wonder if they have migraine \”needle galleries\”…? If so, you'll soon see Yours Truly shooting up there…)


  17. PS: I still have ALL my children's teeth… one day I will make a necklace out of them. Sure, I'll look like some freakish voodoo priestess but what the heck ELSE am I going to do with a ziploc baggy full of pediatric teeth?? 🙂


  18. The day you posted this, I accidentally knocked over the little trinket box on my dresser that held all of Stud's baby teeth. ARGH! I'm so pissed, because they went flying BEHIND the dresser! So, there's my 'weird.' I kept all my son's teeth in a trinket box on my dresser. I know, creepy.


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